Jilnar Jardaly جلنار جردلي Fucks a Schoolboy

Hi guys!

I've always loved young cock. I'm a very lucky girl to have a junior a high school just down the street. There's nothing like fucking a nice young teenage boy, taking his virginity and giving him an experience he'll never forget!

I watch the clock all afternoon and, soon as school is out, I'm out on the front yard getting wet and sudsy washing the car in my white see-through dress (with no underwear) or bending over picking my flowers (with no panties) giving them a horny eyeful as they pass by.

When they stop I always entice them in seductively offering them a cool drink or some milk and cookies; it doesn't matter what, they always know what I'm really offering. Teehee!

Soon as they're behind my closed door they're all mine to do with as I will. I love smiling at them as I undress them slowly and seeing the disbelief and excitement in their eyes. I like to start by licking their shaft and balls asking them if they're ready for a real treat that's much better than milk and fucking cookies. I love to mount them and ride them. Their cocks are always so hard. I love the fact that I am old enough to be their mother. I always tell them to say: "Fuck me, Mommy! Fuck me hard!".

When they cum I always insist they unload in my mouth as I listen to their beautiful moaning. I love the sweet pure taste of fresh young virgin cum. Mmmmmm... And they always cum so much!

There was one time when one of my regular boys brought his beautiful French teacher. She was so pretty and sexy. And oh boy did he enjoy his threeway with his two favourite cougar sluts! Ah, but that's another story...

Love and Lust

90% (14/2)
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2 months ago
is very excited
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1 year ago
good but to short.4.3.2013