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I'm:Abeedah, 27
From:Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Kids:No, but may be want some
Occupation:Massage Therapist
Education:Some college
Star sign:Virgo
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Ethnicity:Middle Eastern
Body type:Slim
Height:5 ft 6 in (168 cm)
Hair length:Very long
Hair color:Black
Eye color:Brown
About Me
I am NOT Jilnar Jardaly!

My name is Abeedah. I'm a bisexual Arabian girl who is totally in love with the gorgeous Jilnar because she's the most beautiful and sexiest girl on the whole planet!

Jilnar Jardaly جلنار جردلي is the evening new presenter for Dubai-TV and a famous celebrity here. Her news bulletin is also shown in many other countries.

I want to make love to her. I want to lick her entire body. I want to kiss and sink my teeth into her perfect ass. I want to taste her hot mouth, her firmly rounded breasts and her sweet pussy. I want to grind my pussy against hers until we both cum and squirt our hot, sticky love juices all over each other and then fall asleep in each others arms like lovers.

You can see some of Jilnar's videos on her YouTube channel:


Jilnar is kind, cheeky, funny and fun-loving and she loves receiving messages from her fans. You can talk to her yourself and make friends with her on her own Facebook page:


You can also follow Jilnar on Instagram:


And on her Twitter:


The purpose of this page is for me to share my erotic (fictional) stories about Jilnar and share my collection of photos.

I would love to see your big hard cocks shooting your hot, creamy cum all over my photos of Jilnar. I would also love to see them get used to make erotic and hardcore fakes. That would really turn me on! I will give special attention to anyone who does this. ;-)



PLEASE NOTE: All my photos have been made available to the public and, therefore, are not stolen.
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6 days ago
انا اسمي باسل ممكن نتواصل مع بعض skype basiel99 ياهو basiel700@yahoo.com
6 days ago
jilnar nar me too nar baby
6 days ago
if u want be in jilnar jardaly sex story u tell what ur name a and things about u and i put you in dirty story with sexy jilnar.....luv u.....xoxox
11 days ago
loving on your content and you
12 days ago
You can have some of mine
17 days ago
thanks for add,nice profile
18 days ago
Thx for the add,jilnar. xx
18 days ago
Hello, an awesome profile you've got there !!! love greetings
19 days ago
Hi, Abeedah! Thanks for adding me!! Kisses!!
27 days ago
Hi, I'd love to chat with you....
29 days ago
Hi , thanks for accept , very nice profile .
1 month ago
Thanks abeedah
1 month ago
Thanks for the add. And you are right, Jilnar is incredibly hot! I wouldn't mind filling her mouth, pussy and ass with my hot cum!
1 month ago
Kess +
1 month ago
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1 month ago
1 month ago
★Merry★* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★Christmas★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ★And a happy new year★° 。
1 month ago
Thanks for sharing Jilnar to the world.
1 month ago
Hello, Thanks for accepting ;-)
Enjoy !
1 month ago
Thanks for accepting :)
1 month ago
Climb onto your camel and ride off into the sunset you silly girl.
1 month ago
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1 month ago
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2 months ago
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2 months ago
Cheers for your add. Neat sexy photos…:-)
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Hi Abeedah. Thanks for adding me
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