جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly X-Rated Interview

"Today we're talking to one of the world's favorite, beautiful, talented and, dare I say, sexually open newsreaders in the world, the one and only Jilnar Jardaly. Welcome! [Interviewer]

"Thanks, sweetie."

"Let's start by asking if you weren't a famous television personality and much-loved evening news anchor, what do you think you would be doing?" [Interviewer]

"Oh, that's an easy one! Definitely either a hooker or porn star or both! I can't think of any other occupation that would give me the amount of kinky sex and number of sexual partners on a daily basis that I'm accustomed to, as well as all that delicious, fresh, creamy, hot, sticky cum..... Mmmmmmmm....
You know, I always go on at least two overseas vacations every year and always to a country I have never before visited. When I'm there, I always put aside some special "me time" where I volunteer at one of the local brothels so I can sample some of the local "cuisine"..... Yummy!"

"Getting away from sex for just a moment, if I may... What do you think is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?" [Interviewer]

"[Laughs] To be completely honest, I don't believe there is any sight in this whole world more beautiful than a big, long, thick hard cock shooting a big, creamy, hot load of sticky cum. It's a vision I can never tire of. It''s just such a beautiful and amazing sight to behold!
If I was a guy, I'd never be able to stop playing with it, seeing how much I can squirt out, how far...
I may not have cock but, being a TV celebrity and a well-known slut, I can have all the cocks I want. Guys are always telling me and all their friends how skilled I am at cock-sucking and how sweet, hot and tight my hairless pussy and ass are. All I have to do is click my fingers and I have as many hard cocks as I want, as often as I want, to do with whatever I will. It's in my contract!"

"What do your friends and colleagues think of your wanton attitude to sex?" [Interviewer]

"I have some oenophile friends who are so proud of their wine-tasting skills which always makes me laugh because cum-tasting is where the real skill lies!
I can tell everything about a man by the taste of his cum, the sweetness, saltiness, creaminess, texture, richness of flavor, etc. Don't believe me? Well, when you've sucked off as many cocks and tasted and swallowed as much cum as I have in my lifetime, you can't help but become a true connoisseur.
By swelling a man's load in my mouth for a mere few seconds I can tell his diet, lifestyle, health issues, stress levels, interests, everything!
I've been to so many parties that have all ended up with all the men naked from the waste down in a queue with me at the front, on my knees doing my cum-readings... with incredible accuracy even if I do say so myself! In fact, sometimes I'm too accurate! More than a few times my cum-readings have revealed secrets that they were keeping from their wives and partners that took some serious explaining afterwards. [Laughs]
My friends say I should perform it as an act of "Arabs' Got Talent" because they think I'd be a sure win. I don't think my cum-readings would be right for a f****y show somehow... [Laughs]"

"Apart from your famous celebrity status, if people know anything about you it's your love of penises, erections and male ejaculation. Where and when did this fascination first begin?" [Interviewer]

"I do love nice big, hard, stiff cocks! I absolutely adore them. And I gobble up delicious, hot, sticky cum like candy!
It all started when I was a little girl. I had two older b*****rs who had started going through puberty and I noticed strange noises coming out of their bedroom at night. At first it scared me because it sounded like they were moaning or crying out in pain but it always ended with deep moans of satisfaction and then silence. This went on and on every night and my young mind could not understand what this weirdness could be. Eventually, my young curiosity got the better of me so, when I heard them start, I dashed outside so I could peek into their bedroom window. What I saw was a sight I could never have even imagined and which shocked me in a way I could never ever forget!
I had never had any kind of sex education at school yet and had never seen a penis before so I was confused and shocked at what these things growing from my b*****rs bodies were. What were they doing putting oil on them and sliding their hands up and down them, faster and faster. And, was I seeing things, or do they seen to be growing longer and standing up more and becoming harder and harder? And the noises coming from their mouths... I'd never heard people make noises like that! It sounded like they were in great pain but they were smiling! Then OH MY GOD!!!
What the hell was all that white stuff squirting out of my b*****rs??? I almost cried because I thought something terrible had happened to them but they seemed so happy and contented. They just wiped the stuff off their bellies and went to sl**p.
Every night I would watch this show from their window. As time passed, my shock had given way to my excitement at getting to watch this fascinating and kind of funny thing each night. It was even starting to affect me as, when I went to my bed thinking about that night's show, I felt a need to do something I never needed to do before - stroke, feel, finger and play with my pussy under my sheets.
One night one of my b*****rs saw me peeking through the window and beckoned to me to come inside. I was so scared! They were both quite a few years older than me and I thought I was going to be in so much trouble. When I knocked on their door they both told me to come in. They were both still stroking themselves and invited me to sit on a chair so I could watch both of them. This is how it was from now on. I'd come into their room each night at the same time and would watch them pleasure themselves.
After a few weeks, as we all became more comfortable with our arrangement, they would have me sit on the bed with them near their pillow and turn the pages of their filthy sex magazines and read the words to them. I didn't know what it all meant but I know it was hardcore pornography. Whenever they would shoot their loads they would always shoot it all over me. Sometimes it would hit me in the face which made me giggle but most of it landed all over my pajamas.
When we all became even more comfortable, they let me have a turn at the jacking-off. They realized that I was a natural and did it even better than they did. From then on they had their hands free to read the dirty magazines themselves whilst I was doing all the "handy" work below. Sometimes we'd all lie on the bed together, me in the middle, doing them both at once. When it was "squirt time" they'd let me know so I'd know to point the cocks so their cum would squirt all over me, instead of being wasted all over themselves or the bed clothes."

"Did you even take it any further, like oral sex?" [Interviewer]

"Ewwwwwww! Gross! Of course not! They were my b*****rs you sick bastard! [Laughs] Nooooo. I only did blowjobs for the boys at school.... and some of the teachers."

"So what do you think is the secret to a happy and successful life?" [Interviewer]

"The secret to a happy and successful life is to always have at least ten or twelve fuck-friends. I have f******nn who are all real studs with nice big cocks who can fuck me good and hard all day and night, over and over (just the way I like it), and shoot massive loads. I fuck hundreds of guys every year (and almost as many girls), usually several times, but it's my boys, my beloved fuck-friends, who I give myself to a few times a week. I like to do them in groups of at least three or four but, of course, I have the most fun when it's all of them at once.
They're all big shooters so, after they all finished fucking me raw, until I can't even walk straight, they shoot those lovely big, hot, creamy, sticky loads in my mouth, my pussy, my ass, all over my body, in my hair and all over my face. The ones who did the best job get to use me as their toilet and piss all over me, my body, my face and even in my mouth! I love it!"

