جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly vs Max Hardcore

Jilnar hesitated for a moment, and then sighed deeply before grabbing the knocker on the door and tapping it a few times. She bit her lower lip and waited. A few short seconds later the door swung open.

"Hello there," Max voiced with a wide smile, as he tipped his cowboy hat to her.

"Hi," Jilnar responded with a reluctant grin.

"Come on in," Max voiced as he motioned for her to step inside.

Jilnar followed. She was surprised at how nice the interior of Max’s house was. By watching a few of his movies she had him pegged as a bit of a pig.

"Welcome to Casa Max," Max voiced as he put his arm around Jilnar’s shoulder and led her through the living room. "I thought we’d start by the pool," he voiced again.

"Sounds good," Jilnar responded as she and Max made their way through the house to the back.

Max couldn’t help but notice how amazing Jilnar looked. She was sporting a black suit with a knee length black skirt and what appeared to be four-inch high pumps,
much like the kind she often wore on her news program on Dubai-TV. Max had requested that special, she was dressed just like she does when she's reading the evening news. He thought his viewers would enjoy finally seeing this news-reading cock-tease get hers.

It was hot and sunny outside. Jilnar stepped through the backdoor and glanced over the exterior of the house. It was quite nice. There were a few cameras and cameramen beginning to set-up.

"I thought Vince was directing this," Jilnar voiced, not seeing the usual suspects.

"He was suppose to, but we had a bit of a falling out. I called him a flaming cock monger, and he didn’t like it. Besides you don’t really need a director for a porn movie. I mean its pretty much point and shoot."

Jilnar nodded in agreement.

"Have a seat," Max voiced as he pointed to a pair of lounge chairs that were set across from each other. "We’re going to do a short interview before we start," he added as he moved over to a nearby table and began fumbling with some papers.

Jilnar complied and took a seat on the chair. She then grabbed a small compact from her pocket and double-checked her hair and makeup.

"Are we about ready guys?" Max asked as he moved back over to Jilnar and took a seat across from her.

"Sure thing, Max," one of the cameramen responded. He lifted his camera to its tripod and took a few moments to focus.

"Alright let’s get started," Max voiced as he stared over at Jilnar. He was once again blown away by her understated beauty. Jilnar smiled, a little uneasy. After a brief pause the cameramen gave Max a thumbs up.

"We’re rolling, just start whenever you are ready," he voiced. Max nodded.

"So, with us today we have Jilnar Jardaly, of Television Dubai fame," he started. "How are you today, Jilnar?" he asked.

"Just fine," she responded. "A little nervous."

"Don’t be nervous," Max consoled. "First things first, I’m sure everyone is wondering, just what in the hell are you doing in a porno movie with me?"

Jilnar giggled. "Well, I saw Sarah’s movie, and it was really hot. It was so successful that I thought this would be a good way to change my image a bit."

"How so?" Max asked.

"I don’t know I just don’t want to be pigeon-holed as the stuck-up cock-teasing bitch people think I am on television. I want my fans to see another side of me."

"And what side is that exactly?" Max asked.

"Well, I mean, when I was younger I use to run around with some pretty shady characters, and to be totally honest I put out a lot for them. I guess in a way I miss it."

Max was a little taken back by Jilnar’s candidness. "Really? So you kind of got passed around or what?"

"Well yeah, if that’s what they wanted. To be truthful, I pretty much did whatever they wanted. I didn’t really know how to say no."

"I see, so you were f***ed to do some pretty nasty stuff then huh?"

"Well, yeah. Some of it I don’t want to disclose. But I did get it in the third input a lot, among other things. I just thought that doing whatever the guy wanted, was the normal way that a girl was supposed to act, back then. I was really pissed at the world and didn’t like myself very much, so I let the guys use me any way they wanted. Some of them used me for the kind of sex that their girlfriends wouldn’t do. I just thought that getting fucked hard was what sex was all about. I was very naïve, and they certainly didn’t want to teach me, I mean they had a great thing going with me."

"Well it’s good to hear some lucky guys took full advantage of that," Max joked, feeling his cock begin to bulge under his jeans.

"Thanks, I think," Jilnar snapped back with a smile.

"So you’ve seen my movies before I take it?" Max asked, changing the subject.

"Well, I saw the one you did with Sarah. It was really hot."

"So I guess you’re prepared for a little punishment?" Max asked assuredly.

"Sure," Jilnar purred.

