Jilnar Jardaly جلنار جردلي Fucks the Plumbers

Hi guys!

It's no great secret how much I love big, strong, hard cocks & delicious, hot, creamy cum. I don't care who the man is or what he looks like, as long as he has a nice thick, long cock and can give me that nice big load I'm craving. That's why I'm always seducing strange men at bus stations, parks, public toilets, anywhere!

When I'm home alone I always end up fingering my hot pussy until I'm so horny I can't stand it! But, don't worry, I know the perfect way satisfy my lustful urges...

My most favorite thing to do is pick up the phone and call a plumber, electrician, handyman or some other blue-collar tradesman. I love the rough, hairy, sweaty, primitive types best. The more uncouth, dirty and brutish, the better!

I always make up a story about a leaky tap or squeaky door hinge or some nonsense. Of course, they always say they can't see a problem at which point they alway turn around to see me bent over with my tight little skirt hitched up. I hardly ever wear panties so they always see my sweet little hairless ass and pussy right before their eyes. Well, so far, the reaction has always been instant! Unable to control themselves, they always drop their tools and thrust their hard cocks straight in into hot waiting holes and fuck my pussy and ass as hard and as fast as they can. The rougher they are, the more I love it! They tear at my clothes, grab me, scratch me, bruise me, swear at me, like a dirty piece of trash. I like to spur them on by talking dirty to them. Sometimes they even spit in my face or into my mouth - and I love it!

The only problem is that my pussy and ass are so hot and tight that they never last long and I'm soon feeling myself being filled by their nasty, primitive, blue-collar cum.
Afterwards I always squat down in front of them and suck the last few drops from their shafts and lick all our sweet mixed juices off their cock and sweaty balls until they're all nice and clean. Mmmmmm...

There was one time when when one of them brought along his really young and cute apprentice. The feeling of of two big hard cocks, one young, one old, one in my pussy and one in my ass is a feeling I cannot describe! It felt so good having them swapping places and turning me over and over like a cheap piece of fuck-meat. It was incredible and so delicious to feel them both shooting all their hot sticky cum in my ass and pussy at the same time.

They were both such good boys that, after they'd finished ravaging me, I undressed them both, laid they down on my bed and licked the sweat and grime off their entire bodies; their cocks and balls, faces, feet, armpits and I ever licked out the inside of their sweaty, hairy asses (I love sticking my tongue right up a man's warm butt-hole).

And, because they fucked me so good, I even let them both piss in my mouth. I want everything a man can give me. I'm such a slut!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get home. I think I have yet another tap that's leaking. Hehehe...

Love and Lust

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2 months ago
is very excited
2 months ago
is very excited
3 months ago
3 months ago
I want she sucks my my cock too & give me a handjob & footjob....
I will cum in her mouth !