neighbor catches me watching her

Do women know showing skin makes guys excited? I arrived home and opened the door to the back yard only to find my 40 year old neighbor working in her backyard wearing these tight cotton flower print shorts and matching top so loose I had a view of her boobs hanging freely. Her ass was towards me and her milky white thighs were making my dick grow, she really looked good working there. Too horny to care, i made sure she couldn't see my torso and pulled my dick out and started stroking to her apple shped ass and smooth legs. Before I'd realized it, she had turn around with her head still down and facing me. With her shirt so loose i could see her boobs hanging freely and I could even make out her nipples. My pace quicken on my now throbbing cock, my hand rubbing my precum all over my shaft.

As I was getting close to cumming over this sexy lady she looked up and right at me. I was frozen in place, but still stroking my hard shaft. I knew she couldn't see my body and at first she had a quizzicle look, and then she started smiling. Oh crap, she can see my arm moving! But then she reached through the top of her shirt and let a boob hang out while squeezing a nipple. This made me pump faster and get braver. I stepped out so she could see me beating off my swollen prick. Her eyes widened as she watched me stroke my cock, then she licked her lips. With her tit still hanging out of her shirt i lost it. i tightened up and held my pulsating cock as my orgasm hit and string after string of cum shot out of my purple cockhead and onto the concrete in front of me. Impressed by my spray of cum, my neighbor began to clap in approval of her younger wanker. Feeling embarrassed, i went inside to clean up.

Inspired by Downblouse
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2 years ago
A wish cun true!
3 years ago
If she enjoyed it, then there's nothing to be embarrased about at all. Did you ever do anything with her?
4 years ago
hot story thanks