جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly's a Dirty Slut

Hi, guys!

It's your favorite Arabian slut here to tell you another of my cherished sexcapades.

Unless you've been living in a cave, you must know what a dirty cum-slut I am by now. Whenever I go on vacation, my main requirement is that it be somewhere where there will plenty of guys and gals to suck and fuck. I call them my "sexcations". One of my favorite sexcations was my trip to the red light district of Amsterdam. So why not get out your beautiful, big, hard cocks & start stroking while I tell you all about it...

I usually travel with one of my slutty sex-starved girlfriends but this time I was alone. I was getting so turned on walking the streets seeing all those sexy Euro-sluts in the brothel windows with their lists of services and fees next-to them. I'd always fantasized about being a prostitute and, if I hadn't have become a famous prime-time newsreader, I know it's exactly what I would be doing. I adore really nasty, dirty, degrading sex.

I was awake all night in my hotel room and couldn't stop thinking about what it would be like, being almost naked in one of those windows, strange men reading all the nasty things I would do if they had the cash. All those horny men, all those cocks, all that cum. I masturbated over and over. I cannot imagine what must've gone through the hotel maid's mind when she saw all my soaking wet and sticky sheets...

I knew what I had to do. I went to what appeared to be the busiest and nastiest brothel and asked the madam if I could spend a night being her window prostitute. At first she said no but, when I told her I would do it for free and how famous I was, she soon agreed. I wanted all the men to have me for free but I had to charge them the house fee. This mean that my service was still free so they were getting to violate me in every depraved way they could imagine for a very low fee. In other words, I was cheap!

Needless to say, men were queuing up so much that I was often having to service three or four at a time! I fucked, sucked and got sodomized by so many cocks that night and must've had all my wholes filled with gallons and gallons of cum. I cannot not imagine what could be more pleasurable than the sound of four men all moaning and cumming at the same time, all having their lust completely satisfied by one lucky girl - me!

When I wasn't being ravaged by all those dirty, horny bastards, I was becoming very friendly with a stunning Latin prostitute called Marie. She only serviced female clients so had a lot more free time than I did. We were soon kissing and fingering each others pussies. I tried to talk her into fucking my clients with me but she had no interest in men. I did manage to get her to come into my cubicle with me and watch. The clients loved watching her kissing me, inserting her fingers into me and talking dirty to me while they were having their way with me and I was loving it too.

I spent the whole sexcation having sex with Marie and hated leaving her but suggested she come visit me in Dubai.

A couple of months passed and I got a call from my beautiful Marie telling me she was coming to visit. She ended up staying with me and sharing my bed for almost a whole year. She worked as an exotic dancer and was making quite a name for herself. She was a very dominant and strict lover but understood my need for cock and man-juice. Once a week we brought home a guy we picked up at a sleazy club to fuck me good and hard but there were five rules:

1. Marie chose what man we take home. She usually picked the ugliest or geekiest man so I wouldn't fall for him.

2. No kissing! She would not let there be any real affection between us, just good dirty, nasty old sex.

3. Marie stayed in the room and watched the whole thing. But any guy who tried to touch her was thrown out!

4. I had regular checks at the STD clinic. I needed their cum so that meant absolutely no condoms! Any guy who insisted on wearing one was out the door!

5. No overnight stays. Once I'd completely drained his balls (which never takes me long), he was sent straight home.

One night we had a real primitive who was a brutal, sweaty, dirty, foul-mouthed, overweight slob. Unfortunately for Marie, she didn't know I have a weakness for total Neanderthals and, after he'd fucked me red-raw, our mouths ended up locked together and our tongues dancing around each other. Marie was furious! She punched him in the face, giving him a bl**dy nose, and kicked him all the way out of my house, cussing and spitting at him.

After throwing his clothes out and slamming the door on him she marched straight over to me, grabbed me by the hair, dragged me out of the bedroom, bent me over her knee and spanked me brutally! And it wasn't in a playful way, it was violent and painful and she kept going long after I started sobbing and begging her to stop.

"You filthy fucking little slut! You trashy fucking whore! No more men ever!" she kept yelling.

She even made me sl**p on the laundry floor that night - even though it was my house!

Every day, thereafter, she would wait by the clock for me to get home from the Dubai-TV newsroom, taste-testing my pussy soon as I got through the door to make sure I hadn't been with any men.

A month had passed, the longest I'd ever gone without cock. I struggle enoughtrying to make it through a whole week. I was going insane until, one evening, I burst into tears telling her I needed cock and cum.

"I'm a cum-slut, a sperm-whore, a jizz-junky!!!" I cried.

Instead of berating me, she patted my head saying, “Oh honey, I know what a complete whore you are when it comes to men. You've been such a good little slut.”

She kissed me tenderly on the lips and said, “Don't worry. I have a surprised coming up for your birthday this Saturday and I promise it'll make you feel all better.”