Max smiled and rose from his chair. "Get on your knees," Max voiced, pointing to the ground in front of him.

Jilnar slid down off her chair and crawled over to him. She could already see Max’s cock bulging through his jeans.

"Take my cock out," Max ordered as he positioned himself a few inches from Jilnar.

Jilnar smiled and then leaned in. Much to Max’s surprise, instead of using her hands to unzip his pants; she grabbed his zipper between her teeth and slowly pulled it down. She then used her teeth to unbutton his pants, letting his cock spring into view.

"I can see this isn’t your first time," Max voiced sarcastically with a smile.

Jilnar smiled back up at him very seductively. Her hands found his pants and she pulled them down around his knees. Her eyes then locked onto his cock. She leaned in and licked the head of it few times, before running her tongue up and down the length of it. Her lips kissed and sucked the tip of his prick as her tongue teased it a few times. Max’s cock twitched uncontrollably.

"Enough teasing cunt, suck it," Max ordered as he grabbed Jilnar’s hair and made a knot out of it with his hand.

Jilnar wrapped her small lips around his cock, and slid it into her mouth. Max pressed his hips forward and was surprised to see Jilnar eagerly take the entire length of his modest member into her mouth. She sucked it hard, running her tongue back and forth underneath it as her lips made a vice like grip around it.

"That’s a good girl," Max voiced with a moan. "Take that fucking cock."

Jilnar continued to bob her head up and down the entire length of Max’s cock, deep-throating him easily. She emitted a rhythm of slurping noises as Max began pumping his hips back and forth, fucking her mouth roughly. Jilnar didn’t seem the slightest bit phased by it though, which made Max a little annoyed. He tightened his grip on her hair and buried his cock in her face until Jilnar’s nose pressed against his stomach.

"Choke on it you fucking whore!" Max voiced. He held Jilnar down for a few moments and then released her.

Jilnar gasped slightly, then gazed up at Max. "Is that the best you can do," she whispered as she licked her lips seductively.

Max laughed. "Oh, you’re asking for it now, cunt," Max responded.

He grabbed Jilnar’s head again, and slid his cock back into her mouth. He quickly buried it down her throat again, and then pumped it in and out. He fucked her face with enough f***e to cause his balls to slap against her chin hard. Jilnar let out a few muffled moans but nevertheless took the brutal fucking easily. As Max ploughed her small mouth, she gazed up at him through her big brown eyes and stared at him seductively. Max spat down into her face, and then buried his cock into her again, grinding it against her lips.

"Take that cock, you fuck-toy," Max voiced as he held Jilnar down on his prick again.

After a few moments he decided to release her again. Suddenly, Max felt Jilnar’s arms wrap around his waist. Her hands found his ass as she pulled him to her, burying her nose into his pubic hair. Jilnar held herself there for a moment; just to show Max what she was capable of. She then slowly slid her mouth off his cock, causing a strand of saliva to stretch from her lips to the tip of his cock.

"You’re a nasty little slut, aren’t you?" Max bellowed as he jerked his cock a few times.

"Shut up and fuck my mouth," Jilnar snapped back as she bit her lower lip and shot Max a very sexy stare.

"Here, you little bitch," Max answered as he pressed his cock back to her lips. He rubbed the head of it across Jilnar’s sexy mouth and then slapped her face with it few times, before pushing it back inside her mouth. Jilnar held her head in place as Max began fucking her face relentlessly.

"Suck it, cunt," he cheered as he stepped up his assault on Jilnar’s poor mouth. After a good five minutes or so of constant face fucking, Max pulled his prick from Jilnar’s slack mouth. She looked up at him again, her eyes practically begging for more. Max pulled his cock up to his stomach, and pushed his balls into her face.

"Lick!" he commanded.

Jilnar eagerly began lapping her tongue across his sensitive flesh. She then moved her head down slightly, and sucked one of his balls into her mouth. She let it dance across her tongue for a moment, and then moved over to the other one, which she slowly sucked into her mouth and back out. After a few more moments with Jilnar’s talented tongue, Max’s balls were glistening with her salvia. Without a word Max moved back and took a seat on one of the lounge chairs.

"Come here cunt," Max voiced as he motioned Jilnar over.