"Tell us more about your career as a newsreader for DubaiTV. Do you have any favorite days?" [Interviewer]

"Well, the most fun day of the year at Television Dubai is when we female newsreaders have to renegotiate our contracts. Each day one of us girls gets called up to the top floor where all the big bosses work.
We each have a cubicle where we change into our "playtime characters" before heading into the boardroom to commence negotiations. Mada is the sweet kitten, Sahar is cheeky little monkey, Maya is the cute little piglet and I'm the naughty little bunny. I wear a pair of bunny-ears, white gloves with fluffy cuffs, stiletto heels with fluffy toes and a skimpy white bathing suit with a fluffy white tail.
I hop into the boardroom, twitching my nose and letting all the men stroke and pat me until I hear the command, "It's time!"
I head over to an object we call the 'negotiation post' which is a padded rectangular, tilted platform about waist-high. I lean onto the platform and slip my wrists into the cuffs on the top and my ankles into the cuffs near the bottom so I am completely helpless and totally at their mercy...
It always starts with the men running their hands all over me, grabbing, clawing and mauling me. I love hearing their breathing getting faster as they become more excited. They then start to tear of my bathing suit and their hands all over me naked body feels so good...
I soon hear the sound of them undoing their belt buckles and zippers and, pretty soon, it's their cocks that are rubbing all over me as well as their hands...
I can feel all their cocks getting bigger and harder and their caressing become much more rough and f***eful. They all start shoving their fingers into my mouth, pussy and ass. Their mouths licking and biting me all over. Their hands brutally and mercilessly grabbing, clawing and even slapping my ass, body and face. I always know at this point whether they've invited any friends or newcomers because I always hear them gasp with shock on witnessing how rough and violently some of these horny bastards are treating me. Little do they know they're all doing this because they know how much I love the rough stuff.
Pretty soon they're all taking turns furiously pumping their aching cocks in and out of all my holes, ravaging and violating me like a piece of meat...
Then it's time for the cum, that lovely, wonderful, hot, sticky, creamy cum...
Some of them like to shoot it all in my mouth or right down my throat, some like to pump their massive loads into my ass and pussy and some like to shoot their precious seed all over my brutally ravaged body....
They then undo my cuffs and collapse into their chairs, gasping for breath, while I collapse on the floor, all my cavities full of their mixed seed, my body covered in scratches, bruises, bites, the shredded remains of my costume and gallons cum oozing all over me, not knowing which one of them cummed where. It's such an exciting and wonderful way to do business.
The more pleased they are, the better the contract. I don't like to brag but, every year, I always get the best contract!
Sometimes I even go up there when it's not contract time, just for fun. I know how much they all love their little "cum-bunny"."

"Do you have any fantasies you could share with our readers?" [Interviewer]

[Laughs] "Lots! As your readers already know, I've fucked most of the men (and many of the girls) I've met at least once and I've been through all the men who work at DubaiTV multiple times but there are a few who have resisted my slutty seduction...
Some of them have horrible wives or girlfriends who won't let them fuck other girls. Seriously, what kind of bitch wouldn't let her man fuck the office slut? This is a man's world which means men can fuck whoever the hell they want! Don't they know that? And I'd only be using them for sex anyway! When my f******nn regular boyfriends (my fuck-friends) aren't fucking me, I'm perfectly happy for them to fuck other sluts. As long as they describe every, sordid, sexy, dirty detail to me while they're fucking me!
Anyway, I've tried all my slutty moves against these stubborn, pussy-whipped guys, brushing against them, letting them see down my top and up my skirt, staring into their eyes while licking my lips, bending over in short skirts right in front of them, licking my ice-cream and letting them watch me lick the cream into my mouth and swallow it. Sometimes I just tell them how much I want to fuck them. The really sad thing is that, when you look in their eyes, you can see how much the poor things are aching to fuck me. Their wives and girlfriends must be total jealous bitches!
My fantasy is a room with all these guys on a beds, naked and their hands and feet tied to the bedposts. Their wives or girlfriends beside the beds, tied to chairs...
I walk into the room in some of my sexiest and skimpiest lingerie. I climb on top of the first guy and start to lick and kiss his face, whispering my dirty desires into his ears. His wife or girlfriend saying, "Get the fuck off my man you fucking whore!"
I just smile at her and say, "Fuck you, bitch! You had this coming!"
I run my hands, lips and tongue all over his naked, helpless body, his cock is stirring...
His wife or girlfriend yells, "Don't you dare get an erection for that filthy slut!"
But he can't help it... His cock gets harder and harder so I say, "Mmmmmmm..... time for little taste...."
His wife or girlfriend is enraged screaming, "I'll fucking kill you! You hear me? I'll kill you you fucking whore!"
I just thank her for the compliments and suck harder and harder. Soon he's ready for that fuck we've both been begging for. I slip off my bra and panties, straddle him and stare straight into the eyes of his bitch wife or girlfriend, smiling at her as his stiff cock slides all the way inside me. As I'm riding him I tell her how much I love fucking her man, how good it feels to have his beautiful hard cock pumping inside me.
When I hear him groaning, I look into his eyes and there are actual tears. He's begging me to stop. His wife or girlfriend is swearing vile abuse at me for r****g her man!
Then I can feel him about to blow his load. His wife or girlfriend says, "Don't you dare cum, you bastard! Not for that slut!"
"I'm sorry! I can't help it!" he says, "I'm cummingggggggg!!!"
I look at his wife or girlfriend saying how good it feels having all his hot cum shooting deep inside me, into my womb. "Now I'm going to have his fucking baby, bitch!" I tell her.
Then, when I'm finished with the poor bastard, I go to the next bed in line and start work on the next one... then the next.... then the next...
Sometimes, in my fantasy, I get off at the last minute and have him shot his whole load into my mouth. I always position myself so his bitch wife or girlfriend can see him shooting his load in my hungry, waiting mouth and watch me swallow every drop.
I then leave the room through the door I came in, laughing all the way. I can hear them all sobbing, their stuck-up bitches yelling obscenities at me and the pussy-whipped wimps crying and begging them to forgive them. Serves them right! No one ever says no to me. No one!"

"Wow! Do you have any other fantasies you'd like to share?" [Interviewer]

"Well, ever since I was a young girl, I've always dreamed of being the Cum Fairy..."

