First time with friend,

My story is of me and my best c***dhood friend and if I ever get finished writing it spans 6 year.

Intro and background:

My friend Mike, names changed to protect all, is 4 years younger than me and has a b*****r a few years
older than me. Mike's b*****r, Ben, was telling Mike about getting pussy and how fucking worked.
Mike was only 3rd grade and I was in 6th grade.

We lived in a rural area so Mike really didn't have anyone to share this new exicting information with
during the summer when he started telling me of what his b*****r was telling him. Ben was able to
borrow his dads truck on occasion to go out or to the store even before getting his drivers
license. We suppose this is how he got his porn mags.

A week or so after Mike shared this info about sex with me we would get really aroused and talked
about when we would one day get some pussy. We also found Ben's stash of porn mags. A girl between
our ages lived within bicycle riding distance and sometimes we would get her to ride bicycles with
us and check out the bridges on the county road we lived on and other things that interested us.
We brought the subject of pussy and fucking up to Rose and she already knew all about it as she
had 2 much older b*****rs that would take turns fucking her (**** really as she said it hurt alot
and they told her to keep quite about it and they did it to her when their parents were at work.
She let us finger and lick her but that was about all at that time.

The story begins:

About the 3rd or 4th time Rose let us play with her pussy her parents called her in for dinner, we
would usually go to Rose's fathers tool shed to do our "playing". Mike and I left and rode our bicycles
over to his house and his parents were at work and his b*****r no where around. Mike and I kept
up the conversation we were having with Rose and decided get Ben's porn mags to do some looking.
Then it happened we decided to pull our jeans and underware down, there was a big difference
in the size of our cocks. We instinctivly reached out and grabbed each others cocks and started stroking
each other while looking at the porn. Neither of us were old enough cum yet. We talked about Rose
being made to suck her b*****rs cocks and Mikes b*****r talking of his girl friend sucking his cock.
Mike told me that he didn't think my cock could be sucked because of the size and I assured him his
would be that big when he was older as he was only in 3th grade. That night I lay in bed mesmorized
by stroking his small dick and it being so hard in my hand, I started stroking myself and wasn't sure
what was happening but my first orgasm happened.

I told him of it the next day and being summer time our parents would let us camp out in a pup tent either
near his house or mine. Of course that night we camped out and we took turns stroking each other and I
had to take mine and stroke it to make the "sperm" as we were calling it then come out. We played with
it for a while until it turned clear and was no longer gooey. We tried on him several times but with no luck.
A few nights later camping out again we talked about fucking and I told Mike if he stuck his dick in my butt
he might be able to "sperm". Using both of our pre cum as lube he was able to get his boner in my ass
with no trouble and he went to work like an experineced sex machine. He was still unable to "sperm" though.
This was our first summer and spent a lot of time stroking each other and me jacking off so he could watch
me cum, he would even use my cum as lubricate to fuck me while we looked at porn mags. When school started
back up and winter rolled around we were not able to get the alone time as often but still would stroke
each other as often as time would allow. I had tried on a couple of occasions to penetrate his ass but
our age and size difference did not allow it. One night that winter Mike had been on top of me for quite
a while still not able to cum and I asked if there was anything else I could do and he said suck it. I told
him if I was a girl I would already be doing that.

The next spring some other neighbors that were older and their c***dren were grown decided to get a pool
for their retirement. They invited us over to swim and that is where both of us learned to swim and them
seeing how well we could swim after a couple of weeks would go inside after a while leaving us in the pool.
Mike had a great idea as we had not been orally active that we could go under water and get a mouth full of
water and jet it between our lips on to each others cocks. We tried this and it felt wonderful, I almost
came but didn't, he really liked it too. We did this almost every time we went swimming and were getting
braver about how close our lips were getting to our dicks, just talking about it would give us both erections.

About 2 weeks later my uncle was having a camp out at his place and I helped him get everything set up and
Mike's father brought him over and they helped with firewood for a camp fire and brought some food. A lot
of my f****y showed up but the weather changed and it started raining just before dark. Everyone but Mike, me,
my uncle and a cousin of mine left. We had 2 tents set up and my uncle had a van. My uncle and cousin
decided to spend the night in van leaving me and Mike to ourselves. Mike and I started whispering about
when we thought they would be asl**p and safe for us to play. With time to kill our whispering turned to
the pool water play and I mentioned that our dicks and butt holes had been in the water with anyone else
who had been in the water and that we mine as well be sucking each others dicks, he agreed even before I got
finished. Then we heard snoring from the van and knew it was time, we whispered about how we were going to
go about sucking and agreed that if we 69ed first that there would be little chance for one or the other to
back out so we turned our sl**ping bags so the zippers were next to each other and proceded to take off the
rest of our clothes and unzip our sl**ping bags. Once we were next to each other I didn't wait for any
more words or a count down I just took his dick and started sucking it, he had done the same. We sucked on
each other until we were sore, I was not able to cum nor was he. We tried to go to sl**p but we were to
wound up. He said his dick was still hard do I sucked on it some more and got it really slobbery and he
mounted me. After several minutes he was trying to say something about it feels funny and maybe hurts, then he
pulled out and stroked it and he came.

We had several more erotic advancements in our sex if anyone is interested.
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