Jilnar slowly leaned forward onto her hands and knees, and then slowly crawled over to him. As she got there, Max reached over and undid the buttons on her suit jacket. When he finished, Jilnar slid it off her shoulder and tossed it to the side. She then started on her blouse buttons, as Max groped her tit through the thin fabric of her shirt. Jilnar finished with her buttons and then pulled the blouse away, revealing her bra enclosed breasts. As she threw the blouse aside, Max’s hand grabbed both of her tits and squeezed them roughly. As he did, Jilnar reached behind her back and undid her bra. It fell off her tits and Jilnar let it hit the ground in front of her. Max’s fingers found her nipples. Jilnar grunted slightly as he pinched and twisted them. He lifted them both by their nipples and shook her soft and perfectly rounded boobs up and down. He then groped her tit flesh for a few moments, eliciting a few moans from Jilnar. Max’s hand came up and slapped her left tit. He watched as it jiggled for a moment. He then smacked the other one, before grabbing them both and pushing them together. He then leaned in and wrapped his mouth around her huge aureole. Jilnar yelped as he began to nibble on them. Max ground his teeth across her nipple, and sucked the sensitive flesh, until they grew hard. Jilnar started to remove her skirt, but Max stopped her.

"Why don’t you leave that on," he voiced with a mouth full of nipple. "I can just pull it up when I’m ready to ream out your ass."

Jilnar smiled and obeyed. Max pulled his mouth off of her tits and leaned back onto his elbows. Jilnar then leaned forward and wrapped her golden, honey-coloured breasts around his cock. As she began sliding them up and down on it, she leaned in and extended her tongue, letting it tease the end of his cock each time it poked up through her breasts.

"That’s a good girl," Max cheered as he watched Jilnar tit-fuck herself with his cock.

"You like that?" she whispered, lifting her head up to see Max.

"I love it," Max answered. "I love to tit-fuck worthless little cunts like you."

As Jilnar continued to rub her tits up and down his shaft, Max reached forward and pushed two of his fingers into her mouth. Jilnar began sucking on them as Max crammed another one and another one until he had all four of his fingers stretching her small mouth open wide. Max enjoyed the site for a few moments before pulling them away and pushing her head back down to his cock. Jilnar went back to teasing his cock head, until she felt Max pull it away.

"You know what I want you do for me now," Max voiced as he rose to his feet.

"What?" Jilnar asked as she rubbed her nipples.

Max turned around and bent forward slightly. "Lick my fucking ass," he answered with a grin.

A devilish smile flashed across Jilnar’s face. She quit playing with her tits and scooted forward.

"You want me to lick it?" she asked seductively.

"I want you to lick every fucking inch of it, you prissy little bitch!" he responded.

Jilnar smiled again. Then, without using her hands, she leaned forward and pressed her tongue to Max’s hairy ass. She then slowly ran it up the length of his ass cheek. She repeated this action over and over, until her tongue had covered every inch of his ass.

"That’s a good girl," Max complimented after Jilnar finished covering his ass in her saliva. "Now I want you to cram that talented little tongue of yours up my fucking asshole."

Jilnar placed her hands on his ass and spread it open, revealing his puckered anus. She then leaned in and ran her tongue all the way up the length of his ass crack before diving in and burying her tongue inside his hot orifice. She could taste the faint flavor of shit as she worked her tongue in and out of his ass. Her head bobbed back and forth, and up and down. She skilfully slid her tongue into his asshole and then swirled it around. Max then felt her soft lips press against it as she sucked his orifice hard. She sucked it for a few moments, then without a word she pressed her face further into his ass and worked her nose into his hole. She ground it against his sensitive flesh, eliciting a long moan from Max.

"Your such a dirty cunt," Max complimented as he turned back around. He was shocked at how eager Jilnar was to degrade herself.

She looked up at him and smiled, her face glistening from his ass sweat. Max put his cock back into her mouth, and let her suck on it.

"You know this means, I can’t kiss you now," he voiced as he watched Jilnar zealously bob her head up and down on his cock. She seemed to be enjoying his banter.

Max pulled his cock from her mouth. "Get on this chair," he voiced pointing to the lounger. Jilnar hopped up onto her feet.

"Pull your skirt up first," Max insisted.

Jilnar obeyed and reached down and grabbed the hem of her skirt. She hiked it up around her waist, revealing her panty-covered cunt. Max grabbed her panties and with one violent tug, he ripped them from her body. Jilnar looked a little shocked. Max wadded the panties up into a ball and stuffed them into her mouth, just as he pushed her down onto the chair. Jilnar let out an unintelligible comment, and then laid back. Max knelt down between her legs and inspected her cunt. To his delight it was waxed bald.