"The Cum Fairy? What on earth is that?" [Interviewer]

"Well, you've heard of the tooth fairy, right? She's kind of like that but a bit more naughty and a lot more fun!
I'd be that magical being who visits young pubescent boys while they're asl**p and I'd be the cause of their wet dreams. I'd be able to have my way with them without them ever waking up.
I'd undo their pajama bottoms and take out their beautiful young cocks, make them hard and make them have their first ever orgasm. I'd love that so much!
I'd make them shoot their precious young seed anywhere I want; deep inside my pussy, sometimes in my ass and sometimes straight into my mouth so I can taste that sweet, young virgin cum. And they'd never even know I was there, but they'd never ever forget how good I made them feel...
I love taking young virgins and turning them into men. They're always so grateful and excited and just so adorable. I love them! The fact that I'm old enough to be their mother just makes me feel all the more horny for them! In fact, I always insist youngsters call me "Mommy" while we're enjoying our naughty taboo sex. And any girl who hasn't tasted young virgin cum doesn't know what she's missing! Their sweet, salty, nectar has the purest and most delicious taste.
I've secretly seduced just about all my girlfriends' young sons as soon as I noticed they were old enough to start taking an interest in me in my tight, revealing outfits. Of course, not all my girlfriends sons are old enough to be interested in girls yet but I'm counting the days till I pounce and take their precious little cherries too... Mmmmmm.... Yummy!"

"Well, that was certainly a lot more informative than I expected! So, how do you feel about older gentlemen?" [Interviewer]

"Oh, I love them just as much! You remember me telling you about my cum-readings? Well, imagine the intense explosion of different flavors I can detect from cum that has been created by balls that have been maturing for six or seven decades. We're talking vintage cum here. It's positively delicious!
When I was at university, one of my part-time jobs was at a retirement home. I wasn't a qualified nurse so my job was to just try and make the old dears feel more comfortable. I'd help them eat, talk to them, hold their hand, read to them, change their bed clothes and all that stuff.
Some of the men just wanted to feel me up; slide their hands under my skirt or down my top under my clothes. I was more than happy to let them do this as much as they liked. As I said before, I love being felt up and groped. I love feeling men's hands, young and old, all over my naked skin. And I've been brought up to respect and appreciate my elders as we owe them all so much so, if they want to get some pleasure from me, I think it's both an honor, a privilege and a civil duty to oblige them.
Of course, some of them always wanted a bit more than that. You could always tell when this was the case because if they'd be pitching a tent in their pants while their hands were exploring my young body.
They were past their glory days so not many of them wanted to fuck me. Most of them just wanted a blowjob or handjob. I always made them cum right into my mouth so I could savor every drop of that wonderful, matured flavor. They don't cum as much and as often as younger men but the quality of their seasoned nectar is always of an unbelievably high quality."

"Did you have any other interesting jobs when you were a student?" [Interviewer]

"I had a fantastic job! It was at a gentlemen's club called Hot Sluts."

"Were you a dancer?" [Interviewer]

"[Laughs] No, I was a waitress. I got all the men their drinks, food and anything else they wanted..."

"Anything??" [Interviewer]

"Uh-huh! They always got really horny watching the dancers strip and do their really hot lesbian shows and it was only natural that, when I was standing by them taking their orders, their hands would find themselves wandering all over me. They usually started off slow but, when I moved closer, they knew I was giving them the green light so their hands would get a bit more f***eful, rough and grabby. Then I'd always feel my clothes peeling off - or being torn off if they were really horny.
It was pretty easy to tell what they were wanting, if they put their hand on my shoulder or the back of my head and started pushing me down, then it was a blowjob. Sometimes they liked me on my knees under the table sucking them off while they were watching the show.
If they grabbed me by my elbow or around my waist and pulled me towards them they wanted me to straddle them and ride their hard cock.
Of course, they always came in groups and, as soon as one guy started having his way with me, all his buddies would cheer and pull out their aching cocks and I'd always be surrounded by those horny, angry, hard cocks demanding my attention. It was always a wonderful sight to behold! Luckily, I've always been a real gangbang girl so I can easily satisfy twenty men sexually in a few minutes, their balls completely drained and cocks as limp as wet noodles.
The manager always told us, "Suck 'em good, fuck 'em right and get a good tip". And, believe me, I always got huge tips!
The guys always leave after they've all had a good cum so, the quicker I got them off, the quicker the next group comes in, so my gangbang skills came in real handy! And the bigger the group, the bigger the tip!
I always left each night with my womb, bowels, and tummy full of fresh hot cum and a bag full of money! It was wonderful getting paid a fortune every night for something I'd just as happily do for free."

"Then why did you leave?" [Interviewer]

"Well, they had a company policy to only employ girls twenty and under. Most of their clients liked young girls. I knew that when I took the job two years before so I understood when it was time to let me go. In fact, on my last day they management, bar staff, dancers, other waitresses and all the regular clients had a huge surprise party for me which very quickly became a huge, sweaty, sticky, gooey, cummy orgy where I was the center of attention. It was a lovely experience and one I'll remember fondly for the rest of my life..."

"Earlier you were telling us about your some of your sexual fantasies. They really were very hot!" [Interviewer]

"[Laughs] Thanks!"

"Do you have another one you could share?" [Interviewer]

"Sure, why not! As I've said, I like being taken by rough, f***eful men and fucked nice and hard - even if it means me getting hurt.
But sometimes, when I'm at home masturbating, I wonder what it would be like if we were on another planet or something happened to this world where women became the stronger sex. We'd all still look the same but it would be us women would were the faster and stronger sex. The rate of sex crimes would go go through the roof!
Unlike men, us girls can have sex several times a day, and we're every bit as horny as you men. Believe me, we would be r****g you guys left right and center! It takes a man a few weeks to become a serial r****t, a woman could become one in a few hours!
I would be r****g every single hot guy I saw! I'd never have time for anything else! I'd love to chase them, catch them, pin them down, rip off their clothes and fuck them so hard it makes them cry. The whole time I'd be telling them what a "dirty little slut", "nasty fucking whore" and a "filthy bitch" they are, and all the other things men like saying when they're fucking me. Feeling them struggling helplessly and begging me to let them go would be so exciting and make me cum so hard!
And if he was a really good fuck, I'd a***** him, take him home and use him over and over again..."

