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The Great God Cock

Yes, we bitch aboutt it, we complain bout it, forever yammering that you men are obsessed with your penises, whereas we think of sexuality as a whole-body experience.

That being said, we can't live without cock.

Cock is a beautiful thing. Pay no attention to a woman who says she's not in awe of it. I remember the first time I got fucked, at age !#. I didn't even really like the guy, but he guided me into the basement of his parents' home after school. Without a word, he doffed his pants and underwear, and this hard, powerful, gorgeous creature popped out!

Just from pure female instinct, that deep-seeded need to please a male, I knelt before it. He put his hands on my head, holding it steady. He then instructed me to pout my lips into a tight, wet circle for him to fuck.

His mom an dad didn't, get home until after dark. By that time, the boy had pumped three loads of cum down my throat, had roughly taken my virgin cunt, slapping me as punishment for crying the first time he entered me. He fucked my cunt twice, ignoring my pleas not to come inside me. I could feel the hot cream going up into me as he grunted like an a****l, claiming his property.

He permitted me to take a shower before his parents arrived, and then he took one himself. His dad was clueless, shaking my hand as his son who had just deflowered me introduced us, but his mom knew better: She could smell the sex in the air. Before I left, she pigeonholed me in the foyer, asking, "Did you take my boy's prick?" Hey, I was honest: I told her what happened. And then she freaked me out!

Leaning into my ear and grinning, she said, "His cum is delicious, isn't it?"

Posted by JizzThisJewess 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Awesome story!!!
2 years ago
that was really hot i loved the ending too!
2 years ago
hot tale of lost virginity
2 years ago
Loved the ending
2 years ago
wow, hot with a great ending!!
2 years ago
nice ending
2 years ago
Wow so fucking hot I really enjoy reading it. Is funny no one needs to teach a person how to suck a cock is just instinct. Now the end mee me up a little I got confused did the mom tasted it before? Wow