Peeyemi-el Among the Anasazi

Peeyemi-el Among the Anasazi

This is the second installment of my story “The c***dren of the Watchers.” Once again, it is a story of myth-making and syncretization. If you’re offended by such stories, then don’t read it. Those familiar with the ancient astronaut theories might enjoy it. For those who are looking for a lot of sex, I apologize. The story I tell is intended to inspire your own imagination with the possibilities inherent within it. To that end, if other writers want to build on this superstructure, they are welcome. Just let me know if you do as I’d like to see where this goes.

“Is there any more to the story?” asked Andrea.

Nadiya Coombs looked up from her tea light glowing on the floor of her living room. The afternoon was growing dimmer on this bleak Minnesota day in January. Her coven of six was gathered in the sacred circle. On warmer days they would be sky-clad, but today they were wrapped in blankets. It was cold outside; too cold even to use the sweat lodge in the backyard. Today’s gathering was for story-telling.

“What more is there to say about the Watchers?” asked Nadiya. “They were caught and they were bound for seventy generations under the earth or until the coming of the judgment day.”

“But what about the two who got away?” insisted Andrea?

Nadiya paused a moment.

“It is understandable, because you are new to us, that you do not fully comprehend our legends. In the story I just told, I gave the explanation of the origins of lesbians, gays, and other misfits of the earth such as our darling Samantha.”

Sam stuck her tongue out at Nadiya.

“Since this is a lesbian coven, we are all “c***dren of the Watchers.” There are many stories of Ayemi-el and Peeyemi-el. The evidence of their interaction with human beings is s**ttered across the world in the ruins of ancient civilizations from Stonehenge to Machu Picchu.

“As I explained earlier, the Watchers possessed technology capable of bending time. As Ayemi-el and Peeyemi-el fled, they hid themselves in pools, and streams, springs and waterfalls. They could remain in their hiding places for hundreds of years and the Avengers could not find them.

“As time passed, Ayemi-el and Peeyemi-el began to move more freely. As they began to interact with bands of humans they encountered, those particular peoples received a jump start on the path to civilization. Very often, though, this activity was eventually noticed by the Avengers. When it did, they came to hunt for the two Watchers and brought devastation and ruin to those civilizations which received Ayemi-el and Peeyemi-el’s help. Over and over again the fugitive Watchers had to flee and witness the destruction of their projects.

“The story I will tell you now is about Peeyemi-el’s sojourn with a people we only know as the “Anasazi” from the Diné – the Navaho – word meaning “enemy ancestors.” The Anasazi were cliff dwellers who lived in what is now the Four Corners area of the southwestern USA. They abandoned their dwellings towards the end of the13th century of the Common Era.

“One morning in 1293 Common Era, Peeyemi-el was wandering in some woods near Mesa Verde. Of course he was not using his real name and “he” is only the cultural construct of the Anasazi who encountered Peeyemi-el. He was going under the name “Kokopelli.” He also used the name “Kokopellimana” to refer to his feminine status.

“So on this morning Kokopelli was wandering through the woods playing his flute (which was more than just a flute, by the way). He met a young woman named “Chumana.” It had been a very long time since Kokopelli had any sexual intercourse, and, because Chumana was quite beautiful, he became horny at once. Using his ability to project his thoughts in to her mind, Kokopelli was soon joined in sexual congress with her.

“Ever since the Avengers came to hunt for him, Peeyemi-el/Kokopelli ran a risk of detection every time he had sex because the Avengers had technology capable of picking up the brain-wave activity of a sexually active Watcher.

“Usually one or two encounters per year produced little risk unless Avengers were nearby. Even then the response time usually varied between five to ten years; time enough for Kokopelli to be far away and in hiding. The quickest response to one of his trysts was a month; the longest was 25 years.”

“Why was there such a random response time?” asked Ana. At 24, she was the oldest in the group aside from Nadiya. “I know I’ve heard the story at least three times, but I never understood why, with their technology, the Avengers couldn’t have acted more quickly?”

Nadiya sighed. “I don’t know the answer to that. No one knows the limitations of their tools and resources. There are too many variables to guess at the reasons for the action and inaction of the Avengers.”

“Why did Peeyemi-el hide in water?” Andrea asked.

Now Caitlín spoke up. “It is suspected that the time bending devices which the Watchers used caused a shimmer in regular time-space. By hiding in water; especially moving water, this shimmer could be disguised.”

“Um, if everyone has no more questions?” injected Nadiya. Hearing none, she continued.