"A lot of your fans wanted us to ask if you ever watch porn. And, if yes, do you have any favorites?" [Interviewer]

"Well, of course I do. I watch it every day. I love it!
I've always liked my porn to be like my own sex life; one girl being gangbanged absolutely senseless by a large group of horny, rough and brutal guys with massive cocks.
I also love delicious, sweet, fuck-fresh cum so bukkake porn always turns me one too. I really like the ones where a newsreader is sitting reading the news while about twenty or more guys shoot big loads of steaming hot jizz all over her face. I'd love to have a massive group of horny, well-hung guys do that to me for the whole hour I'm doing my live bulletin so the whole world can see what a nasty cum-slut I am. No one loves being coated in creamy, hot cum more than I do. No one!"

"It's a widely known fact that you enjoy the sexual pleasures of the female flesh as much as men. Can you enlighten us as to how that usually manifests?" [Interviewer]

"[Laughs] You got that right! I love pussy! But not as much as men. Nothing comes, or should I say 'cums', even close to cock.
But, I do have a healthy appetite for lesbian love. Me and the other female newsreaders here at DubaiTV, Sahar, Mada and Maya, regularly have what we call our "lez-fests".
We like to start by stroking, caressing and slowly undressing each other, licking each others breasts and sucking each others nipples, making them hard. Then we like to make our delicious pussy-eating circle, sticking our tongue deep into each others excited pussies until we all cum together into each others hungry mouths. Sahar, Mada and Maya's juices all have their own unique flavors but all taste just as sweet as each other.
Sometimes we do it in private in one of our offices but we usually do it in the conference room so all the men can watch. We all love being watched by the men when we're fingering and eating each others pussies and asses. Sometimes the men like to take out their aching, stiff cocks and jerk themselves off all over us while we're pleasuring each other, covering us in their hot, sticky, creamy cum, while we're squirting our own hot juices into each others mouths."

"You once went on record as saying that, when you're not having sex, your constantly pleasuring yourself. Have there been any benefits?" [Interviewer]

"Well, of course there is! There's nothing more fun and relaxing then fingering yourself intensely to a huge, juicy, sticky squirt. Men love watching me make myself squirt and they love the taste of my sweet, hot juice.
But the benefit is developing amazing pussy muscles. Mine are so well developed and trained that I have full control over them and can make them work together and independently.
When a man's cock is inside me, he doesn't even need to thrust in and out. He can just relax and I can give him an amazing, earth-shattering orgasm just by working my well developed pussy muscles. When a man's fucking me, I can use them to pleasure their way up and down and circling around his stiff shaft, squeezing and releasing different pants of his cock until he can't take a single more second and explodes and blasts like he never has before! And I can encircle his cock so tightly that not a single drop of his precious seed ever escapes and gets wasted.
The other bonus is that, when he's finished, I can tighten my pussy around his cock to keep it right where it is. I like to go to sl**p with the cock inside me, all night, until I wake up and decide to let him go. Until then, it's all mine, handsome!"

"Your ability to make men scream with pleasure is legendary. What is the secret?" [Interviewer]

"The secret is, rather than give him an amazing orgasm, make sure you give him a downright earth-shattering one!
When you're lying on your back and he's pumping his big, hard cock into you as hard and as fast as he can, add to his excitement by starting to struggle so he has to hold you down by the arms. When he has you pinned down, keep struggling with the rest of your body and cry out:

"Nonono, Daddy! Please don't fuck me, Daddy! Please don't **** me with your big, hard, stiff cock! It's so big, Daddy! It's so big and hard! It hurts, Daddy. Are you going to cum, Daddy? Nonono please don't cum inside me, Daddy! Please don't shoot all your hot cum inside me! Please don't soil my womb and impregnate me with your seed! No, Daddy, please! Nonono, Daddy, nooooo!"

Ladies, I guarantee you'll make him blow a load he never even thought possible and that will take him hours to recover from! He'll feel like you just drained cum from his entire body, not just his balls."

"Well, you've described your expertise in love-making and your... uhmm.... hand skills but I'm sure our readers would like to hear more about your oral-sex skills. Perhaps you could even share a few tips for our female readers?" [Interviewer]

"I'd love to! First things first, lie him down, snuggle up to him and whisper how much you're looking forward to seeing his big stiff cock, to touch it, taste it...
While you're doing this, slowly slide your hand down his body until it reaches his wonderful cock. If you're saying the right things, it should already be starting to stiffen. Start running the tip of your tongue around the edge of his ear, gently moaning while tracing your fingers around his growing bulge. Slowly, teasingly kiss your way down his bare chest until you reach his package. Say something like, "Poor thing trapped in his little prison. Let's let him out to play and let me make him feel good."
Undo his pants but leave his underwear on for just a little longer. Stroke him through the fabric and start kissing and licking his bulge and don't forget those horny moans. You can even bite your way up and down as long as you only do it ever so gently and not too near his knob.
Now it's all yours! Slide off the underwear and release the b**st! He should be fully erect by now so tell him how beautiful his cock is and tell him you're in love with his cock.
Start to gently stroke your fingertips or long nails (if you have them) up and down the shaft. After you've done that for a few minutes, he's ready to get wet. Start slowly licking your way up his shaft, start right at the base of his cock (not his balls because we'll get to them later) and slide your tongue all the way to the tip. I always end each lick with a little kiss on the swollen knob.
Now it's time to pleasure his balls. Gently cup them but never grab them! Some guys balls are very sensitive. Then lick them all over, relax and widen your tongue so you can lick as much of them at once - they love that! Make sure your other hand is still pleasuring his aching shaft.
Now, here's a little trick of the trade. Gently lift his balls and lick the very back of his ball-bag, all the way to his ass and back again. Guys love being licked on the back of the ball-bag, it''s like their G-spot. Take your time doing this because he'll love it and never get tired of it.
While you're down there, slide your tongue into his asshole a few times, just to make it wet. Why? Because it's time to slip in a finger and start working on that prostate. A lot of guys will say no and try and push your hand away but be insistent and slide that finger in anyway. Once he finds out how good it feels, he'll be begging you to do it every time. Believe me!
Now it's time to really suck that hard cock. Start sucking it from the top and work your way further down each suck down. The further you work your head down his shaft, the further you need to work your finger into his asshole with one hand, still gently cupping his balls with the other.
Ladies, deep-throating requires you to relax your gag-reflex but keep up the sucking. It's an art that takes a lot of practice to perfect it but it's worth all the coughing and choking until you get the hang of it.
With all this going on, it won't take him long to blow his load and, trust me, it will be a huge load!
If you feel his hands forcing your head down, don't worry or be angry, that just means he loves you and wants to make sure you don't miss out on eating every single drop of his valuable seed. Tighten your lips around his shaft and suck with all your might. He should be pumping lovely thick, hot jets of fresh cum. Always swallow! It's a precious thing he is giving you so enjoy it and be grateful - even if you don't like the taste. I don't know what kind of freak wouldn't like the taste, I think it's the sweetest and most wonderful taste on God's Earth. I love how each man has a different and distinct taste but all just as delicious as each other. It's like a warm, creamy, sweet, salty, nutty treat. Mmmmmmm.... Yummy!"

