Meeting a jackoff buddy online

 Meeting a jackoff buddy online Part 1

I was sent out on a project outside of
Cincinnati a 30 day project. Feeling horny and thinking about my other jackoff buddy Mike. I logged into a adult local chat. Made contact that went by principle33. Making small chat told him I was married and in town and had a local room outside of the city. He told me his name was Dave he was married had 2 small k**s. His wife wasn't interested in sex after the second one. That he was curious, looked at cocks on the Internet, never been with another guy. He was interested in jacking off with another guy. He said his dick wasn't big about 5" he was cut. I perked his interest told him I was uncut and 6". Arranged a meeting at the hotel gave him my room number told to call when he got to the lobby.
Got a shower and opened a beer, the phone rang it was Dave. Slipped on jeans and a tee shirt told him to come up. Dave knocked an I opened the door. Introduced himself as did I invited him in. Dave said he was nervous never worked up the nerve to do anything like this. Offered him a beer he said sure. Talked a bit about chatting what he liked and disliked. Told him my likes and dislikes. Asked if he wanted to get naked? I stood up and pulled my tee shirt off and undid my jeans letting it drop to the floor. My cock sprang up once the jeans dropped. I sat back down on the couch. Started stroking the foreskin up and down over my gland Dave stared and commented "your cock is so hot! never seen a dick with 4skin!" Dave stood up and began to strip taking his shirt and tee shirt off putting them on the chair. He undid his belt and pants and pulled his boxers off with them putting them on the chair his cock was standing straight out! He was cut and the gland had a nice mushroom shape. Dave split on his hand and began edging the gland. I commented that his cock was perfect! I asked "have you ever been sucked by a guys?" He replied "no!" I said "bring that hot cock over!" I grabbed him by the hips and pulled him close. 
Began licking the precum from his piss slit tasting the salty dry droplet dried on his gland. Grabbed his cock and milked the precum out licking the droplets. Placed his gland in my mouth sucking and swilling my tongue around his gland. Dave moaned "oh that feels so good!" Started bobbing up and down on his cock taking it deeper each time. "I never had my cock sucked like that! Ohhhhh God! I'm going to cummmm!" Dave tried to pull back I pulled back taking his cock deep! He shot several streams of cum down my throat. I kept sucking on his cock moving up to the gland milking his cum! He said "oh god let go my legs are shaking! I have to sit down!" He with drew his cock turned and sat down "oh man I never had a blowjob like that and never shot a load in a mouth!" "I never sucked a cock but I want to try sucking yours!" I turned and leaned back and Dave leaned over first pulling on my foreskin then rolling the skin up and down over my gland. He said "I wished I had foreskin that is so hot!" He licked my piss slit tasting my precum then started nibbling and biting the skin. I moaned "oh that feels good!" He rolled the skin back then over his tongue. He pulled the foreskin back and began sucking my gland. Slowly started going up and down on my cock he tried to take it deep and began to gag. He pulled my cock out and started to cough. Told him to take it easy take what is comfortable with him. Dave started sucking on my gland and jacking my cock bobbing up and down on the shaft. I closed my eyes grabbed my balls and started fondling them grabbed the base. I was going to cum soon! Told Dave "I'm going to cum he told my cock out of his mouth and started stroking the gland . He kept stroking I shot my load straight up in the air landing on my chest and stomach. He kept stroking I had grabbed his hand and had him let go. I stuck my finger in my cum wiping on my fingers and hand then licking my cum. Dave asked "I don't like the taste of cum but want to taste it!" He moved is hand to his mouth tonguing his tongue. He said "I don't like the taste." "I tried tasting my own but can't stomach the taste." Told him"it is a squirter taste! Either you like it or not." 
Dave said "I feel like I'm in a dream I can't believe I did this!" Asked if he wanted another beer?" He said he had to get cleaned up and head home. He said "I always had a fantasy about getting a shower with another guy." Asked if he wanted to come back?" Dave replied "you bet!" "Can we meet Saturday midday?" "Hell yeah!" 

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6 months ago
grea story you already opened the door for the next chapter looking forwad to it