Tourist Encounter: Part 2

Niklas and I left the shopping center restroom and walked down the street to his hotel, after all it was only a ten-minute walk. We stuck to the steady pace, wanting to tear each other’s clothes off again, as I shook with anticipation to see what Viktor looked like. As soon as we got into the corridor of the hotel, Niklas pushed me into a small corner, and with my back up against the soda machine shoved his tongue down my throat. I nearly gagged with how deep his tongue went, but enjoyed every moment of it as I let my hands slip beneath his shorts and squeezed his firm and hairy ass. Niklas’ cellphone rang and he pulled himself off of me to answer it. He spoke in German to his friend over the phone, and a door down the hall opened up. We met Viktor in the hotel room, and he was just as sexy as Niklas was.
Viktor wasn’t as tall as Niklas but his build was more muscular as his shoulders and arms seemed like they were going to tear through his tee shirt. His short dark hair and hazel green eyes were gorgeous as he stood there in his tighty-whities knowing what was going to happen. Both Niklas and Viktor passionately kissed and whispered little bits to each other in German. Niklas excused himself to use the restroom, which left me with Viktor.
“Allo?.” Viktor said with an outreached hand.
“Viktor?” I greeted and shook his hands.
“Would you like a bier?” he asked as he walked to the small kitchen. I said yes, as I quickly glanced around the hotel room that was like a one bedroom apartment with a small kitchen, and a separate bedroom from the front room.
“So how did you meet Niklas?” Viktor asked as we sat beside each other on the sofa.
“We met on the bus.” I said, as I was thinking to myself that this couldn’t be happening.
“Niklas has good tastes.” He smiled as he drank his beer and ran his hand up and down my thigh, getting closer and closer to my crotch. “Kiss?” he asked and before I knew it he was kissing me deeply and f***efully as Niklas was doing in the hallway. Viktor’s kisses were passionate and hot as his lips were fuller and better for kissing and cock sucking.
Before I knew was was going on, Niklas had come out of the bathroom naked and ready. Viktor pulled his lips from mine and immediately went to Niklas’ huge cock. Niklas just stood there and smiled. Leaning forward, I stuck out my tongue and licked Niklas’ fuzzy balls. I felt a hand reaching for my dick, rubbing it through my pants, as I felt another hand running through my hair, NIklas coaxing me onto his cock. I licked his cock as Viktor worked my hard dick out of my pants, and I swallowed Niklas’ to his base, tasting his precum on the back of my throat. I was working Niklas’ cock with my mouth as Viktor began giving my dick a good suck.
Taking a moment to breathe, I stripped off my clothes, as did Viktor. He peeled his shirt off as if it were a second skin, showing off his rock hard chest and gorgeous nipples ready to be sucked. Viktor’s bulge in his tighty-whities was just as big as Niklas’ and when he pulled off his underwear it flopped out hard as a rock.
They lightly pushed me back onto the couch, and they both got onto their knees and began to feed on my uncut dick. Their warm mouths and wet tongues ravaged my dick, as they pulled back my foreskin and let it come back up, rolling the tips of their tongues beneath the skin, sucking on my balls and lightly nibbling on my foreskin.
They both got up from my dick and Viktor sat beside me stroking his large cock, as Niklas who had already lubed up his hole slowly undid a condom over my dick, and sat on it. His hole was tight as he squatted down on the edge of the couch, bouncing up and down on my dick. Viktor kissed me and rubbed my chest as Niklas rode my dick. And then Viktor got up and walked behind Niklas, knelt down and pluged his dick into Niklas’ ass aswell. Together we fucked Niklas hard and long, our moans echoing thorugh the hotel room.
Viktor was the first to cum, as he filled Niklas’ ass with his cum because they were going at it bareback. And then I felt Niklas’ hot load cover my chest, and then I filled up the condom with my hot cum. Viktor helped Niklas off of me, and then Viktor pulled off the condom and cleaned my dick up with my tongue.
I sat there in disbelief in what just happened. This was a fantasy come true, as both men sat beside me rubbing their fingers over my body.
“So what should we do next?” Niklas asked kissing my neck.
“Did you two eat?” Viktor asked.
“Just coffee.” Niklas said.
We parted that night before it got too late, because they were going for an all day hike the next day, and I still had work. But we exchanged numbers and told me they were in town for the weekend, and that they’d give me a call when they get back from hiking, to find out when we would meet up again.
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5 months ago
Phoenix is a great place to meet guys on the bus. I even pick up guys late at night who needs rides. Str8 collage boys needing a ride home. Got a lot of cock that way. Some even called me back for 2nds.
1 year ago
lucky man. how was the weekend?
1 year ago
Kept me up......
2 years ago
Loved the story had to save it to my favorites
2 years ago
Nice.... was there a nother meeting?
2 years ago
like it
3 years ago
Whew nice story, would love to have an encounter like that.