Meeting a jackoff buddy online Part3

Meeting a jackoff buddy online Part3 final 
I had 10 days left on my job. 
Dave had sent me a email, he want to get together again before I left. Set it up for that Saturday. 
Dave called my room told him to come on up. Met him at the door I had stripped off my clothes and was naked. Opened the door Dave was surprised that I was naked invited him in. I had a porn on my laptop a bi-Couple MMFF swinger. Dave started stripping naked. I kept edging my dick watching the video. Dave sat next to me grabbed my cock and continue stroking it for me as I grabbed his cock. Dave had stood up and turn toward me putting his leg behind me. "Let me stroke both our dicks!" I position myself to we're our cocks were together he grabbed them both and started stroking rubbing them together. Dave leaned over started kissing. I started pinching his nipples rubbing and rolling them between my fingers. He started moaning "ohhh that feels sooo good!" I grabbed our cocks to take my turn at stroking them. Dave cock was leaking a lot of precum as was mine used as lube. "Ohhh I'm going to cum soon!" "Let it shoot!" I said. Started stroking our cocks faster, Dave leaned back "ohhh! I'm going to cummm!" Dave shot several ropes of cum straight up on our cocks and chest. He grabbed his cock and milked cum from his cock. I continue jacking my dick faster and harder leaned back on the arm of the couch. I shot my load all over Dave cock and stomach. I started dipping my finger on the cum on my chest licking it from my fingers. Dave didn't have a lot of hair on his chest he started rubbing my cum on his chest. I couldn't resist I lean forward licking and sucking the cum from his balls and cock. 
Dave asked about the last time we met. "Jim you had asked me if I had pissed on anyone? And that you had a GF piss on you. I couldn't stop thinking about it. When I told you No! Then you asked if I ever pissed in the shower and aimed it around and even up on my body. It stuck in my mind. That night in the shower I sat in the tub and aimed my cock on my chest I started pissing feeling my piss on my chest and that warm piss running down my body! I fingered my ass and jacked a load in my hand. I even licked the cum from my hand tasted my piss for the first time. " "I could stop thinking about it." "Think I want you to piss on me?" I asked Dave "You sure about this?" "I am!" He exclaimed. "I want to try it!" "After all can wash off in the shower!"
I grabbed my lube out of my bag. Went to the bathroom and turned on the shower.
Dave stepped in the shower and turned it off he got down on his knees. I stepped in Dave leaned forward and took my cock in his mouth started sucking on my foreskin nibbling on it. Dave looked up at me "I have to piss!" Motion for him to stand as I knelt down. "Dave piss a little at a time want to feel the warmth." Dave grabbed his dick and began to piss on my chest. I started rubbing around on my chest then pinching my nipple closing my eyes acting like a dirty little piss pig! Cupping my balls he began to piss again. Again rubbing it around my chest then taking the piss in my other hand rubbing my balls and stroking my cock moaning like a cheap whore. I moved closer to his cock this time opening my mouth I wanted to taste his salty goodness. Take the tip on my lips he began to piss. Filling my mouth his piss was warm and salty, moving his cock aiming at my chest splitting his salty piss on his cock squirting his golden nectar on his cock. Rubbing his hot piss again on my chest the warm piss on my hand and cock I was so turned on I lean back I shot my load several rope of cum. "Yes piss on me ohhh it feels so good!" Dave continue finishing pissin on me. I leaned forward taking his cock in my mouth started sucking his cock. Tasting the droplets of golden nectar. 
Stood up and brought Dave in close rubbing my chest on his on mine rubbing his piss on his chest kissing him letting him taste his nectar Dave plunged I tongue in my mouth after tasting it. Kissing me deep he moaned "I'm so turned on!""I want you to piss on me!" He knelt down "I want to feel your piss on me!" 