"Wow! Anything else you want to share with us? Is there any more?" [Interviewer]

[Laughs] "Well, or course I do! That's only the basics. The beginners class if you will. But a girl can't give away all her secrets. I've been crowned the official BlowJob Queen at DubaiTV every single years since I started there and I don't plan to risk losing that crown to anyone!"

"So what is your idea of the perfect holiday?" [Interviewer]

"Being the only girl on a deserted tropical island which is already inhabited by a hundred well-hung, sex-starved men who haven't even seen a girl for at least ten years.
Imagine it! I'd be getting gangbanged mercilessly and non-stop by different groups of rough, brutal, intensely horny men, morning, noon and night, like the complete primitive a****ls they've all become... How wonderful!"

"So have any new or exciting things happened at work lately?" [Interviewer]

"Oh, yes! There's a lot of people who work here at DubaiTV, mostly men, but not all of them feel comfortable about joining us in our regular gangbang, group-fuck and orgy sessions. Some of them don't feel comfortable about letting people see them naked, some are shy and some just don't want to risk being found out by their wives or girlfriends. The truth is, they get just as horny and need sexy just as much as the rest of us so, us girls, Sahar, Mada, Maya and my good slutty self came up with a fabulous idea!
We asked management if they could install a glory hole cubicle. Not only did they comply but what they created far exceeded our expectations! It's a cubicle with an actual working toilet with a LCD monitor on the outside of each of the four walls so they can all watch which ever one of us was in there having a pee. Each side has its own separate passage way and door so their identity is kept secret from each other as well as us. Each side has a glory hole with an adjustable level so they can be comfortable. When they feel it's time, they can slide their hard cocks through and let one of us girls take care of everything else. There's multiple cameras inside the cubicle so they can press buttons below their monitors to switch between angles.
It's even more fun when there's a nice hard cock poking through every glory hole. And perfect for that refreshing liquid lunch. I'm quite partial to a hot, sweet, salty, creamy protein shake, or two, or more...
I find the anonymity of the whole thing so exciting! I spend every day looking at guys I don't even know and wondering how many times I may have sucked their cocks and swallowed all their cum. We may not know the people, but us girls certainly know their cocks, as we always tell each other all about it in the tea room right afterwards. And it's such a good feeling when you're doing something that so many people can appreciate and enjoy."

"Do you have any stories from your university days you'd like to share?" [Interviewer]

"Hmmmm... OK.
My favorite story was when I got to do a term over at UCLA in America. My room-mate and I became best friends and started sharing a bed on the first day. She was a tall, blonde, Cali surfer girl called Sondra.
I arrived during their pledge drive week and Sondra and I came up with an idea to raise funds and have a fun competition of our own. We both wondered whether American boys preferred American or Arabian pussy so we decided to find out...
For one weekend we'd whore ourselves out and, whoever makes the most money, would be the winner.
What I didn't tell her is that I had the advantage of being very skilled and experienced at satisfying large groups of horny men all at the same time, such is the life of a bona fide gangbang slut.
I took on just about every boy on campus, some came back for seconds and thirds. I even had some of the teaching and administration staff knocking on my door. My favorite session was when the whole basketball team decided to celebrate a big win by gangbanging the shit out of me. Their cocks were huge! There were usually about six or seven of them using me at once, taking turns using all my holes, and tag teaming between the others who were watching and waiting for their turn. They hadn't even showered so were all still sweaty from the game which I love! It was a truly wonderful weekend, even though I was pretty sore by the end of it and it was a whole week before I could walk straight! [Laughs]"

"So how much did you end up making?" [Interviewer]

"$801! Sondra only made $500 so I won! It's official, American boys prefer Arabian pussy! [Laughs]"

"So who was the cheap bastard that only gave you $1?" [Interviewer]

"All of them."

"What is the naughtiest little escapade you've had that you can share with us?" [Interviewer]

