The First Time

My wife Brenda and I parked our car at Sauton Sands Devon and walked along the beach until we found a secluded spot among the dunes. We had seen nudists on previous holidays but never felt confident to try it ourselves, but it wasn't to long before we were both naked, but sheilded by our straticly placed windbreak.
It must have been about an hour before I noticed a face between the grasses looking down on us. I wispered to Brenda, "we have company". To my surprise, she said "I know he's been there for about five minutes. I found this quiet a turn on. I imagined given this situation, she would have been dressed and heading down the beach by now, but no, she was enjoying allowing this stranger to get horny looking at her naked body. I didn't know what to do. Should I tell the guy to clear off ? or should I lean across and caress her? , what did she want. Truthfully, I didn't want to upset this sexy situation. I could see that if Brenda opened her legs wider our friend would have a better veiw of her fanny. I wispered to her "why don't you open your legs a little wider", just hoping this would not bring events to an end. Instantly, the legs widened, she was loving this. Now with confidence I said " you could play with youself" and within minutes the fingers were between her legs. Propped up on one elbow, I could see her fingers massaging her wet lips and then every now and then a finger would slowly slid into her juisy hole. I needn't have been there, this was all for the stranger. By now the face had a body and an erect prick pointing at us. His hand was in a steady rythem along the stem. Brenda watched him, a look of lust in her eyes. She licked her lips. I couldn't believe this, our sex life had always been "normal", just the two of us, and here was my hussy of a wife putting on an erotic performance, for this stanger. One finger became two and Brenda began stabbing at her fanny more urgently. Soon she was at the point of no return and so was our watcher. Both of them gyrated vigurously pumping at their so called private parts, the proverable hurd of elephants could not have disturbed them. I was just an observer. Eventually, it was Brenda who could wait no longer, with her body tense and her eyes flickering with lusty emotion she yelled out her erotic last gasp. As she gently slowed her fingers in her dripping vulva her attention returned to our friend, who had waited so that she could appreciate his climax. Within a few moments he mastibated himself to a final explosion of cum which shot out high into the air and then dropped into the dunes. As then final drops fell to his feet, Brenda's fingers were back in action and within seconds she had satisfied her own needs again.
As the tention eased between the two perforners, the guy stood up and pulled on his shorts. With a broad smile on his face, he raised his hand and called down " thank you ", turned and disappeared from the top of the dune.
A very shy smile filled Brenda's glowing face.
"Well" I said, "you naughty girl, I never would have guessed,".
"Your not the only surprised person here, where did that come from, I hope I didn't upset you."
" Darling, I loved it,"
" So did I, Now what about you"
Another few minutes is all it took to quench my needs, and then we enjoyed the sun and satisfaction for the rest of the day.
I broached the subject that evening and asked wether she would like other similar sexual encounter, She did not say no.
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10 months ago
What a great adventure, I hope it leads to more fun; keep us posted.