First and Last Time

It's about 11:45pm and I can not sl**p. I have been up tossing and turning for some reason. I belive it has something to do with the gentleman that my parents are allowing in my house. This guys appears to be about 18-20 years of age, scruffy alittle but cute. His pick up has broken down and where we live is about an hour away from all hotels and what not. So my idiotic dad tried to help him work on his truck when he happened to breakdown in front of our house earlier today. Dad thought he had the truck running but would not continue to run, daddy's not a mechanic just grew up on a farm working on tractors when needed.

So here I am still awake wondering if her is a killer or what. I cant take it anymore, so I get out of bed and go to the bathroom. On the way I try to look into the den area of this screwed up design of a lake house and see if he is still there or awake even. OMG he just seen me looking at him. I hurry into the bathroom and pretend I didnt look. I sit down to tinkle and I hear a knock on the bathroom door. He is knocking on the door asking if anyone is in there? Duh, you just seen me run in, I reply back. I hear him laugh. I finish using the bathroom and come out to see him standing in the hall. I say "its all yours". He quickly goes into the bathroom and I go into the den. I sit down in the opposite chair away from his make shift bed and grab the remote from the coffee table. Out of pure curiousity I hit the return button for the previous channel. Ok he was definitley watching a dirty movie on the premium channels. What a weirdo. Me being a 14 year old sheltered girl, I have never had the chance to really watch one so I get kinda tuned in as the woman starts to go down stairs on the muscular man. They don't really show anything just moaning and stuff but midway threw me watching he comes into the den laughing. I scurry to turn it back. I hop up and hand him the remote and run back to my room.

I am back in my room thinking about the movie when I suddenly get super horny. I am soaked just thinking about that girl sucking on that hot sexy guys penis. I start to rub on myself threw my pajama shorts. This is getting intense. I start to get a little bit vocal by moaning...oops I forgot that this stranger is in the next room. He is probably doing the same thing but I didnt want him to hear me.

Knock Knock he is knocking on my door. I say a politely as possible "Yes, can I help you?". As the words are coming out of my mouth I realize that probably wasnt the right thing to say. He replys "Actually yes, I think you have broken the TV when you changed the channels and I can't fix it." So I compose myself and open the door. He now has not shirt on just a pair of blue jeans. Wow, he actually has a nice body. Anyway, so I step into the hallway headed for the den as I hear him smelling me. I stop and ask him "Did you just sniff me?". He said "Yes, I think your hair smells so good". I say, "kinda weird that you smell my hair, whatever lets get you some tv so you and I can go to sl**p".

The TV remote was just flipped to another device, I change it back to Satelite and hit the return button for him to watch his dirty movie. As I toss the remote on the table and start to walk away I feel a sudden grab on my left arm. Its him, "Hey why don't you just stay in here to finish watching the movie with me?" I told hime no at first but soon sat down on the opposite end of the couch. I cannot believe that I am doing this. In the back of my mind I keep having thoughts of him taking my virginity. I am still overly horny and I just want to finish pleasuring myself. After about 45 minutes pass the movie almost over and I glance down at him and see this HUGE bulge in his jeans. I noticed only because he keeps rubbing it a little bit. Wow if it is that big, I definetly dont want him being my first, he would probably be my last!

I tell him that I am going to bed, that I am tired. He looks at me and says something kinda weird, "If you need me just knock". What is it with him and knocking, and why would I need him? So I just smile and walk away. I get back to my bed and lay down, slowly take my pajama shorts off then slip my panties off and put them on my night stand. I then remove my tank top and am fully nude in the moon light and am going to finish what I started. I move my hand down to my clit and start to rub vigoursly as I do I start to imagine this perfect stranger inside me. I am fingering and rubbing myself to what seems like no end. I cant take it anymore!!! I start to knock on the wall in a frantic pace. I don't stop knocking until I see him come threw my door. I stop and a with my legs spread wide open the only words I can push out is "I am in need!". He walks over to me unbuttoning his pants and slipping them down. I can now see his full size threw his tight boxers, I reach over and pull them down exposing him fully. I sit up and look at him and say "I am a virgin, I have never been with a guy before so please be gently and guide me". He pauses, and says how old are you? "I am old enough to consent to this, but not old enough" i pause, " I am 14". He looks at me and says "I am 19, my name is Matt and I will gladly be the one to take your virginity." He comes closer and grabs head and starts to pull me closer to his huge dick. I am not sure that I can handle this thing but I attempt to put my mouth around it. I put his dick in my mouth and begin to move my back and forth as guided by his hands. I start to feel this pressure in my clit that makes me feel like it my burst, so I reach down with one hand and start to rub my clit and with the other I am trying to keep him from choking me as he pushs into my mouth. He is starting to move really fast now making me gag each time he pushs me towards him. I cant take it so I remove my hand from my clit and push him back. He looks down at me and says in an angry voice "Dont ever push me away, you will now have to sit on your hands!" Um what is going on here do I scream and run, no because then my parents will wake see what their precious daughter is doing. So I do as I am told and I sit on my hands.

As he is shoving his dick now almost down my throat I start to cry and gag really bad, so bad that I am having a hard time keeping my mouth open. So he looks at me and says "Lay down, and put your legs over my shoulders". I reply back "I change my mind, I am sorry but I cant go threw with this." He right away says "Your going to finish what you started one way or the other". So I start to get up, he shoves me down and climbs on top of me and looks me in the eye and says "you keep quite or I am going to hurt you more". I lay the rest of the way down and let him have his way with me. I am not going to lie I kind wanted this so I cant really scream r**e. He starts to put his dick near my pussy, I start to squirm, He grabs my hips and pushes me toward the bed to hold me in place as he quickly shoves his dick all the way in. I thought I could feel him in my chest! I let out a small scream " Ouch that fucking hurts!" He looks down and says your going to pay for that one! So after a dozen hard pumps he pulls out. I thought this is good, its over, he is done! Right as that thought flew through my mind he grabs my shoulder and flips me over belly down on the matress. Ok now I am worried. He spreads my legs and spits on my butthole!

First I am diqusted that he would spit on me but I am really scared now because I think he has other intentions! He climbs back on top of me to where he is more in a frog style position. He has one hand on my lower back and the other spreading me open. I feel him putting the tip of his dick near my butt. I start to scream and he takes the comforter and throws it on my head so that I am muffled! I feel him shoving inside my butt as I just lay there helpless and let him violate me in every hole. I feel him start to slow down as he releases me from my own comforter and moves his hand off my back. He pulls out and kisses me on my neck and says thanks! I hop up just in time to see him running out of my room half naked. I hear him go to the garage and after a few seconds crank his truck and drive away.

The next morning at breakfast my parents asked me if I was feeling alright and I replied "A long night that's all!" I figured I asked for it so I couldnt really say much. Then they wanted to know where to boy went, I just simply said he got what he wanted now he is off to the next house!!!! I never spoke of him again.
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2 years ago
very good but it is statutory rape