I surprised Dave I pinched the tip of my foreskin and started pissing ballooning my skin after it was filled let it squirt on his chest. Dave was jacking his cock. Pulled the skin back let another stream on his cock this time going up on his chest. Dave rubbed it around moaned "ohh I'm so turned on! Oh piss on me!" Let another stream on his chest down on his cock. Dave was jacking his cock I watched as my piss splashed on his dick and hand Dave moved his other hand up to his tongue licking it. Then back on his chest. "Mmmm! I'm so fuckin turned on I want you to fuck me!" "Oh I'm goin to cum!" He shot his load! 
"Want to wash up?" I said. Dave replied "Yeah!" "I'm so fucking turned on my cock his still hard! " 
We stepped out of the shower and I turned on. Adjusted the temperature stepped back in. Got wet began to soap up stepped to the back of the shower. Dave stepped under the shower began to wash up handed him the soap I continue lather up. Dave started to lather and washing up. Dave reached over grabbed my cock and balls started lathering them up stroking my cock started get hard he started stroking it lathering my cock and balls. I took the soap from his hand began lathering his cock and balls stroking his hard cock. He moved closer we began to kiss. Fondling each other moved both cock side by side stroking both of them together. Dave grabbed my ass with his other hand start squeezing and rubbing my cheek. Slipping his finger down the the crack rubbing my tight hole. Probing it the soap made his finger slip right in he began slipping it in. I let out a low moan. I kept stroking both of ours cocks frotting both of them together. Moved my hand down on Dave's ass rubbing his hole. I slipped it in his tight hole. He was fingering my hole as I was fingering his. 
Dave said " I want you to fuck me!" "I know you will be leaving soon I want to feel your cock in me!" 
Stepped out of the shower dried each other off moved to the bed. Dave sat back on the edge of the bed I dropped to my knees started stroking and sucking on Dave's cock fondling his balls. Dave laid back pulled his knees back exposing his tight hole to me. Moved down began licking and probing it with my tongue. Dave let out a low moan. I slipped a finger in probing his tight hole. I grabbed the tube of lube squirted some on his hole. Slipping a finger in working it in slowly till I could feel his sphincter it was tight but pushed my finger pass it. Dave moan"ohhh that feels so good! I want your cock in my ass!" 
Took the lube and rubbed it on my cock then pressed it against his tight hole pushing it in. Dave let out a moan"Ahhh!" Continued sliding my cock in slowly. It pressed on his sphincter till it opened. "Ahhh oh god!" Dave shutter. Slipped my cock all the way in. Started with short strokes pumping Dave's tight hole. "Oh god that feels so good!" Dave said, "fuck me!"
Started pumping his tight hole deeper each time my balls slapping his ass. I pulled my cock out and plunged it back in. "Ohhhhh yeah fuck me fuck me hard!" I plunged away fucking Dave. 
Dave started stroking his cock! Cum was flowing from it. He said "Ohhh I'm going to come!" I could feel his hole tighten a felt his prostrate spasm feel him squirt his cum and watch it shoot on him chest. Told him "I'm going to cum!" He replied "Oh give me your load!" I started pumping fast and hard pushing deep in his hole letting loose shooting several streams of cum deep in his hole. I collapsed on top of him. I pulled my cock out and laid it on top of his dry humping both of them together.
We laid together for a couple minutes. Dave said " Oh god that was great!" I replied "Yeah it was!" "I'm going to miss you!" Dave said "Yeah I'm going to miss you too!" Dave looked at his watch. "Oh man got to get washed up and go." "I've got a date with the wife. I got a hotel room for me and her!" I replied "Oh great have a good time." "Remember make her cum like she never had!" 
I have Dave my pager number told him to call and email keep in touch! Dave jumped in the shower washed up got dressed. We kissed and said what a great time we had.
Kept in touch for a couple months. Dave did meet another buddy they jackoff and suck each other. Lost touch after about a year miss him! 
I had wrote the original series and posted on thought I would share with friends on Hampster X

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3 months ago
That was so erotic, it had me hard from the first bit of frottage till the several climaxes. I cam like a fire hose thinking of all the pissing fun you had.
4 months ago
Erotic, great reading.
6 months ago
great stories/encounters...horny reading
6 months ago
that was so hot and erotic I loved it
6 months ago
Love fhe pissing!