hooked a gipsy woman

A few years ago I worked on a music shop, we sold cd's, dvd's and some toys (nothing sexual, toys from the movies, lord of the rings castles and stuff). The shop was in a medium-sized mall so it didn't had many people in it.
One of the nights, I was working alone until closing time, which was around 11pm, when two gipsy ladies enter the shop.
I went to meet them said hello may I help, the usual.they in their 40's a blonde one which I don't remember very well, and one with very dark straight hair, and very beautiful brown eyes and although she looked 40 her smile looked 20.
Like I said, they where talking loud and laughing and the dark-haired one wasn't a woman to wait too long:
"he's cute isn't he?"
"ihih speak quietly, he's listening!"
"I know, I want him to!"
and stuff like that, this was so spontaneous that I couldn't stop smiling either, and she was hot! believe me!
they asked for some gipsy music like "xano", or "pipo e ricardo" wich we didn't had, we only had "gipsy kings" but they didn't want it.
we where on a row and I was showing them some cd's, when suddenly the dark-haired bends over and puts her ass on my manhood, and excuses herself very badly.
"ohhh carla what are you doing?:O" said the blonde one
"it was no big deal... and he's cute!:)"
"but maybe he doesn't want you!"
"You don't want me mister?" she asked me directly
"well...lol I think we can get to know each other better!:)"
"see!"she said
"but you want her just for one night? she's very good!" asked me the blondie
"ahah we'll see about that later!:))"I replied
"I have to go, how do we get in touch? you want my number or do you give me yours?" carla the dark-haired asked me
"I'll give you mine!" I did, she took it on her phone and they left
I was thinking stuff like, that was crazy, crazy ladies, she ain't calling but well whatever.
that same night just before my work was done my phone ringed, it was a unknown number, it was carla.
"hi hottie how are you?"
"I'm ok, I closing my store in half an hour!"
"oh yeah? what are you doing after it? going some where?"
"no not really! got no plans!"
"wanna come over to my place?to talk a little and who knows?"
"yeah sure! why not?"
she gave me her address, and when my shift was over I went flying to her.
I got there, knock on door, went inside, she was still wearing the black dress gipsies ladies usually use, she was watching soap-opera, we sat on the couch:
"soo want you wanna do?"she asked
"make out" I replied
"oh yeah?:)"
I leaned over and kissed her, once , twice, I hugged her back and pulled her to lay down on the couch while kissing her, I passed my hands on her thighs and her ass, she has damn hot!
I removed her shirt and she removed mine, while we kissed I unlocked her bra, and grabbed her ass real good,I took her collants and her black skirt, I rubbed her panties and felt her wet pussy, I took them off!
she ripped my boxers and pushed my cock to her pussy, but I didn't let her, I went down there, kissed her thighs, and sucked her pussy, and it was very good, I kept on doing it until she was almost cumming, she sat on me and putted my cock inside her "aaahhhhhhh" "gooooood" "aaaaaaahhhhhhhh" "yesssss" "yesssyesss" "oooohhooooooohhhoooooooh" she had an orgasm ,and we changed position to the missionary on the couch, I pounded her hard until we both exploded.
she went to the bathroom the clean herself, and when she returned I still had my hard-on, so we moved on the bed, and we fucked doggie style, we stopped a little to catch a breath, and to get a snack, when she bended over to the refrigerator her ass just gave me another hard-on right away I just picked the butter and aimed for her ass, and she wanted it real bad, it was her first time so it was hard on the beggining:
"it woun't fit! it's too big!aaaahh!"
but after it was in, we pounded like we where running for our lives!

I remember when fucked two more times that night, all in the bed, one with her on top, some blow-jobs and more cunnilingus on the mix and stuff, but was basically it.

this is a true story, with a tiny little bit of fiction.:)

it happened to me 10 years ago or something...

I didn't sl**p over, I went home after a while, when it was 5 am or something, her son was coming in and stuff like that
I thought that was it but she called me back that same day...

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3 years ago
Sounds like a good time!
3 years ago
good yarn