“When Kokopelli sated his lust with Chumana, he became drowsy and fell asl**p. Chumana was freed from the mind control and ran back to her Kiva. She did not go empty-handed, but she took Kokopelli’s flute.

“Now the flute was not just a flute as I mentioned before. It was the device by which Kokopelli could bend time and hide from the Avengers. By playing the flute at different frequencies, Kokopelli could move faster or slower than regular time. He could also play music on it.

“When Chumana returned home she told the Elders of her experience and showed them the flute as proof of her story. She related hearing Kokopelli playing his flute in the woods by the river and how the music was that of a Divine Being. She told how, when Kokopelli saw her, his thoughts entered her mind and her will was bent to his. She recalled the sexual acts they performed and how, when he released his orgasm in her mouth, the sperm was clear and red and tasted like honey. She told them she experienced his orgasm as well as her own.

“The Elders of the Anasazi considered all that she told them. Together they spoke among themselves: ‘If our warriors had the ability to control the minds of our enemies, then we would never need fear them again. If our people could impart the pleasure of both sexes, then we would become rich as outsiders would pay us whatever we charged to share the experience. Therefore, let us go and seize this Kokopelli and have him impregnate our wives and daughters and every woman of the Anasazi.’

“When Kokopelli awoke and discovered his flute was missing, he was frantic. He followed Chumana’s tracks and fell into the hands of the Anasazi scouting party sent to capture him. They took him to their village in the cliffs. There they f***ed him to have sex with every available woman and maiden. When it was discovered he also had a vagina, some of the boys also got in on the action.

“At first Kokopelli tried to resist by mind-controlling the women and those guarding him, but with many spears pointed at him he had to concede. This was something new for him as he was used to being in charge. He was afraid that all the sex would draw the attention of the Avengers, but he was helpless to prevent it. On the other hand he was enjoying more sex than he’d had in centuries.

“This went on for a week. The fed him and bedded him. The plan was to take him to the next village once he was finished. They would not let him talk and they watched each other for signs of mind control. At the close of the week, a young girl arrived with her f****y from another village. The girl was in her tenth winter and “Chosposi” was her name.

“Chosposi was already regarded as a seer and was unusual for any native of North America at the time because her eyes were blue like Kokopelli’s. When she saw what was being done with Kokopelli, she cried out and began to prophesy.

“’What have you done?’ she cried. ‘Your foolishness has set in motion the death of the Anasazi! You thought to raise yourselves to the level of the divine beings by getting c***dren by that one there. I tell you that such c***dren will be monsters which no one can control. Further, there are hunters from the sky; other divine beings who seek to find Kokopelli and they will destroy everyone who has been with him. They will level your kivas and kill all those connected with the Anasazi.’

“Upon hearing Chosposi’s words, the people became afraid. ‘What shall we do? How do we save ourselves?’ They asked. One of the Elders was more skeptical of Chosposi’s utterance. ‘What proof or evidence may have for the truth of what you are saying?’ He asked.

“Chosposi answered them all. ‘Within seven winters the sky hunters will be here in f***e. You must be gone by then. Do not go all together for they will find you because you have corrupted yourselves. Therefore s**tter yourselves and find refuge with other peoples – the Anasazi must be no more. Further, you must not allow any c***dren of Kokopelli to be born. If they are, then they and you will be found and killed.

“’When you begin to see shiny gourds of silver in the sky, then you will know the day is near,’ said Chosposi. ‘Chumana, you must return Kokopelli’s flute, and Kokopelli must leave this place today.’

“Chochmo, the Elder who spoke before, said, ‘what you are saying is madness, little girl. If we split up our enemies will surely kill or enslave us all.’

“’It is as you say,” said Choposi to Chochmo, “but let Kokopelli speak now. Give him his flute and let him sing so that you may learn to save yourselves.’

“So they did as Choposi said and Kokopelli began to speak.

“’It was surely I who was at fault for seducing Chumana. I do not apologize for doing so for it is in my nature to take what I want; even if must exercise it infrequently and cautiously. I am not a human being to be judged as such. It is true what the young girl said; there are other divine beings who seek me for my overthrow.’

“’Normally I am not loved by those I possess for my pleasure, but never have I had the experience of people willingly giving themselves to me. For this reason I will help you understand and escape your peril.’

“And so Kokopelli began to explain to the people the story of the Watchers. He sang and played his flute as well as performed feats only advanced technology could produce. In the end he told them to carry his story to the people they encounter and with whom they sojourn.

“’Tell them,’ he said, ‘that you are Kokopelli’s people and should they think to harm you, Kokopelli will be watching.’

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