"Hmmmm... There's been so many!
I know a nice one. I have a godson whose mother has been one of my closest girlfriend's ever since before he was born. She was concerned and talked to me when she found some porno mags under his bed. I told her not to worry and that it was perfectly natural for boys to have a stash. My b*****rs had loads under their beds when they were his age.
My godson and I have always been very close. I've watched him grow from a baby and have always been his favorite babysitter.
One night, when my girlfriend had a date, I was called in to babysit. We had a lovely evening together. I made hotdogs and ice-cream sundaes and he showed me some of his newest toys. Then we played a couple of video games and he asked me if we could play Cowboys and Indians. He had a cute little cowboy costume with a toy gun and badge. I told him I don't have a costume so he brought out a squaw costume that he said his mother wore to a party. I recognized the costume from an orgy-party we both went to a couple of months ago. Needless to say, it was a little on the skimpy side. But I could never say no to him so I agreed. I went into the bathroom to change.
I'm a little more petite than my girlfriend but I have very large boobs, she only has average size boobs so the bikini top wouldn't fit. I realized my bra didn't reveal much more so I made do with that instead. He probably wouldn't notice anyway, he's only a k** after all. I got the little skirt on easily which was lucky because I wasn't wearing any panties. When I came out doing my Indian battle cry with my feather headband and little plastic tomahawk he just stood there gaping at my mostly exposed breasts, exposed midriff and my legs. He is growing up, I thought. I broke the awkward moment by running away saying, "You can't catch meee!"
He gave chase, until finally got me cornered where pulled out his toy gun and told me I was under arrest. He produced a pair of handcuffs so I held out my wrists and he snapped them on. I realized at that moment that they were real handcuffs and prayed he had the key. He put me in a blindfold and said he was "Bringin' me in fur questionin'".
I let him lead me blindfolded up the stairs, thinking how sweet and adorable it all was.
When we got to his bedroom, he sat me down on his bed. He asked me to hold my cuffed hands above my head, I did so expected to be released but instead I felt my hands being pulled down towards the head of the bed by a rope.
"What are you doing?" I asked him.
"I'm doing it the way they did it in my mag-" he stopped himself suddenly with a gasp.
"In your magazine?"
"Aunty! How did you know?"
I lied and told him I saw it under his bed when we were playing and promised I wouldn't tell his mom.
I was lying on my back with my hands tied down about my head. I persuaded him to take off the blindfold.
"What did they do next?" I asked him
"This!" he said sliding his young hands up my legs. Oh my god, I thought! I'm not wearing panties! But it was too late! He already had my little skirt lifted and was staring open-mouthed at my exposed pussy!
"Wow, Aunty!" he said, "Yours looks just like the ladies in the magazine."
I was biting my lip, cursing myself for feeling so excited and my slutty pussy for starting get wet. I noticed he was fidgeting and wriggling his hips around uncomfortably.
"What's wrong, sweetheart?" I asked him.
"My thing's gone all hard like it does when I look at the magazine. I hate it when this happens. I don't know how to make it go down again. Aunty, what does it mean? If I show it to you, could you tell me what's wrong?"
Before I could answer I was already staring at his young erection only inches from my face. I felt so guilty that his innocent young cock was making my mouth and pussy water and stir so many forbidden lustful desires within me.
"It's OK, honey," I told him, "It just means your growing up to be a big strong man like your daddy."
I was begging the good Lord to stop all these nasty, impure sexual yearnings I was having for my young godson. I tried so hard to resist this most forbidden of fruit. But the Devil was winning that battle and I could not fight it any longer.
"What did the people in the magazine do next?" I asked him.
"Well, the man sucks the lady's boobs," he said sheepishly.
"Will mine do?" I asked him with a wink.
"Yes please, Aunty!" he said excitedly and pulled down my bra to feast hungrily on my boobs. All the men I know say I have amazing tits and they certainly weren't going to go unappreciated tonight.
He was now lying beside me, slurping away on each boob. He slid one of his legs between mine to get more comfortable. I slid my legs up and down against his and could feel his wonderful young erection.
"How about a kiss for Aunty?" I asked him.
"OK," he said.
As he moved up to my face, he slid his other leg between mine as well. As he was about to kiss my cheek, I turned my face towards him so his lips were against mine. I darted my tongue between his lips and he jerked his head away.
"It's OK, sweetie,' I assured him, "I promise it feels nice."
He kissed me again and this time let me insert my tongue. He even allowed his tongue to touch mine. After we'd been kissing for a few seconds, I felt the tip of his young cock start to nudge its way between my pussy lips.
"I'm sorry, Aunty!" he said, "I-I-I didn't mean to!"
"It's OK, give me another kiss," I said reassuringly.
As our lips and tongues were locked together, I felt his young prick trying to make its natural way into my pussy again.
He started to pull away again so I said, "Sweetheart, maybe there's a reason he wants to go in there. Why don't you just let him."
"Really? That sounds kind of weird but OK, Aunty. I trust you."
The poor dear tried to plunge into me as best he could but it just wasn't happening.
"I can't, Aunty! It's too tight!"
"Well, un-cuff my hands and let me help you."
"He undid my hands. I let them slide down the smooth young skin of his back and clasp hold of his, sweet, firm, young buttocks.
"When I count to three," I told him, "I want you to try and f***e it in again with all your might, OK? Now... one... two...THREE!"
Just as he thrust downward, I grabbed hold of his young buttocks, pushed him down into me as I thrust my hips upward. It worked! My young godson's beautiful young cock was now all the way inside my hungry pussy!
"How does that feel?" I asked him.
"It feels good, Aunty," he said, "I feels, hot, wet and tight but I like it, Aunty. I like it a lot!"
"What do you feel like doing now?"
"I feel like going up and down, making it go in and out."
"You mean you want to pump in and out of me?"
"Yes, Aunty! I want to pump into you. Please, Aunty, can I? Can I?"
"Of course you can, darling. Pump into me as hard and fast as you can, OK?"
As he was pumping into me I tilted my head forward so his mouth could reach mine.
"Oooooooooh, Aunty!! Ohhhhhhh, Auntyyyyy!!! Thank you, Aunty!!! This feels sooooo good. You feel sooo good!!!"
"Ohhhhhh, my baby!! My sweet young baby!!! Fuck me!!! Fuck your Aunty!!! Fuck her hard!!"
"Auntyyyyy!!! Aunty, what's happeningggg? Something feels weird!!! Aunty, I'm scared!!"
"Don't be scared, baby! It's called cumming! It means your going to cum! Pump me hard and let yourself cum inside me, honey! It'll be OK, I promise!! I promise you'll feel soooo good!!!"
"Ahhhhhh!!! Ahhhaahahhaaha!!! AAAARGHHHHHHH!!!" he screamed as I felt all his young seed spurting deep inside me.
"Oh, Aunty," he said, "That was way better than anything else we've done."
"I know darling. It was lovely! But if you want us to keep doing it you must promise to keep it our little secret, OK?"
"OK, Aunty. I promise," he agreed, "Aunty, next time can we play Caveman and Cavegirl?"
"Of course we can, baby. We can play anything you like."
He fell asl**p in my arms, still lying on top of me. When I was sufficiently rested, I slipped out from under him, tucked him in bed and kissed him goodnight.
I went back downstairs and, just as I was starting to fall asl**p in an armchair, my girlfriend arrived home. She asked me where her son was so I said he was asl**p in bed.
"What?" she said, "You got him to go to bed early? We always have a big fight when it's bedtime. What's your secret?"
I just smiled.
We both managed to keep our secret but his mom always told me how excited he was when he knew I was coming over to babysit. What she didn't know is that I was always just as excited as he was.
Actually, the best night we ever had was about a month later when he had two of his friends over for a sl**pover and-"

"Uhmmm.... I....I...I think we better stop you just there before you get us into any more trouble!" [Interviewer]

"Yes, I think you better."

"You say f****y is very important to you. Is it as important as sex?" [Interviewer]

"Hmmmm... That's a good question.... Well, if it's not as important, it comes fairly close. Depends on how horny I am at the time I guess.
It's nice sometimes when you get to enjoy both at once."

