The Forest Watcher ( part 2)

I have just read my Forest Watcher part 1, so now my penis has given me insperation to remember this basical true story I will continue !!! From Brenda's arroused clit my finger pushed gentle downwards between her swollen lips to the entrance of her inner cavity. I raised two fingers, looked towards the watcher, then slowly pushed both fingers into Brenda's cunt. I eased them in and out a few times, withdrew, raised the fingers to my nose, exagerated the inhaling of the loving odour, then put the fingers to my lips, firstly licking them, then plunging them into my mouth and moving them in and out, finally as I returned my fingers from wence they had came, I licked my lips while my eyes were still focussed on our friend. Once inserted I began to pump my fingers with increasing pace until I had a firm steady rytham that I knew Brenda would appreciatte as the louder sighs indicated. Suddenly she stopped me. "let me raise my legs", she almost shouted. She was obviously very excited being watched and wanted to give the watcher a full show. I withdrew my fingers, she raised her legs and gripped behind her knees. You must imagine our friend veiw. A wide open fanny, lips all a sunder, dripping in juices, and below the perfect button and anus caverty. I leaned across Brenda's raised legs, my fingers returned to their work. Plunge, withdraw. Plunge, withdraw. The actions were quiet savage now with strong repetative strokes. Brenda's back arched and her fanny seemed to responded to my fingers by sucking them in then pushing back out as I withdrew, in anticpation of the next inward motion. She was getting so noisey. Goodness knows how this was effecting our watcher. Then Brenda suddenly screamed out, in time with my fingers, "harder, harDER, HARDER, AHHHHHHHhhh!!!!
Moments later with Brenda at the height of her sexual wantings, I was informed "your turn". She took charge. "Lay down". With that she almost threw me to the ground. The sex devil was in her now. Starting with the 69 position, and her facing out towards the voyuer, my cock and balls were licked and swollowed giving our friend a truly erotic show. I could tell Brenda was totally absorbed with her performance as her cunt was squirting sticky warm liquid into my mouth , my nose, my eyes.I was loving it. Next she sat up, moved along my body squatted over my cock and lowered herself on to it using my knees as surports. Still looking into the bushes, she began raising and lowering herself and using the whole length of my shaft to give the best viewing angle for our friend. This was also having maximum effect on me as my finger began to grip tighter into her arse. Brenda raised herself from my cock, turned around, then returned her vigina to my penis for the final act. With the veiwer looking at her rear, and my cock firmly embedded into her cunt. Brenda again started to raise and lower her body. I could tell from the glazed look on her face that this final fuck would be the climax of the day and I should also enjoy the ride. Harder and harder she pumped with strong uncontrolable panting accompanying the movements. I could not help myself, I too started sighing loudly. Both of us were now lost in our own world. There could have been a theatre audiance cheering us on at that moment. Then, AAAAAH!!!!, spunk shot from me. The hot liquid had it's effect and Brenda, gave a mighty scream and sunk solidly onto my cock, I felt it being sucked gripped brutally as she exploded. A few moments pasted. Brenda, raised herslf from me, raised one knee so that there was daylight between us. She knew she was leaking cum ,both hers and mine. Large sticky white globules, flowed from her onto my legs. Knowing the watcher could see all this, she looked over her shoulder smiled and beckond to our friend to come out from the bushes. As Brenda moved to sit beside me, to our total surprise it was not a man that appeared but an attractive middle aged women. We were shocked. We didn't quiet know what to say, but I stated the obvious "Did you enjoy the show?"
Shyly, she said, "Sorry, I should have walked away, but I could not help myself. I've never seen anything like this, but have always fantised about these sexy situations."
I asked her, "While we were enjoying ourselves, what were you upto in the bushes"
Timidly she replied,"I had my hand down my knickers, I don't recall how many times I came, thank you, it's been along time since my husband left me and I thought those days were over, but obviously not. Thank you again", and with that she turned, waved, and went on her way.
"Well what do you make of that" I said.
"Great" said Brenda "It feels good to do someone a good turn." Laughing

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9 months ago
great story just goes to show that women enjoy voyeuristic views:)