Doggy Style!

My name is Melissa. I am now 22 but I have to share with some one what I done when I was much younger.

I was at school and was preparing to leave from an after school activity when it hit me, I was uncontrollably horny all of the sudden. Not sure why but I hurried up and packed up got in my miata and went home. When I arrived my mother was pulling out of the drive and saying by, she had a date with another strange guy.

When I went in side I quickly locked the dead bolt and ran up stairs to take a shower! I got up stairs and went into my room where our f****y dog, a pit bull named coogi, was laying on my bed. I beg him to get out but he would not budge. So I went into my bathroom and began to strip my clothes off. I was wearing a pink tank top with a white bra, which were the first to go. Then I took off my white shorts and my new vicky secret thong. There I was, closed up in my bathroom with a very wet pussy and no one to fuck it. My ex boyfriend broke up with me for my best friend so could not call him. I figured I would step out of the bathroom really fast and grad this new dildo that a really good friend brought over for jokes one night. I open the door and look toward the bed and coogi is starring at me! So I run over next to the be and reach in the night stand when I hear him get up. As I am turning around he his coming over to me. I try to shoo him away but he keeps coming toward me. He at this point is trying his best to lick my wet crotch. Eww!

I grab the dildo and jet back to the bathroom and shut the door. I can hear him hit the door as he could not slow down fast enough...haha got away. I am now standing there with a cool blue dildo in my hand and hornier than ever. I go sit down on the toilet with the lid closed and sit back and begin to insert it into me! Oh my this feels so good as I push it in and out. I remembered that it had a vibrating feature. So I pull it out and look for the button. There it is I press it and it only vibrates for a second. Batteries maybe. So I get up and slowly open the door to see if coogi is there. Nope I run out of my room and down the steps to the office to see if there are batteries in there.

I searched for batteries and found them in the laundry room. Now I head back upstairs to enjoy my new found toy. I enter my room and slam the door. I run over to my bed so excited I can barely stand. I lay down on the bed and begin fucking myself with the vibrating dildo. I am really getting into it. I start to moan and I am really close to climaxing when coogi comes around the corner from the bathroom! Scares the shit out of me. I jump up to once again shoo him out of my room and he growles! I have never heard him growl at me. So I grab his collar and shove him to the door, and he trys to bite me. Oh my this dog is crazy. I go over to my closet to get my robe so that I can safely take him outside and he follows. He is looking at me like he could kill me. I sit down on the bed and he comes over there too. Once again he starts to try to lick my crotch again. This time he succeeds. He actually licked me. The funny thing is that it felt good. So he came right back to do it again.

That went on for a minute when the thought crossed my mind to let him fuck me. Ok nasty yes but who would ever know? So I lay back on the bed and put my feet up and let him really get into eating me. I am laying there about to cum when I feel him jerking. I look down and his red penis is hangin out and he is humping the air. I think he is thinking what I am. LOL. I lay back again and let him continue to lick me. This goes on for another minute then he just stops. I go to get up and growls! Ok its cool. I will just lay here. Then he puts his two front feet up on the bed and begins to hump the air again. Oh my, he is trying to fuck me. I started to have second thoughts.

I started to try to get up but he began to hump vigoursly and then growled when I moved. OOOWWWWWW...he hit my ass hole. Horny as i was I never put anything in my ass. I begin to think if I give him what he wants he will go away. So I raise up just a little and he hits my shaved pussy. OMG that hurt then he now begins to speed up. Ramming his huge dog cock in and out of me like he is going crazy. It is hurting so bad but he is not going to let me leave. I am laying there for 17 minutes I counted then I heard my older s****rs car pull up in the drive way

She comes in and runs up stairs and knocks on my door. Coogi stops, but doesnt pull out. I asked her what she wants? She said that she needed to borrow a dress and replyed not right now. She walks away. Coogi begins again. I think this is crazy but I am enjoying it when I look to my left and see my s****r standing there and she is watching.

She tells me to continue and that she is next. She says that she is the one how taught him how to fuck humans and that she would like to be next and that it is turning her on watching her little s****r get fucked.

I have never done it since!!!! I swear!!!!
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3 years ago
good stroy if it was true,,but your profile is for a guy and this was taken from some one else..sorry