"Oh, no! You never!" [Interviewer]

[Laughs] "One of the producers at DubaiTV asked me over to her house for coffee and to discuss my career.
She was always nice to me so I wasn't worried and I happily made the trip to her house that evening. She said her husband was working late but her boys were home. But, of course, I already knew that. I'm a natural sexual lolol when it comes to young boys, so I already noticed their photographs on the mantelpiece. She said they were both upstairs in their room. I was dying to check them out so eventually excused myself to visit the bathroom.
I knew I was approaching their room because that familiar, sweet, musty, smell of teenage boys' bedroom that I adore was filling my nostrils and leading me automatically to their door. When I finally arrived I was in luck as their door was open. I decided there was no harm in walking in and saying hello.
They were gorgeous! The older b*****r, who was in his final year of high school, was doing a homework assignment at his desk while the younger b*****r, who was in his intermediate year, was sitting on his bed practicing his guitar.
"You've probably seen me on TV, right boys?"
"Yes, ma'am," they replied.
I smiled sweetly, winked and continued to the bathroom. I was so horny for them! By the time I got to the bathroom my pussy was dripping wet and throbbing like crazy. I was sitting on the toilet wondering if it would be worth risking masturbating to ease my pussy's hunger. And then I saw it - the laundry hamper. I couldn't resist rummaging through it and I finally got what I was hunting for. Their underwear! Their jockstraps which they had worn for sport. I got them all out and into one big sweaty bundle which I held against my face to inhale that sweet adolescent must. I licked and sucked on the crotches of the sweatiest ones and that was it! I had to masturbate and make myself cum.
After I gave myself my much needed relief, I wiped myself clean of my juices with their underwear and placed them all back in the hamper.
I made my way back downstairs and their mother was on the phone. She hung up just as I got down and apologized saying she had to pop out for an hour and asked if I'd mind waiting here with the boys until she got back. Would I mind? Was was she k**ding me? I practically pushed her out the door!
Well, fate had obviously stepped in and decided it was time for me to introduce some more sweet, innocent, young virgins to the wonderful world of sex. Forbidden sex!
I undid the top buttons of my blouse exposing my breasts and my lacy black bra. My bra only covers up to my nipples so they were going to get quite an eyeful! I also hitched up my skirt. One of the reasons I never wear panties is in case just such an occasion arrives. It was now only just low enough to cover my ass. Perfect! Time for the hunt!
I walked straight back into their room. They were both playing X-Box. I turned off the set and they briefly protested until they saw the slutty sight of an experienced cock-hunter with only one thing (or in this case, two things) on her mind...
"Hello, boyssssss! Mommy's not here and I'm the adult so I guess I must be in charge."
They both just stared in wide-eyed disbelief.
"And what do we have here? I said, catching site of a Playboy hidden under the older b*****r's bed. I bent right over to pick it up, fully exposed my completely hairless ass and pussy. I heard them both gasp so quickly reeled around on them.
"What are you doing, you naughty boys! You were looking up my skirt, weren't you?"
They both sat shaking their heads with the look of total shock and disbelief on their faces.
"Well, how much did you see?" I lifted up my skirt a little. "Did you see this much?" I lifted it a little more, "Did you see this much?"
I stopped and said, "If you want to see more of mine, you've got to show me some of yours. But first, I want you to put on those sexy school uniforms."
I've always had a fetish for school uniforms and seeing them trying to get into those shorts with those hard-ons was a beautiful and exciting site to behold.
They sat back down on the chairs, tore their eyes from me for a second to seek confirmation from each other and started undoing their zippers.
I undid the rest of my blouse and let it fall to the floor and motioned them to continue. They both slipped off their shorts and I could really see those young cocks stretching out their underpants. It was my turn so I took off my bra and let it slip. The boys both gasped excitedly and quickly removed their underwear. And there they were! Those beautiful, stiff, young, virgin cocks I'd been obsessed with having! And I wasn't going to be disappointed. They both had wonderful big cocks that were perfectly shaped.
I slipped off the only thing I still had on, my skirt, and stood naked before them.
"Okay, boys, boys, boyssssss.... Who wants the front?" I then turned around and slid my hands down my legs, "And who wants the back?"
"Front!" said the younger b*****r.
"Back!" said the older b*****r.
I wasted no time. I stood, legs apart over the younger boys lap, smiling and staring into his eyes and I lowered my dripping wet pussy to his aching young cock. He groaned expressing his pleasure as he felt my, hot, wet, tight pussy gobble it up. I pressed my lips against his and darted my tongue into his mouth while moving up and down The older boy was just standing and watching, totally awestruck.
"Well?" I chided him, "What's wrong with you? I thought you said you wanted the back."
"Huh? Wha? You mean right now? While he's... he's..."
"Of course!" I said, "It's much more fun when it's all at once."
He got behind me, bending his knees slightly to get to his prize. And in he went. Now I had both b*****rs' cocks inside my wicked, wicked, sinful body. I could feel them almost touching each other with only the membrane of my flesh dividing them. We soon developed a wonderful three-way fucking-rhythm. I had an arm arm around the neck of each of their necks, taking it in turns sliding my tongue into their mouths and letting them taste mine. We were in complete sexual bliss for several wonderful minutes...
We suddenly heard a thud and a gasp at the door. Their father had come home early and was just standing their in shock. He'd already dropped his briefcase on the floor. We all thought we were in so much trouble but our mutual, frenzied lust made it impossible for us to stop our beautiful, sexy rhythm and moaning.
Then something totally unexpected happened...
Their father started hurriedly unbuckling his belt and undoing his zipper, unable to take his eyes off me and cursing his fumbling. As he approached, he revealed his manhood and it was easy to see where the boys inherited those beautiful cocks. Without even so much as a word, he just grabbed a handful of the hair behind my head and thrust his entire length straight down my throat! Lucky for him, I'm an expert at deep-throating.
The boys were close already so I had to catch Dad up. I used my lips and tongue, working his knob and whole shaft and pretty soon I could feel his ball sack tightening and his cock was already starting to twitch. I could now tell the older younger b*****r, who was in my pussy, was slightly behind the other two, so I used my well trained pussy muscles to bring him there.
And I did it! I managed to get all three of them to fill me up with their hot cum all at the same times and they fucking loved it! So did I! It was a weird kind of excitement having their father shoot his mature, hot load of semen into my mouth while his sons were jizzing into my pussy and ass. I kept thinking that, if this was how their mother took his loads all those years ago, they both wouldn't be here today...
When we were all finished and getting dressed, their father pointed at them and just said, "Don't ever tell you mother!" and he left the room."

"And you love a bit of the rough stuff too, I believe?" [Interviewer]

"Oh, yes! I love nasty, rough, sexy with lots of extreme, hardcore, dirty talk. Nothing turns me on more than an aggressive, brutal violent, man grabbing me by the hair and telling me what a "nasty little slut" and "filthy fucking whore" I am while he's fucking me up the ass good and hard!"

"What do you like most about being with a man for the first time?" [Interviewer]

"The best thing about being with a guy for the first time is getting to meet and fall in love with a brand new cock. I love feeling it go in me and when I feel it slide against my clit I always cum instantly. Mmmmmm..."

