Tourist Encounter: Part 1

I’d first like to point out this is a true story, that I have been meaning to write and now finally have with reading a friends story and it is literally a fantasy that became a reality.

That Thursday went by normal and routine, nothing out of the ordinary. I had just got off work, unloading merchandise from trucks all day long, and our forklift was broken, so I used a pallet jack and at the end of the day I was drenched in sweat. I put on a new shirt before I left work, but the sweat smell was still on me, but I didn’t mind.
At the bus stop, I waited for the next bus, but couldn’t help that this guy at the other end of the line of benches kept glancing up at me. Me being the daft, ignorant, and lug headed guy that I am, I just brushed it off as if he was nothing, because I didn’t know the guy, yeah he was cute, but that was about it, I wasn’t looking for anything at that time in my life.
So the bus arrives, and we all shuffle on board, and the guy that kept checking me out gets on last. That’s when I heard his accent and knew he wasn’t from anywhere around here. The bus driver just told him to take a seat because he was twenty minutes behind schedule, so he took a seat next to me.
He wore a lightly faded blue tee shirt and beige shorts that ran up half way over his muscular hairy thighs. I smiled politely, as I still had my headphones on, listening to something on my iPod. He smiled this perfect pearl white smile, and her deep sky blue eyes were just mesmerizing set off by his lightly burnt white skin and his blond hair. He was more than cute; he was gorgeous, and German.
As the bus trudged on it’s way back to the side of town my house was in, the tourist beside me waved his hand and said, “Hallo?”
I just removed my headphones, smiled and said “Hi.”
“Do you know where the Sheraton hotel is at along this route?” he asked me politely and with a very hot accent.
“Yeah, it’s four stops before my stop.” I answered.
“Güt, Güt. Danke” he said back to me, and I went back to listening to my music, the oblivious lunk head that I am.
As the bus trundled along its route, I got small glances of him stealing a peek at me with his coy half smile with those lovely lips of his. As we approached his stop, I told him that it was his stop, but he was acting like he was reading the tourist book he had brought with him, paying no attention to me. So he didn’t get off and the bus went along.
“Did I miss my stop?” he looked over at me and asked.
“Yeah, you did.” I said.
“Could you help me get back to my hotel from the next stop.”
I normally wouldn’t have given it a second thought, but he was cute, and who knows maybe it would lead to something a little more. So we got off at the next stop, and he asked if I wanted coffee, so we went to starbucks. He was so adorable, because he had never been to starbucks and didn’t know what to order. So I just ordered him an espresso, which he happily paid for. So we just sat outside, drinking out coffees and talking, getting pass the language barrier as we learned eachother’s name, which is how I learned his name was Niklas, and then we went walking around the shopping plaza just looking at stores, which is when he said he had to use the restroom.
So I lead him to the restroom, which was near the back of the shopping center down an abandoned corridor, I just pointed to the door and he went in. But knowing that this back restroom was used by guys to pick up other guys and use the glory hole, there was no door handle, just an open hole that looked right towards the urinals.
I waited, and I waited, and I was wondering what’s taking him so long. So, I decide to sneak a peek. What I saw, instantly got my uncut 6 inches rock hard. Through the circular hole, I saw his easily 9 inch cut cock and he was slowly stroking it. I walked in to see his shirt pulled up to his chest, showing his six pack abs and his amazing cock. He just smiled this big grin, and was staring at me like a b**st.
“What are you doing?” I said, literally speaking it out as if we were really in a porn, and he just smiled some more as I walked closer to him and grabbed his dick and started stroking it for him. He just let his hands drop, as I stared down at his cock, then he placed his large hands upon my face and pulled me into a kiss. We made out with his cock out in the restroom, knowing that any moment someone could walk in. I then pulled him into a stall and started to work his nipples with my tongue, teeth, and lips.
I pulled his shirt off, and kissed his hairy chest as I still stroked his dick. He then pulled down my pants and started to jerk me off. My uncut dick already hard and wet, I didn’t want to blow to soon, so I got on my knees and sucked his dick. I licked the length of his shaft, lightly biting his veiny dick, taking him down to the base. I lightly gagged but it only got us both going more. The head of his dick was red and juicy, his cock was throbbing for more, but I stopped and got back up.
“Why you stop?” he asked.
I answered, “You said you had a hotel room, lets go there.”
He paused and pulled up his shorts, and rolled down his shirt, so I got dressed again, and he finally said, “I’d have to call my friend Viktor first, see if it’s alright with him.”

To be continued….

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3 years ago
Well Done.
3 years ago
nice, made me uncomfortable in my crotch area. some sort of swelling
3 years ago
Can't wait for part 2