The c***dren of the Watchers

This is a story about myth creation and syncretization. If you're offended by stories where your sacred texts are reinvented, then you may not wish to read this.

"Once upon a time, a long time ago before the Flood, the Watchers were on and above the earth. The Watchers' job was to observe and report the doings of human beings to God..."

"But they were really aliens instead of angels, weren't they Nadiya?"

"Yes, Sam, they were. You already know the story. Why do you want me to tell it again?"

"I like the way you tell it. Please, keep going."

"I will if you don't interrupt."

Samantha Holz eagerly shook her head. "I won't."

Thirty-year old Nadiya Coombs looked down into the face of her 18-year old lover whose head was resting on her lap.

“… The Watchers were to report to God concerning the affairs of humans and other events of significance on earth. They were not to interact with humans at all.”

“Because Lucifer already did that in the Garden of Eden and…”

“Sam! What did I say about interrupting?”

Several of the other girls in the room giggled. “We know why Sam likes this story!” snorted one.

“But if the “angels” are aliens,” asked 16-year old Andrea, “then doesn’t that make “God” an alien too?”

“I’m sorry," Nadiya answered. “I forgot. You haven’t heard this story before, have you? In this context we don’t know whether “God” is the head alien or simply the government of the aliens which the Watchers were supposed to obey.”

The room was dark. The curtains were drawn across the windows and only grayness from the fan light over the front door and the light of tea light candles on floor in front of each girl held the darkness at bay. Four in the afternoon in January in Minneapolis did not lend itself to excessive brightness.

Nadiya Coombs was with her coven. Along with Samantha, there were four other girls. All were lesbians. Aside from Nadiya, the oldest was 24 and the youngest was 16.

“I’m sorry, Nadiya, please go on.”

“These angels, the Watchers, were not as humans are. As Sam just reminded us, they were alien beings. In their DNA they manifested both male and female attributes, so that they had both penises and vaginas. Some of you may know this from Matthew 22:30 when Jesus said, "For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.” Here He was saying that angels are male and female at the same time or hermaphrodites.

“They also possessed brains which were capable of sending as well as receiving information. Among the Watchers a favorite pastime was the contest of wills where physical activity was not needed.

“In time they looked upon the daughters and sons of humans and became attracted to them. In addition, they found that they were easy to manipulate because their brains were only capable of receiving information.

“Because human beings had never had to cope with psychic domination before, they fell as easy prey to the lusts of the Watchers. Before long the Watchers took for themselves husbands and wives from among the humans and had c***dren by them. Here again some of you may recognize the story from Genesis: “And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare c***dren to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” All that is missing is that boys were taken too. The offspring of these unions were called the “Nephilim” who were said to be ravenous giants who, when they had devoured everything else, would kill and eat humans.

“In the book of Enoch we discover more about the Watchers. There were 200 in all. Their chief was named Samyaza. The Watchers were grouped in teams of ten and each team had a leader. There were 18 leaders whose names were Samyaza, Urakabarame-el, Akibe-el, Tami-el, Ramu-el, Dan-el, Azke-el, Sarakny-al, Asa-el, Armers, Batra-al, Ana-ne, Zave-be, Samsave-el, Erta-el, Tur-el, Yomya-el, and Arazy-al. In the process of taking men, and, more especially, women as their mates, the knowledge of the aliens passed to humans. What was called sorcery was only technology which only the aliens could produce but which humans could use. Enoch also informs us that the Watchers taught humans various sciences such as writing, metallurgy and the making of weapons and jewelry, cosmetics, astronomy, medicine and meteorology.

“The Watchers were not content with merely having sex with humans, but used them in their games. In their contests of will, humans became pawns and warfare was introduced into the world. For the Watchers it was all just a game, but…”

“I don’t get it!” exclaimed Andrea.

“I’m sorry? What don’t you understand?”

“You said there were 200 Watchers; in teams of ten; each with a leader. There are 18 leaders commanding 180 Watchers. That equals 198 Watchers; what about the other two?”

Nadiya smiled. “That’s very perceptive, Andrea! You’ve hit upon the next part of the story and I will get to it in a moment.”

“The Watchers, as I was about to say, used their ability to project their thoughts directly into the minds of men and women to control them. Today we would say that such victims are “possessed.” In the course of sexual union with the Watchers, the neural network in the brains of humans was altered. Because they are hermaphrodites, their brains can experience both male and female orgasms. Consequently, when they exercised psychic control over the people in the act of lovemaking, this experience was shared. With each repeated sexual act with an alien Watcher, a man or a woman risked becoming homosexual. In time, the sexual wiring of the human race became corrupted so that even today some c***dren are born gay and lesbian.

“The number of human beings on the earth at the time the Watchers held sway was less than a million; most of those lived by the shore of a great lake in what it is now the bottom of the Black Sea. By the time word of the Watchers’ doings reached “God” or whatever you want to call it, the human race was imperiled. As I said before, the Nephilim ate everything and this was primarily all the food that humans could grow and then some.

“You all know the story of Noah and the flood. The events which preceded the flood need to be understood in their context. To deal with the Watchers who violated their trust, “God” sent Uri-el, Rapha-el, Gabri-el and Micha-el along with their deputies to arrest the Watchers and remove them from the earth.

“Among the Watchers there were two which did not belong to a team. Rather, they were the sentries of the Watchers’ camp. These were Ayemi-el and Peeyemi-el. To these two was assigned the duty of guarding the camp for half a day and night each. Twice each day at high twelve and low twelve they met to relieve each other and report anything of note.

“On the day of the Avengers, on the vernal equinox, in the hour before noon, Ayemi-el spotted the hosts of Uri-el, Rapha-el, Gabri-el and Micha-el approaching from the four corners of the earth – that is from the points of the mid-summer sunrise and sunset and the mid-winter sunrise and sunset. In frantic haste, Ayemi-el relayed this news to Peeyemi-el and it was agreed that there was no time to warn the others given the rapid approach of the opposing hosts.

“In what little time they had they gathered such chattels as they could and fled: Ayemi-el to the east and Peeyemi-el to the west. Thus, when the Avengers arrived, they caught the rest of the Watchers unaware. Now, it should be noted that aliens possessed technology which allowed them to bend time; causing them to move faster or slower than the regular rate of time which we are able to comprehend. This makes finding them notoriously difficult if they are on the run. Indeed, to this day Ayemi-el and Peeyemi-el have not been captured.

“The earth was still full of the monstrous offspring – the Nephilim. The humans too, which were the most corrupted, were targeted for destruction. The fastest way to kill them was by drowning them by breaking the land barrier between the Mediterranean and the lower lying area of the lake. Noah and his f****y were found to be the least corrupted humans who had also evolved strength of mind sufficient to resist psychic domination. They were spared by Avengers and given instructions on how to survive.

“As the flood waters rose, the Avengers stood by and killed those who tried to flee. It was not a complete operation as they remained on earth to hunt down the survivors. Indeed, the Avengers are still here tracking down the fugitives – Nephilim like the Loch Ness monster and Big Foot, and the more recent offspring of Ayemi-el and Peeyemi-el.

“Not every c***d of the Watchers was so terrible to behold. Some inherited the best qualities and enjoy the sexual satisfaction of both sexes…”

Nadiya stopped and kissed her lover and caressed her lover’s penis and clitoris. Samantha moaned with pleasure.

“To this day reports of the Avengers abound where there are sightings of their prey. You know them by the so-called UFOs they travel in. And now you know why it is important to keep secret the c***dren of the Watchers.”

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I loved your story.. Can we have more?