My wifes first big black cock part 3

My wife's s****r Maureen looked over and saw me pumping my cock as hard as I could and took pity and reached over the arm of the chair and began to tug on my dick. "At least you got the larger of the two" she said to her s****r (in reference to my b*****r Richard) she quickly let go because she was a size queen and only loved big cock now.

I continued to jerk my cock as Bobby told the guy who was now taking Bobby's sloppy seconds from my wifes pussy to take his place since he was now ready for a second round with my wife but this time he wanted to take her anal virginity. When me and my wife did make love she never allowed me there but she began to wiggle her ass in excitement from the thought of being entered anally by Bobby's giant throbbing cock. He shoved his cock in her pussy a few times to get his member lubed up for the epic ass fucking he was about to give my wife.

I then heard Maureen gasping in pain for the guy that my wife was supposed to be servicing had entered the same hole that was being used by the guy who was fucking her sitting in the pool chair. My wifes s****r was being double penetrated.

Me and my wife made eye contact as Bobby worked his tool between her ass cheeks and into her tender asshole. Her eyes widened and she fell over face first into my lap. I could see that Bobby didn't take it easy on entry and shoved it all the way into her he was already pumping her ferociously with his balls slapping her after every thrust. He told me through clenched teeth that my wife had the tightest body ever as he reached up and pulled her hair and head back "THIS IS ALL MINE! ISN'T IT!?!" He said "unngghhhhh" my wife said in response to the anal assault she was receiving, he looked angry and shoved it in faster and harder "WHAT WAS THAT MY BLACK COCK SLUT?" "YESSSSSS" she screamed that time.

I was ferociously beating my cock my wife put her mouth on my dick and I exploded, expecting my wife to swallow her husbands load she leaned over and spit it into the pool. Bobby was now grunting loudly pounding deeper and deeper into her and looked like he was before, he quickly grabbed his cock pulled it from her upturned ass and shoved it into her pussy. He drained every ounce of his spunk inside her. I pushed forward and got up, walked out of the backyard, leaving my wife and Maureen there. I went home and waited for my wife.

I must have fell asl**p because all I remember was being woken up at 2 am by my wife entering our bedroom, she was still naked (apparently they cut her clothes off of her) she got into bed and went to sl**p.

The next morning I woke up and she was sitting there staring at me, still naked from last night, I looked down and saw the remnants of dry cum all over her body. I must have slept all morning because it was 3 in the afternoon when I woke up. She proceeded to tell me what happened after I left, how many times she was penetrated and how many times her "black studs" she called them dumped their seed into her vagina. She said she left her s****r there because the studs weren't done with her and the last time she saw her she was being surrounded by black cocks and was being filled in every hole by them.

About a week after the pool party I was sitting there reading a book when my wife walked in and dropped something in my lap, looking down I could read the side of what appeared to be a pregnancy test. Pregnant. Before I could react the phone rang and my wife answered "yep Maureen, me too" "I don't know whos it could be" "we may never find out".
95% (37/2)
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1 year ago
great story
2 years ago
NOthing against BBC.. sometimes... Stories exaggerate them too much.. I love watching vids of bbc and white girls, but we must also give credit to other guys.. No matter what color we all have, we all love sex.. :) Btw, I love your story!! I hope I can add you on my faves!! :)
3 years ago
Sorry. Somehow, my comment got pasted in here.

I meant say... That was hot!

Have a heaping big woody now! :-)
3 years ago
This was not the ending. It was only loading parts or the story and so I posted it under my blog.

I am glad you are enjoying it. I have more to share.
3 years ago
hot story,thanks
3 years ago
True story or not, black men are no bigger than white men in the dick dept. Black guys are showers (look a little longer), though they are no longer on the average than white men. I guess it must be the taboo or the exotic nature of white skin/black skin contact.
4 years ago
Great story! Thanks!
4 years ago
Nope its my first attempt at writing a story for here.
4 years ago
is this real? Why not have your wife and her sister serviced by a mexican man?
4 years ago
LOL! That was a good story. Nice ending! Wish i could meet your wife and her sister! I also like the part when you say "The only way this would have been possible if she unhinged her jaw." LOL!