My wifes first big black cock part 1

Its been a while since I first discovered my wife, Kay, in the arms of one of our African American neighbors, she wasn't too happy with me since we moved from the big city to a small urban neighborhood. Money was tight and it was just something we had to do.

I can still remember the day, we were just unpacking the moving van when I noticed our neighbor standing on the front porch of his house looking our way. He slowly walked over and introduced himself. His name was Bobby, he was 6'3', 210 pounds and looked as though he was a bodybuilder with his huge muscles and it was confirmed when he shook my hand his hands shadowed mine in size.

"Welcome to the neighborhood" he said.

Thanks we both responded and we introduced ourselves to him. Bobby could not keep his eyes off my wife, who was wearing a white t-shirt and blue jean cutoffs. It was a hot and sunny day so her bra was very noticeable through the thin t-shirt. My wife always loved to keep her body nice and toned. She taught a womans yoga class at the gym and always looked petite, yet slightly muscular. A little over b-cup titties. Real natural.

"Would you two like to take a break and come over to my house for the pool party thats going around back?" "No" I responded "Yes!!!!!!" my wife said loudly "but honey, we have to finish unpacking and we don't have nothing to bring" I said but my wife gave me a few dollars to run to the store to get a few things for the house and ordered me to get some beer for the party.

There was no way I could sway my wife. So I told her to bring in a couple more boxes and I'll be back shortly with the beer.

After my trip to the store I came home to find my wife gone from our house so I figured she must have went over to the pool party. I got my swimming trunks on and headed over to Bobby's backyard gate. I had to slowly approach since there as some broken glass and I didn't want to get cut, as I walked along side of the house I heard what sounded like about 10 men talking all at once I heard what sounded like low moaning sound coming from the backyard.

I slowly opened up the backyard fence and peered across the pool at the group of black males that was there. They all had their backs turned and were surrounding something. My wife was no where in sight. I walked closer and Bobby noticed me from over his shoulder then he looked at another guy next to him with a nod to him he approached me and started pushing me back out the gate. "I was invited" "I don't think so" the males said as I noticed the front of his swimming trunks were pulled down a bit and his huge erect black cock was bobbing as he walked. "OH FOR GODS SAKE LET HIM SEE!!!" said a familiar voice which came out of the group followed by another loud moan.

The black male that was pushing me walked back over and joined the group. I walked over to the group having to stand on my toes to see over the shoulders the faces of both my wife and her s****r (who came over to help us move in) both of them each had a giant fist sized cock being shoved into their mouths. "What the hell" I screamed and tried to pull Bobby back who was currently being serviced by my wife. She took Bobby's cock out of her mouth to reprimand me "THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU DESERVE YOU PRICK! FOR MOVING US HERE!! FOR BEING SUCH A LOUSY LOVER" I was taken aback by my wifes words. She then shoved his cock back in her mouth and continued to suck and even attempted to deep throat him and gave me a spiteful glare. (The only way this would have been possible if she unhinged her jaw)

I stood their in shock and disbelief, was I really seeing this? My wifes s****r Maureen who was also married to my b*****r looked as though she was really enjoying it as she stroked two black cocks (still had her wedding ring on her finger) and the guys constantly took turns with her mouth. I looked down at her bigger 32D cup titties then down at her clit which was very distended and dripping from her juices. I then noticed my wifes clit which was even more swollen than her s****rs and had a puddle starting to form underneath her.

"SIT DOWN!!" My wife snapped.

The male that met me at the gate came over and pushed me down on the closest lawn chair. Then went back over to my s****r in law, gently slapped her on her face to get her to stand up. Bobby removed his cock from my wifes mouth and told her to get up and she did. "Tell him" Bobby said. "Tell me what?!" I inquired "I am now Bobby's cunt wife" she wiggled her ring finger and I noticed her ring was missing. "My body is his to do whatever he wants to with and when he wants to", I was completely red with anger and very hot. "Fine! I said" I got up and tried to leave but the first male pushed me down again.

The group surrounded me in the chair and Bobby grabbed my wife and bent her over the chair I was sitting in, "Get a good view!" Bobby said, her leg was propped up on the chairs arm rest. Bobby grabbed his cock which looked like 12 inches long and was about as wide as a door handle proceed to enter my wifes pussy. I screamed "USE A RUBBER BOBBY PLEASE!!!" He shook his head took my wife by her hips and shoved his "black monster" deep and hard as he could without any protection whatsoever. My wife let out a gutteral scream and I could see her grit her teeth.

I looked away but I noticed my s****r in law was getting it the hardest, there was a group of men around her none wearing rubbers and she was being lifted in the air, two of the men were inside her I'm assuming she was being invaded anally and vaginally at the same time. Every time one would penetrate her my s****r in law would slump forward and put her head on the one in front's shoulder her eyes looked glazed over like she wasn't quite there, I noticed her juices were dripping down the legs of the guys between her.

I looked up at my wife who was really enjoying her deep pounding making little "Ooohs and ahhhs", I looked down at my wife's body, her nipples stood like pencil erasers and Bobby was grinding in deep. I noticed her pussy was spread wider than when we ever fucked or made love. I also noticed a strange feeling washing over me, I was getting aroused at the site of this fantastic sex. Bobby let out a loud a****listic groan and I could tell he was cumming. He shoved his cock all the way to the hilt into my wife and she let out a cry, with a flushed look on his face he held her in place and unloaded his seed deep within her womb.

To be continued.....

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1 year ago
wow.. what a story
2 years ago
That,s how you break in a newe WhoreWife and gher cucksissy !!!!!
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
love the story,thanks
3 years ago
Just the way it should be. Married cunt belongs to the Black Master that claims it. He sees what he wants and takes it as his own.
3 years ago
nice story, i got this cock her
4 years ago
that sounds rough. is it true?
4 years ago
I would love for my wife to be the neighborhood black cock slut like yours. You lucky guy
4 years ago
GREAT story!