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Daddy Wouldn't Fuck

Among the traumas of my early life (and there are many for a Jewish girl) was the fact that my dad never displayed any sexual interest in me whatsoever. The only meat he was interested in was the stuff he cut and sliced at his deli. My mom was equally neglected, which led to my first lesson about sex.

I camme home from school one windy autumn day, and immediately heard two tthings emanating from upstairs: Male grunts and female gasps. I had long suspected Mom had taken a lover to get the kind of subjugation my father was incapable of providing her, but this was the first evidence I had heard.

My heart piunding, I quickly ascended the stairs, then tip-toed very quietly along the hallway. There was an urgency between my thighss. I felt funny, and it seemed like the air was overheateed. Hesitantly, I walked to the wide-open bedroom door and peered in. I was shocked and aroused by what I saw taking place on the bed.

My mom was naked, on her back, legs spread and raised into the air as the blond man between them fucked her. The size of his cock was incredible. I gasped loudly as I watched his big, gorgeous cock miving in and out of my mother's welcoming slit, but they were too "busy" to hear me. Mommy screamed in ecsrsy as an orgasm shook her helpless body like an earthquake. Then it was his turn.

Grabbing my mother's hair, he stepped off the bed onto the floor, taking her with him. He ordered her to her knees. She immediately obeyed. I felt something powerful occurring in my young, virgin cuntt.

"Look up at me!" screamed this beautiful stranger to my whore of a mom. She did as she was fucking well told, he took his immense cock in his right hand, stroked it for a few seconds, then pumped half a fucking quart of jizz onto mother's smiling, upturned face.

And that's when I bled for the first time: Seein his total ownership of my mom, my girlhood ended. Stifling screams, I ran to the bathroom to clean myself up.

I knew I was a woman now.

I also knew I craved what my mom had just gotten.
Posted by JizzThisJewess 2 years ago
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2 years ago
I bet the blond guy would have fucked you
2 years ago
My dad fucks me all the time, well not with his dick thing but soon he will
2 years ago
2 years ago
i want you