My story pt2

I guess it's time to continue my story. I had just had the most amazing 2 girl  flash jerk off and was hungry for more. I had thoughts of caution, but after seeing the reactions of the two women, I didn't think much of it. One night after work, I decided to stop by the mall and look for another opportunity to jack off in front of a gorgeous woman. I went I the same place it worked before and waited. After not seeing anyone for a while I decided to drive around looking. As I drove around the back parking lot I saw a foot sticking out of a car window. I slowly pulled up close enough to see the owner and immediately got excited. It was a young blonde college girl. One thing I new would indicate over 18 was a campus parking permit hanging from the rear view. She was very hot and appeared to be sl**ping on break in her car. This was something I would later learn to avoid. I figured I was running out of time and needed to get home so I thought I would just jerk off while looking at her. I started stroking and getting excited and noticed her eyes were slightly cracked and her head turned toward me. I started getting really excited and stroking harder. She kept pretending to be asl**p and watching. I knew she couldn't see my dick because I was in my truck, so when I was ready to cum, I raised up my hips so she could see me cum. Her eyes shot open and she looked terrified as I shot cum all over myself. That's when I realized I fucked up. I started my truck and hauled ass out of there. Of course she followed me out and got my license plate number. The cops showed up at my house the next morning. That sucked. I spent the next two years on probation going to weekly SO therapy with the pedos and r****ts. During that time, I couldn't do it because I had to take polygraphs every three months. I didn't want to risk it. I did during that time discover that I could get almost the same results covering my dick with a shirt or towel. The women would know what I was doing, but I wasn't actually committing a crime. I scored many times that way and learned that you get different reactions from different situations. I discovered that it was not good to flash women that work at stores or shopping centers. It scares them. Also removing or altering plates so they can't ID you. Anyway back to the good stuff. After that mess was over, I got to go to another state across the country for work for a couple weeks. I had a company car and a lot of time to have fun. I took off the front bumper tag and covered one number on the back with white tape so it would be harder to be caught. I still started slow by covering my dick with a shirt the first few days. I got a little more brave when I got to know the place. It was a big enough town I wouldn't stand out to much. Plenty of shopping centers and malls. This would be my next full on exposure experience. One night after hours of watching and waiting, I finally got an open space next to a car that three young women had earlier got out of. I already checked them out in the store and wanted to do it right there. The car had a graduation tassel hanging from the mirror that was from the previous year so I figured all was good. They looked 19-20 anyway. I backed in next to the car lined up so I would be in perfect view, pulled my pants down to my ankles, rolled my shirt up, just like you see in my "fun jo" vid, and started getting it hard. I was far enough from the store entrance to see them coming. When they came out, I had to stop stroking to keep from cumming too early. They were laughing and talking so much they didn't notice me until they got right to the car doors. Two of them came to my side. They both looked right at me then hurried to get in the car. I heard them saying "oh my god, that guy is jacking off". All three looked back at me so I raised up and came for them. Their faces were priceless. Shock, amazement, then laughing. They drove off without looking back. It was amazing. More to come including my next run in with the law. ......
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