The Joy of Momdom 2: A Goddess is Born

The Joy of Momdom Part Two

This is part two of the story some of you have been waiting for. Again, the usual disclaimers apply. If you're under 18, you shouldn't be reading this. If you're offended by stories involving i****t, then you don't want to read this story. In this story I inject an element which some who are offended by blasphemy/religious heterodoxy may not care to read. None of the characters in the story are under 18.

My son lifted his glass.

“Wait,” I said.

I raised my glass and stood up and moved around behind his chair.

“Oh son,” I whispered into his ear, “You don’t know how crazy you have been making me wondering if you wanted this!”

I moved to place the collar around his neck, but then I stopped. Was it the way the light shined in the wine? Something was missing. Something was not right. My lust wanted me to take my son right away, but that was unclean, unholy i****t! Still, what was it Goddess23 said to PurplePleasure? “Bear in mind, if she is interested in you, the woman who walks through your door isn’t your mother but your goddess.” What was it I overheard my son calling me while he was masturbating? “Oh, mommy, mommy Goddess, I worship you!” I thought about it for a moment and what arose in my mind is the question of worship and how is it manifested?

I sat back down again and tried to think.



“Wait, honey, I have to get this right.”

Unclean…clean…sacred…profane…real…symbolic, wait! Ritual! What I need is a ritual! An inspiration occurred. What was called for was a baptism!

“Wait here son,” I said as I picked up the bottle of wine and the collar.
I carried them to the bathroom and left them and came back to the kitchen to retrieve our glasses of wine and carried them back to the bathroom. Then I stripped out of my clothes.

“Follow me now, son,” I said upon returning to the kitchen. He rose and began to walk towards me.

“On your knees, sweetheart, follow me on your knees!”

It took a little time getting to the bathroom with my son shuffling along on his knees. Once there I commanded him to undress. When he was ready I ordered him to get into position to receive an enema.

“Baby, before you can worship your goddess properly, you have to be clean inside and out and properly anointed.”

I irrigated him until the water he passed was clear. Next I shaved the pubic hair from his armpits and crotch. I made him shave his face. Finally I poured some wine from my glass into the enema bag and cut it 90% with water. I ordered my son into the shower stall and administered the last enema and told him not to release it. Then I gave him his glass of wine and bade him drink and then lay on his in the fetal position.

“In pain I gave you birth and in bl**d you came from my womb. Now in pleasure you are born again and in wine you are coming forth to the joy of your goddess!”

At this point I emptied the rest of the wine over his head, arms and torso. The suddenness of this action caused him to release his bowels and the wine/water mix rushed out. I helped him to his feet. His wine-streaked hair and face was ready for loving.

I joined him in the shower and turned on the water and washed away the wine as if it were afterbirth. It was a shame to waste good wine like that, but a sacrifice was necessary.

Once out of the shower I dried him and myself and affixed the collar around his neck. My son had a loopy smile on his face.

Taking him by the hand I led him to my bedroom and had him kneel at the foot of my bed. I lit two candles and placed one on each nightstand on opposite sides of the bed. Next I lit some jasmine incense. When I was ready I came and stood behind my son. I turned him around to face the mirror hanging on the door to my room. I placed my hands on his head and ran my fingers through his hair.

“Hear the words of your goddess,” I intoned, “What was filthy I made clean, what is sinful I make sacred. There will be no shame or guilt in what we do. Now it is time to confess, son, why do you worship your mommy?”

“Because you are beautiful, because you are strong, because without you I am nothing,” he whispered.

“Then worship me baby, worship Mommy’s yoni.”

Turning to face me on his knees, my son began to pray.

“Holy Mommy’s pussy, I worship you with adoration, I worship you in awe. I worship you with thanksgiving that I am found worthy to…”

“Enough talking, baby, just start licking!”

Grabbing him by the hair, I pulled his face into my already wet cunt.


My son began to work his tongue with a will. In a matter of minutes I achieved orgasm. Next I laid him on his back on my bed and straddled his face.

“Now, baby, I am your queen and your face is my throne! Keep licking! Ahh! AHH! AHHHH! YES! OH YESSS!”

With my hands thrust behind my head, I continued to ride his face. Looking up I saw reflected on the ceiling mirror a woman in the throes of her passion. Beneath me came the mumbled complaint of my son not being able to breathe.
Rolling sideways and on to my back, I dragged my son’s face trapped between my thighs. With my hands grabbing the hair on the back of his head, I continued to push his face forward into my streaming gash.

“Tongue fuck it! Fuck mommy’s pussy with your tongue! Do it baby! DO IT!”

My son was in no position to refuse my commands. His mouth busied itself on my clean-shaven sex.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Jesse baby, you’re making mommy cum! Look! Look at me! Look at me in the eyes!”

He looked up from his place at my pussy and our eyes locked as I rode my next orgasm.

“Now I think it is your turn. Come lay up here next to mommy. Mommy’s going to make you feel so good!”

As he lay beside me I took his hard penis in my hand and began stroking it. His pleasure was almost painful as I moved down and took his boy-meat in my mouth.

“Oh, oh mom, that’s so good,” he breathed. After pleasuring me, his sexual tension was already on edge. I could tell he would not last long.

“Oh mom! Oh mommy! You’re going to make me cum! Oh fuck, oh fuck YEAH!”
Sucking furiously at his member I felt him tense.


He shot his boy-seed in my mouth in three spurts. Some I swallowed, but much of it I kept in my mouth. I cradled his cock between my breasts and gazed intently into his eyes. Then I slid forward bringing my pressed lips to his mouth. As he opened his mouth to accept my kiss, I opened my mouth and fed him back his sperm I was holding in my mouth like a mama bird feeding her chick.

“Jesse, honey, you’re never going to leave me now. There will be no other woman for you. You, you belong to me, and I keep what’s mine.”

Exhausted, we fell asl**p on my bed. I cuddled him with my breasts against his back.

During the night I woke to the sound of chanting: “IA! IO! IA! IO! IA! PAN! IA PAN PAN! IA! IO! IA! IO! IA! PAN! IA PAN PAN!”

I tried to move but I could not. My son was as rigid as a stone. I saw by the light of the still flickering candles a nude woman at the side of the bed with skin the color of white alabaster. Her black hair d****d her shoulders. Her eyes were round and large and her smile seemed frozen in a state of perpetual joy.

“Dionysus is well pleased,” she said, but not with words from her mouth, for I heard her words in my mind.”

As she said this, I was put in mind of ancient Greek statuary of the Archaic style. Indeed the woman herself held herself as erect as such.

“Dionysus is well pleased,” she repeated in my mind.

“Wait!” I said, “Who are you, and why is ‘Dionysus’ pleased?”

“A new goddess is born! A new goddess is born!” was the only answer which sounded in my head. At that point I passed out from fright.

In the morning I woke in the same position I fell asl**p in with Jesse next to me.
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3 months ago
the joy of momdom. I thouht you manipulated your son just the way you wanted things to go, very dominant,m but that's you, right? i really enjoy reading these stories, I hope you keep it up.
3 years ago
Fascinating, keep going.
3 years ago
very good & hot
3 years ago
i wish you were my mother..i
3 years ago
Other women may disagree with me, but, I've never heard a woman refer to her cunt as a "gash". That's much more of a man's term.

I'm not saying women NEVER use that term, just that in my lengthy experience with other women and sex, it's not something I've heard.

For the most part the story was excellent, keep up the good work.
4 years ago
your doing goood setting the stage , and not sure where your going with it but am looking forward to more
4 years ago
very hot and naughty