My wife bookstores and adult theaters

My wife and I were in an open marriage from day one we met this couple that introduce my wife and I to adult theaters. I had no idea they can be so much fun I never thought my wife would cut loose in one of them. After our first visit to an adult theater it became a regular thing until they were close.

It was about a week after our first visit to an adult theater that my wife woke me up one night about 12 PM one me take her in town to an adult theater I wasn't too familiar in how things worked but we sat in the front row on the right hand side near the entrance to the balcony. I decided to go to the concession stand just to leave her alone see if any man would move in on her before I got to the back of the theater they would two men sit beside her.

I came back down and sat two rows behind so the men would not know I was her husband they were feeling her up one was kissing her I presume the other one was playing with her pussy. I heard one of the guys say of us take this bitch to the balcony I followed them up one of the men started to fuck her when he was done the other one had his turn by that time they were a lot of men standing around watching.

I did not say anything to anyone or my wife but she continued fucking every man that came by that was a real wild night. About a week later when I came home from work my way said she went to in town we went to the same theater we went right up to the balcony several men were following us she got up to the top of the balcony laid on her back opened her legs and let the men give her a good fucking for about three hours she came home covered in cum in her face all over her hair she looked the mass but she was happy.

We made this a regular thing every weekend until they close it down then we went to Hartford Connecticut there are mostly black man there but my wife is very comfortable when the black male population.
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3 years ago
Sorry for your loss. I don't mean to sound unkind, but to be honest your wife was a classic nigger loving whore .............God rest her soul.
4 years ago
I had lived same as you tell in Benos Aires, a afternoon in the Ideal porn cinema. Thank for the history
4 years ago
I have taken other men's wives to adult theaters so that they could fuck and suck but mine would never do that. You are a very lucky husband.
4 years ago
good stuff!
4 years ago
love da subject matter!