جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly Elevator Gangbang

Hey people!

I thought I'd tell you about the encounter me and my gang had with that gorgeous, sex-starved slut Jilnar Jardaly.

Me and five other guys got in an elevator to use a basketball court in the old gym building and, at the first floor we stopped on the way up, who should step in but the one and only Jilnar Jardaly.

We all gasped! As gorgeous and sexy as she always looks on TV, it's no comparison to seeing how hot she is in person, those big brown eyes, the long flowing dark hair, that perfect golden skin tone, those lips, that smile.... And her body is so hot! Her big, round tits that seem to defy gravity, that tiny waistline, the rounded hips and those long shapely legs that go all the way up to heaven...

She was dressed in the same way she does when she's reading the news, an expensive designer suit with the matching blazer and skirt (tailored extra short as is her known preference). She was also wearing her usual tight, clingy blouse which was see-through enough for us to see that she was wearing a hot lacy black bra.
We were all instantly hard as hell and fidgeting uncomfortably, trying to make room in our pants for our rapidly growing erections.
She smiled at us politely, pressed her button and turned to face the doors.
We were all breathing heavily in silence, going out of our minds with lust for her, until Jamil, who was the leader of our gang, said, "Fuck this shit!" and hit the emergency stop button. The elevator stopped and everything went dark and silent...

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know how much this red hot slut loves being gangbanged by large groups of strange men so we knew it was worth taking a chance, even if we didn't, we were way too hungry for her to stop ourselves now anyway...

We all moved towards her, surrounding her and the silence was broken by the sounds of her expensive new wardrobe being torn savagely and violently from her body...

At first she let out a cute, sexy surprised gasp but this was quickly replaced by her moaning and saying, "Yesssssssss" which was replaced by the noise someone makes when they're mouth is full of something really nice...

The lights came back up and there she was in all her naked glory. That body.... Fuck!!! Perfect! A fucking goddess!! And not a single hair anywhere. The really nice thing she had in her mouth was Jamil's tongue, who was grabbing a fistful of her hair behind her head and pressing her mouth against his.
When he broke away he said, "Did you like that, you sexy little slut? Are you ready to be fucked by all these big young hard cocks? Would you like that?"
"You know I would!" she said smiling and stepping towards him, darting her tongue into his mouth.
"You heard her, boys," said Jamil, "We don't have long before this thing starts moving up again so get naked and give the lady what she wants."
We all ripped off our clothes in seconds and her eyes widened with delight when she beheld all our aching, hard young cocks.
"We've got six cocks and she's got three holes so we're all going to have to share a hole,' said Jamil, "Is that okay with you, sweetie?"
"Yesssss," said Jilnar, "I need all your hard cocks. Please fuck all my holes and give me all your hot cum!"

We laid her out on the floor and in we went! Jamil and I wanted to fuck that beautiful mouth. Taking two cocks orally at once didn't seem to be a problem for her at all and she mediately started pleasuring both our cocks with her tongue in a way words can't describe.
"Well, help yourself, boys," said Jamil, "she's still got an ass and a pussy you know!"
The other four guys turned her on her side so one guy could slide his cock into her pussy and another in her ass. After a few thrusts to get her juices flowing, they repositioned themselves so the other two cocks could get in too, another in her pussy and another in her ass...

She moaned deeply but never let up on her expert sucking and tongue action on our lucky cocks.
All four of her anal and vaginal intruders were pumping like madmen and started making those familiar groans of men who were almost there...

"OK, boys," said Jamil, "It sounds like we're all ready to blow so let's all cum all over her sexy fucking face!"
Everyone vocalized their excited agreement and we all gathered closely around her. She sat up happily, waiting for her six-man sperm facial.
"On the count of three," said Jamil, "One.... two.... th-THREEEEEE!!!"
We all groaned together and shot our huge, hot, sticky loads all over her face at the exactly same time, completely covering every inch of her professionally made-up face. She was coated with the stuff! And was she loving it! She was smiling so much it was a wonder her face didn't crack!