"Did you wax just for me," Max asked as he licked his finger and began rubbing it against her clit.

Jilnar’s response was muffled by her gag, but it didn’t matter. As Max worked his fingers across her clit, Jilnar began to moan loudly. She then spread her legs even wider. To help him, Jilnar reached down and grabbed both of her knees, holding her legs open for him. She was still wearing her pumps, which dangled in the air. Jilnar let out another muffled moan as Max pressed his fingers inside her. He then put one finger from both hands into her and spread her cunt open wide. He then increased the number of fingers to two from each hand and began to stretch her pussy hole open. He started by pulling her cunt open to the sides, but he also changed his attack to the top and bottom rim of her twat, stretching her open toward her anus and her belly.

Max turned toward the camera, and spoke into it. "Look at this slut's hole, get around to the front, yeah that’s it, can you see inside her now?" he asked.

His cameraman spoke to him too quietly to be heard, but apparently he had gotten the close up that Max had wanted.

"Petite little bitches like you always have such tight little fuck-holes, but I'm still going to stuff my whole hand up this nasty fuckin’ twat of yours," he said.

Jilnar closed her eyes slowly, she had a pretty good idea what Max wanted to do to her next. She looked into the camera and then back down to Max, in a small voice she aid. "It’s O.K. if you want to umm you know. Do that thing that you like," she said.

"Are you talking about fist-fucking?" he laughed, "Is that what you want me to do with you. Of course I’m going to," he joked. "You spoiled, prissy little pass-around fuck-toys all need to get your cunts fisted, don’t you?" he paused, "Don’t you, you little slut? You want me to fist your nasty cunt? You want Daddy-Max to stuff his entire hand up your cunt? You want to get your nasty little fuck hole all stretched out around a man’s big old hand?"

He just kept up the degrading remarks as he shoved the first three and then all four of his fingers from his right hand, into Jilnar’s red and trembling vagina. She was really opening up now, and the cameraman moved in for a close-up of the newreader's cunt.

"Tell me what you want or I won’t give it to you," said Max.

Jilnar was still holding her legs wide open, but her pumps had fallen off of her feet, as her legs twitched and spasmed from Max’s rough assault in her pussy.

"Listen to this fuckin’ whore's cunt slurp around my fingers," Max said as he continued to twist and shove his fingers into Jilnar.

Jilnar finally looked at the camera, and removed her panty gag. "Do you guys out there want to see Max shove his fist up my hole?" she whispered in her most sultry Lebanese accent. She just stared at the camera for a few more seconds, before turning to look down her naked body to where Max had four fingers deeply embedded in her twat.

"Do it, Daddy-Max! Fist fuck me!" she screamed

Max only hesitated a second, then he tucked in his thumb and jammed into her crotch with a rough twist of his wrist. There was a loud, wet, squelching sound and his twisting hand totally disappeared up into Jilnar’s petite little body.

"Oh my god!" she cried loudly, as well as several Arabic curses.

Max began to pump his hand in and out of the tiny newsreader.

"Shit, that’s nice. Your cunt is hot and wet inside, wetter then Sarah’s was," whispered Max. "In fact there’s no comparison, your fuckhole has seen plenty of rough action hasn’t it?" he asked.

He continued to twist and shove his hand, but now he had formed it into a proper fist inside the small woman’s hole. He still wanted to degrade her even more so he began to draw his clenched fist out of her cunt.

"I bet those horny TV producers do this shit to you the whole time you're at that TV studio," taunted Max. "Let’s see just how nasty you are, you little whore."

Jilnar screamed in a mixture of pleasure and pain. She relaxed her grip on her legs and they began to close up, but Max pushed them out wide again with his other hand.

"Keep 'em spread wide!" he ordered her, and just so she got the message he slapped her right tit hard, leaving a red hand-print on the jiggling golden surface.

Jilnar complied with the order by pulling on her knees even more, spreading herself even wider then she had been before.

"Shit!" Jilnar whispered as her head flew back against the chair.

The grimace on her face said it all. Max had almost all of his hand out of Jilnar now but the widest and most painful part was going to be his knuckles, and now he was telling the cameraman to pan back.

"That way, we can see her face as I pull the thickest part out through the noose," he said.

Jilnar squeezed her eyes shut as she felt the last part of Max’s fist stretching open her sex-slit. When Max gave a final tug and his fist popped out of Jilnar, her entire body shook. She shrieked wildly as her toes twisted and her cunt gaped open.

