My horny little German wife

One night while we were fucking she told me she wanted to be my whore which surprised me but I was more than glad to accommodate her because she was fucking every man she knew anyway.
After she told me that I told her we were going in town to an adult theater I want to see how much of a whore she could be. The theater is where we live women couldn't get in alone we went in as a couple at the back of theater I let her alone I went to another part of the theater where I could keep an eye on her.

She sat down and I usually sees the right front row near the stairway to the balcony before she was even sitting in the chair men were approaching feeling her up kissing her have a real good time with. They took her to the balcony where there was a bench in the back to the balcony where my wife could lay on her back spread her legs and let the men give her a real good fucking.

After my wife was well connected with her first new boyfriend I would walk over and watch them fucking her this lasted quite a while I did not say anything to her I met her side when she wanted to go home. About one o'clock in the morning I don't know why but this black guy was fucking her I told him she's my wife give her a real good fucking he did. We took him home with us for a few days.

I was married to this beautiful sex machine for 50 years.
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4 years ago
i wish if i would be that husband
4 years ago
interesting idea if she's paid