"A lot of people enjoy sex with strangers. What about you?" [Interviewer]

"There's nothing I love more, when I'm going about my daily business at work, a restaurant, a party, a café or wherever, than a complete stranger's erect cock unexpectantly and suddenly penetrating me - especially my ass. Don't get me wrong, I love having my pussy and throat fucked but there's nothing like the feeling you get from anal-love. There's nothing that can even come close, from the moment I feel it first drill into me, forcing its way into my tight little ass, then pounding and thrusting into me like a jack-hammer until, finally, that huge, beautiful explosion of hot cum deep inside me. I feel the most intense waves of extreme pleasure and pain coursing through my whole body, from my head to my toes. It's an incredible and spiritual experience every single time...
Any girl who doesn't feel the same way either hasn't tried anal-love or is a liar!"

"If we could possibly get you off the subject of your sex life for one question, are you involved in any kind of community work?" [Interviewer]

"Why, yes! I work as a team mascot for a local high school. I do it for their soccer team for half the year and their basketball team for the other half.
I don't wear a costume and jump around or any of that other silly nonsense. My mascot character is called Gangbang Girl!
I wait in the locker room for the game to finish in some sexy lingerie or a skimpy bikini. After the game's over the boys rip it off me and gangbang me like crazy! Being stuffed in every hole by such a huge selection of young, hard cocks and crushed between all those young, sweaty, athletic bodies is amazing! I love both teams just as much for different reasons. There are more boys in the soccer team but the basketball team have bigger cocks. And the best thing about young boys is that they fuck like crazy, cum quick, cum big but, in ten minutes time, are able to do it all again. We're usually at it all afternoon. Sometimes I can't even walk straight or sit down until Monday!
I have only one rule. They can fuck me and violate me as much and as rough as they like but, while they're doing me, they all have to call me "Mommy". Hearing all those young boys moaning and groaning and crying "Suck me, Mommy, suck me!" and "Oh Mommy, your pussy feels so good!" and "Mommy, your ass is so tight!" and "Mommy, I'm gonna cum!" is an intense, pleasurable and satisfying experience that words just can not describe!"

"And how do you feel about good old fashioned orgies?" [Interviewer]

"I love orgies because, like you men, I too enjoy a lot of pussy but I prefer gangbangs. It's so exciting being the only girl being used, ravaged and ****d by large groups of horny, well-hung men. Pussy's sweet and lovely but nothing can beat big hard cocks, feeling them violently ripping up my pussy and ass and all that sweet, salty, creamy, delicious cum filling up my mouth and sliding down my throat and those massive hot loads exploding deep inside my pussy and ass.
I calculate there must be about three billion cocks in this sexy world and I ain't leaving it until I've sucked and been fucked in my pussy and ass and drained every drop of cum from the balls of every single one of them!
I guess I'm going to be hosting gangbang parties for a long time to come..."

"You certainly seem to spend a lot of your work and free time having sex..." [Interviewer]

"You bet! Everyone knows I fuck several guys every day. I can't get enough big hard cocks shooting their hot cum inside and all over me. But, despite how many times I'm screwed, I always still have to masturbate my horny, hungry pussy a few times before I go to sl**p every single night.
My favorite masturbation fantasy is having a gang of at least a dozen rough, violent and really horny black guys break into my house when I'm asl**p, make their way up to my bedroom. They then pull of the bed clothes, tear of my nightie and have their disgusting sordid way with me, brutally ravaging my face, my whole body and all my holes with their strong hands and inhumanly huge black cocks. After they've all finished filling my mouth, pussy and ass with hot cum, as well as shooting even more huge loads in my hair, all over my face and covering my whole body until I'm completely plastered in sticky, hot goo. But the fun doesn't stop there! They all piss all over me, hosing down their used, dirty piece of fuck-meat. I want everything I man can give....
I don't know why people get so upset about bukkake and gangbangs. If you ask me, there's nothing more beautiful and natural than sexual love between a woman and ten or more men."

"Wow! You really, really do love sex, don't you?" [Interviewer]

"Oh my god! I love being fucked so much! I remember one day at work in the news room, I was in the copy room, bending over refilling the paper tray at the bottom of the Xerox machine. Before I knew it, a massive hard cock was thrust all the way into my hot, tight pussy! I always wear high heels, extra-short skirts and I hardly ever wear panties so the sight of my fully exposed hairless snatch was obviously an invitation to whoever this stranger with the huge hard cock was.
I tried to look around to see who it was but he pushed my head down against the the top of the Xerox so I couldn't see. He was groaning and calling me a "nasty whore" and "dirty slut" (which everyone knows I am), he was biting my neck and shoulders, pulling my hair and slapping, grabbing and clawing my whole body. It took weeks for all the bruises and scratches to fully heal!
He shot a huge load of cum deep inside me in big, thick, hot blasts that seemed to go on and on forever! He must've really needed to empty those balls!
By the time I caught my breath and was able to look around, he was gone."

"Oh my god! Did you report this?" [Interviewer]

"[Laughing] Of course not, silly! I love being fucked hard. And it wasn't his fault. If us girls are going to bend over in short skirts, high heals and in no panties like the sluts we are, what do you think is going to happen? Women belong to men, i really believe that. So girls, my advice is to keep wearing those short skirts and high heels, leave those panties at home, bend over whenever you get the chance and enjoy it!"

"Given you're so explicit and public about your love of hard lusty sex, are you ever worried about being ****d?" [Interviewer]

"[Laughing] "No, never! I just think of them as "surprise fucks". I love surprises and I absolutely adore being fucked. I don't think there's any higher form of compliment from a complete stranger than him fucking you. I can't even remember how many "surprise fucks" I've had but I do remember loving every single one of them."

"And, finally, if you could be remembered by people for just one thing, what would it be?" [Interviewer]

"Ever since I was a young girl it has been my dream to be remembered by everyone I've met, men and women, young and old, as the ultimate whore and the perfect slut. Every day I've been working hard to achieve that and loving every single minute of it; every hot orgy, every lusty gangbang, every drop of delicious hot cum and every single sweet juicy pussy..."

"Jilnar Jardaly, thank you very much for talking to us." [Interviewer]

"My pleasure, honey. I enjoyed every minute of it. And it's already making me really horny knowing the whole world's going to know all my sexual secrets, my fantasies, my perversions..... Mmmmmm..... Sooooo.... Do you think you can get that nice big cock of your hard for me again, sweetie? Do you want to fuck slutty Mommy?"

جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly
"Interview with a News Whore"
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