"Look at that fucking hole," said Max, "Look at your fucking cunt," he cheered.

Jilnar looked down and saw the way it gaped and she knew that millions of her fans would be seeing it and looking up inside of it and she felt just like the pathetic little pass-around slut that she used to be. She whimpered as Max reinserted his fist up her cunt, she didn’t even think of it as a pussy any more - it was a cunt. Her cunt! She settled back onto her elbows and endured the rest of the fisting in silence. Max on the other hand was busy fucking her with his fist, and about a third of his forearm, in and out of this incredible and exotic newsreader's cunt. He said things about her insides and how nasty she was and Jilnar Jardaly took it all from him in silence. At one point he pushed up on her belly from deep inside her fuck canal.

The fisting went on for a good twenty minutes before Max finally got bored with it, and pulled his wet arm out of Jilnar’s stretched cavity.

"Well you won’t be getting fucked by anything in your twat for a while," he chuckled to himself. "It would just fall right out of that gaping thing." He laughed again. "Did you enjoy your fist fucking?" Max asked sarcastically.

"It kind of hurt," Jilnar responded truthfully.

"So? I don’t give a shit!" Max answered as he lifted a sweaty Jilnar to her feet. "Now turn around and bend over," he ordered with a toothy grin.

Jilnar obeyed and turned her back to Max. She then knelt down on the chair and then leaned forward onto all fours.

"Arch your back, get that sweet little Arabic ass in the air," Max voiced as he slapped her firm flesh.

Jilnar yelped slightly. She then fell forward, resting on her elbows, and arched her back as best she could. Max grabbed a small tube of lubricant from a nearby table but then decided he wanted to go in without it so threw it away. He then positioned himself behind Jilnar and spread her ass open. As sweet and tight as her little hole was, he knew this wouldn't be the first time she’d been ass-fucked.

"Do you want Daddy to ream out your ass, you little bitch?" Max asked as he pressed the head of his prick against her sphincter.

"Oh, yesss... Do it, Daddy," Jilnar responded, as she looked over her shoulder at him.

Max pushed his cock into her hole, and it slid in hard. Jilnar let out a loud yelp of pain, followed by a long satisfied moan, as Max began pumping his cock in and out of her. She could feel his hands spreading her wide open, giving him greater access. Max was excited at how tight her ass was. But he still got his cock in all the way. As he continued working his cock into her, he pulled one of his hands off of her ass cheek and reached forward, grabbing her long dark hair and pulling her head back violently. Jilnar yelped slightly, gritting her teeth as Max buried his cock into her bowels, over and over.

"You like having your ass reamed out?" Max asked as he tightened his grip on her hair.

"I love it," Jilnar snapped back.

Max smiled widely and turned his hips slightly, fucking his cock into her at a different angle. This caused Jilnar to groan loudly. She could feel the head of his prick pressing against the walls of her ass. Her tight little body was twisted into knots as Max released his grip on her hair, and pushed her head back down. He worked his cock into her ass, varying the angles and speeds as he saw fit. After few long minutes of this he pulled his cock from her ass abruptly. He reached out to the side, off camera, and then his hand came back into frame, holding a dildo.

"Now I've stretched open your asshole, I think we can fit more in," he took his time as he slowly worked the pink plastic object up Jilnar’s ass.

"Oh yesss," she moaned, "that feels gooood."

Max then reached forward and grabbed her hair again and used his other hand to help stuff his cock back into her bunghole, along side the plastic invader. It took a bit of work, but he eventually managed to work both of them in.

"Owowwoww!" moaned Jilnar.

"Quit your whining slut! If your posh little ass wasn’t so tight, I wouldn’t need to shove anything more then my cock in to open it. But since you're being such a good butt-fucking whore, well..," He left the rest of his comment hanging as he began to piston his cock and the dildo in and out of her tightly stretched sphincter. He gave Jilnar a nice reaming, then after a few minutes, pulled his cock from her ass with a loud pop.

"Come here, you little bitch!" he voiced as he pulled Jilnar’s head around to his cock.

"Suck on it!" he ordered as he pressed his cock to her lips.

He quickly began fucking her face, as a disgusted grimace formed across Jilnar’s face.

"That’s it, cunt. Right out of your fucking ass, and into your fucking mouth!" Max added as he fucked her face hard.