"Everybody want seconds?" asked Jamil. "How about you my sweet? You want some more fucking? Some more cum?"
"Mmmmmm.... yesssss....," said Jilnar "More pleaseeeee.... I need more...... MORE!!!!"

Jamil and I loved chicks with a nice racks and always talked about how great it would be to cum all over Jilnar Jardaly's tits so we started pumping our still hard cocks and pointing them at her breasts. She seemed to like this and held her spectacular natural tits together, touching her nipples and teasing us with them. It wasn't long until we were both cumming all over a tit each. Jilnar's cum-covered smiling face beamed with approval as she massaged our young, hot seed into her bountiful breasts, making sure to massage plenty into her beautiful nipples...

This was enough to get the other four guys going again...

They decided to swap places so the two ass-fuckers could have some pussy and the two pussy-fuckers could plunge into that spectacular, tight, little, heart-shaped ass...

As before, she had four big, hard young cocks slamming in and out of her fuck-holes. She was moaning, screaming and writhing with pleasure.
Again, the four guys started trembling and moaning uncontrollably...

"OK, boys," said Jamil, "All four of you stay in those holes and shoot your loads inside her. Let her have four internal cumblasts all at once! One... two... THREE!"
All four guys grunted, groaned, swore and yelled as they emptied their aching balls inside her hot, wet holes.

When we'd finished with her, we all wiped ourselves down with her torn up clothing while she was lying exhausted and contented on the ground.

"Hang on, boys" said Jamil, as the elevator started to move up to our floor, "I need a piss."
He stood with with one leg on each side of Jilnar and pointed his dick straight down at her face.
"Ready for some warm piss, baby?" he asked her. She sat up and obediently opened her mouth.
"See? I told you, boys," he said, "This dirty bitch is into everything."
He peed all over her face and into her open mouth. She tried to swallow as much as she could but it looked like all those beers he had before were coming finally out....

As we were stepping out he pressed a button saying , "Up to the sixth floor you go."
"What's on the sixth floor?" I asked him.
"The Silver Skulls are having their monthly meeting there because their clubhouse is being fumigated."
"The Silver Skulls? That biker gang? Are you serious? You know what they'll do if they get a hot, naked celebrity delivered to them?"
Jamil just smiled, walked over to her, lifted her head by grabbing a handful or her hair, just like he did before, and said, "Ready to be fucked by all the bikers? All the vicious, violent, brutal, bikers?"
"Yessssssss.....", she purred, slipping two fingers into her hungry pussy.

After we stepped out, just before the doors closed, I looked back at her lying on the floor, her beautiful body bruised head to foot from six pairs of strong, excited testosterone fuelled pairs of hands, her cum-coated smiling face, cum all over her breasts and the cum of four different men oozing from her ass and her pussy where she was finger-fucking herself moaning, "Bikerssssss....... cummmmmm....... mmmmmmmm...."
Next to her was the pile of ripped up material that used to be her expensive designer clothes which we used to wipe ourselves down, except for panties which I had pocketed as a souvenir...

When we got in the car Jamil said, "Good news, boys. Next time we'll be in a much more comfortable place and have all the time we want because I found this when I was looking through her purse." He showed us an envelope with her name and address.
"But it won't be for a while," he laughed, "It'll be at least a week before those fucking a****ls on the sixth floor let her go."

That was a few months ago now and I left Dubai not long after.
I got a letter from Jamil two weeks ago saying the gang, plus some new guys, have made gangbanging Jilnar at her house a regular thing. He said that the group gets bigger every time and, the bigger the group gets, the happier and more satisfied she is when it's over. She always makes supper for them all afterwards and is even helping some of them pay off their student loans as her way of saying thank you.

Oh, Jilnar... You perfect whore...

I wonder if she'd like to come and visit me and meet my new friends for a vacation...

Take care everyone and keep it real,

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