I hadn't been so excited about an upcoming birthday so much since I was a little girl when Daddy bought me my first pony. When Saturday finally arrived I kept asking her all day what my surprise was but she said I had to wait until night time.

When it was finally time she told me to go and dress as slutty as I possibly could. I put on my boob-tube, tight shorts and sandals.

”We're not going to a fucking church picnic!” she yelled and dragged me into the bedroom, ripped off my outfit.

She started looking through her clothes and soon had me in a skimpy lacy black bra, a jacket that barely even covered more than my shoulders, a skin-tight mini-skirt that didn't even reach the bottom of my ass, fuck-me heels and no panties!

Soon we were in a taxi cab and on our way to my surprise. The taxi driver could barely keep his eyes on the road seeing these two hot sluts on his back seat excitedly kissing and caressing each others half-naked bodies. We turned into a sleazy, seedy part of Dubai I had never been in before and Marie had him park in a dark alley with just one door at the end.

Marie knocked on the door, a panel pulled back and a man's face appeared saying, ”Did you bring it?”

”It's right here,” she said motioning towards me.

I heard several locks and the the door creak open. We walked into a big abandoned warehouse which was full of men. Hundreds of them! Old men, teenagers, fat men, thin men, tall men, dwarves, white men, black men, Asians, everything! In the center of the room was a circular table that dipped down in the center. Marie walked me straight over to it and lifted me onto it saying, 'Here you are, boys! Just as I promised! Come and get it!”

As I looked around, I realized that all the men were undressing. Marie started roughly pulling off all my clothes. All the naked men started stroking their erect cocks and soon two men were standing and stroking on either side of my face and simultaneously shot two massive loads all over my face. Before I could even react I felt three more creamy hot loads squirting all over my breasts and belly. Two more men pulled my legs apart and shot their sticky loads straight onto the lips of my pussy. I wax off all my pubic hair so their cum easily oozed its way down to my ass crack. Six, seven, eight more men unloaded! I was soon getting every inch of my whorish body plastered in fresh hot cum!

I was in heaven! I was finally having my insane hunger for cum satisfied. I was scooping handfuls of the lovely stuff off my body and feeding it into my cum-hungry mouth. All these different types of men's warm cum mixed together in a glorious cum-cocktail.

“Cum!! Cummm!!! Cummmm!!! Beautiful delicious cum!!! Mmmmmmm!!” I squealed in delight, licking my fingers clean while feeling load, after load, after load shooting all over me – up to ten men at a time!

Some of the men took to feeding me directing and shooting their precious seed straight into my eagerly waiting mouth which I happily and greedily swallowed, every single delicious drop.

Most of the guys wore masks and used fake names but I'll never forget some of the really sexy ones (especially their beautiful big stiff cocks and their precious cum... Oooooh...). It turns me on when I think about them watching me on the television, reading the news, knowing what they did to me. And I cannot tell you how much it excites me knowing that I could be on the street passing by or be standing right next-to one of those very men who degraded and used me that night....

Anyway, back to the story... The concave table was filling up with warm cum. Marie helped me roll over and over in it to make sure every bit of me was bathed in it.

”You dirty boys want to see me make this dirty, stuck-up, little bitch squirt?” she yelled to a cheering crowd.

She then started finger fucking me in that special way only she knew and soon had me squirting like a fire hose into the thrilled crowd. Some of them were trying to catch my squirt in their mouths and others started catching it and using it as lubricant to stroke their stiff cocks. What a turn on! And through the whole debauched scene at least fifty more studs unloaded all over me!

At one stage I even saw Marie standing between two guys, facing me and pumping their cocks. This is the only time I'd ever seen her even touch a man. She didn't even seem to mind when one of them started to caress her boobs.

After at least what must've been a couple of hundred loads of cum, Marie finally climbed onto the cum-filled table with and started kissing me.

”And how much did my little cum-slut enjoy her filthy little birthday party?”

”Fantastic!” I said kissing her back. ”Thank you, honey.”

”You're welcome my sweet, beautiful, little Lebanese princess,” she said, between kissing, while sliding her long fingers into my pussy and asshole.

All the men were lying strewn about the floor, some exhausted, some u*********s but all severely cum-drained. But a few, excited by the site of Marie and I kissing, caressing and writhing in the sticky cum pool managed to get up and shoot a few more loads all over both our faces while we were and Marie didn't even seem to mind, not at all. She even licked my face clean.

Well, how was that story, my lovely xHamster studs? You have no idea how much of a sexually depraved mind I have...

Next time I'll tell you about the time I went to the Dubai Film Festival and met two of my favorite stars, Gillian Anderson & Julia Louis-Dreyfus and took them both home to share my bed (and my body). Teehee!

Love & lust always,

Your Arabian fuck-slut,

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