Jilnar could taste her own ass on his prick. It disgusted but excited her. Max choke-fucked her for a few moments, then pulled her head off his prick and guided her back onto her hands and knees. He then reinserted his cock into her ass and resumed his assault on it.

"Oh, god yesss!" Jilnar voiced as her hand shot between her legs and began rubbing her clit wildly. Max rammed his cock into her, and then brought his hand down hard against her firm ass cheek. He repeated the action a few times, spanking Jilnarn’s ass hard.

"That’s it, bitch! Rub your fucking hot little cunt for Daddy,"ordered Max.

Jilnar screamed again, as her face contorted into a strange mixture of pleasure and pain. Max’s hand came down again across her ass cheek, eliciting another yelp. He then reamed her ass relentlessly, until Jilnar reverted into a rhythm of squeals and moans. Max smiled widely, and then pulled the dildo from her ass.

"Put this in your mouth!" he ordered as he handed it to her.

Jilnar grabbed the plastic object, and slammed it into her mouth.

"That’s a good girl, suck on it!" Max added as he went back to reaming out her ass.

He used his thumb to help stretch her hole, as Jilnar obediently began deep-throating the dildo. It had a vile taste to it, but nevertheless she sucked it zealously. Max’s face was covered in sweat. Without pulling his cock from her ass, he twisted around until he was facing the other way. Using this angle, he drove his cock down into her ass, towards her cunt. Jilnar screamed through the dildo as Max attacked her at his awkward angle.

"That’s taking it the hard way, you little bitch," he voiced as he reached forward and popped the dildo out of her mouth. He then inserted it into her ravaged cunt, and worked it in and out as he pounded his meat into her ass.

"Oh, nooo! Oooh, pleeease," Jilnar mumbled incoherently, the sensations of what was being done to her making it hard to speak.

"That’s it, you little pig! Beg me to fucking stop!" Max voiced, as he heightened his attack.

Jilnar didn’t respond. The repressed part of her hoping he would never stop. Nevertheless, having his cock crammed into such a perfect piece of ass was beginning to
become too much for Max. His need for release was becoming overwhelming. He continued pounding Jilnar’s shitter for few more long minutes, and then abruptly pulled his cock out of her now gaping hole. He motioned to the cameraman, then reached down and used his fingers to hold her sphincter open, letting the camera get a good look at it as is gaped open.

"Look at that," was all he could mutter. He held her open for a few seconds, then reached forward and grabbed the petite Arab brunette by her hair, pulling her off the chair.

"Get on your knees!" he ordered.

Jilnar knelt down in front of him and stared up through her weary eyes. Max pressed the head of his cock to her lips again until it slid inside.

"That’s it, you little ass-fucked whore!" he voiced. "Choke on it."

Max grabbed her chin and the top of her head and mercilessly began slamming the entire length of his cock into her throat. Jilnar gagged slightly but, nevertheless, took it like a pro. Max choke-fucked her until he was sure he was ready to blow. He hadn’t blown his load in over a week in preparation for this shoot.

"Open wide!" Max voiced as he pulled his cock from her throat and jerked it wildly.

Jilnar complied, and opened her mouth wide, at the same time sticking out her tongue as far as she could make it go.

"You want it bitch?" Max asked as he continued working himself up.

"Shoot it in my mouth," Jilnar purred as she stared up at him with a sultry expression.

That was all it took. Max moaned wildly. Then the first stream of cum shot from the head of his prick. It landed perfectly along Jilnar’s tongue, not fazing the newsreader a bit. The next load, landed a little high and slopped all over her beautiful, exotic face. Jilnar continued to hold her mouth open as the next few streams flew into it. She could feel the hot liquid in her mouth, against her tongue, and burning against her lips. Max moaned wildly, and squeezed the last few drops out, then slapped them against her chin. Without hesitating, Jilnar closed her mouth, and swallowed all the cum that had landed inside of it.

Slightly impressed Max, smiled. "That’s it, you little cum dumpster," he whispered as he pushed his cock back into her mouth and let her suck it dry.

When she was done, Jilnar leaned back slightly, and stared into the camera as she scooped the rest of the cum into her mouth and swallowed it. Max was exhausted and so was Jilnar.

The camera pulled back slightly showing Jilnar, still on her knees, as Max rubbed his spent cock against her lips nonchalantly.

"Wave bye to all the fans," Max voiced, slapping his spent cock against her cheek playfully.

Jilnar smiled widely, seeming almost relieved. "Bye, guys," she purred, waving her hand as she smiled.
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