Master and his Friend

I follow instructions now. To the letter. It's been a difficult journey for both of us, but especially for me, as I have been defiant and willful. Master has finally broken me, though. I am not his slave; I am with him willingly, and can't imagine life without him. That difference, however, is the only one. In all other ways, I belong to him, and obey him unfailingly. I don't question his decisions anymore, because I know that it only brings me punishment, and he knows me too well to punish me in ways that I will enjoy. His discipline is never the same twice, but the thing that I fear most is his silence. Just listening to him speak makes me wet, but his voice can change in an instant, and cut as surely as a whip. Silence means that I am in trouble. Deep.

I arrive at our motel exactly on time, and dressed as he had previously instructed; plain skirt, low cut sweater, heels, and absolutely nothing else. This time he has already gotten the room, and sent the number to my phone. I am a little nervous, because he was very mysterious about the details, but he has hinted that he's finally gotten one of his friends to join us. I have seen many pictures of her, and heard her voice on the phone, but have never met her. I only know she is blonde, slim, and without inhibition. Regardless, I know my role. Speak when spoken to, and take my orders only from my Master. I know that I will probably feel pain, but he has taught me that pain and pleasure go hand in hand.

I knock softly on the door, and he answers immediately. The room is very dark compared to the brightness of the day, and I can see nothing past his handsome face, but he pulls me in quickly, and closes the door behind me. Master takes me in his arms and kisses me softly, and begins pulling my skirt down over my hips. As my eyes adjust to the gloom, I am shocked to see not the woman I expected, but a beautiful, full figured black woman, completely naked, and reclining on the bed. I stiffen, horrified, because this is not something we've ever discussed, but his hands tighten immediately on my arms, and he calmly tells me to finish undressing. "This is Jacquelyn, and you will do everything she asks, while I video." I am frozen, like a deer in the headlights, staring at her. Normally, Master would have no patience with my hesitation, but he is in a forgiving mood, and gently pulls my sweater over my head. I can only stare at Jacquelyn, her skin the color of milk chocolate, large nipples even darker. She has absolutely no pubic hair, and as I watch, she pinches one nipple, and spreads her legs and begins to stroke her pussy. "You told me that you had trained her well, Baby. Let's see just how well."

Master gives me a push, and a slap on the ass, and I go to her on the bed. I have only been with a woman once, and she was thin and white. I am tentative at first, but she pulls my head to her breast, and I realize that I can't wait to suck those beautiful nipples. I am on my hands and knees, thinking of nothing but the full breast in my mouth, and Jacquelyn's hand in my hair, but his voice snaps me back to reality, and Master orders me to spread my legs for the camera. I do as I'm told immediately, but feel a sharp crack on my ass, anyway. I realize with a sinking heart that it's the leather strap, and that Master intends to whip me as I service his friend. The second lash is even harder, and I cry out, but Jacquelyn just laughs, and tells me that it's time to put my mouth to better use, anyway. He grabs me roughly from behind, and position me between her legs. I resist briefly, and am rewarded by several more blows with the strap, and he continues to spank me, even after I go to work on Jacquelyn's beautiful pussy. It is sweet and musky all at the same time, and my earlier hesitation is forgotten. I trace my tongue slowly around her drenched hole, and then move back up to her rapidly swelling clitoris. She moans with pleasure, and tells my master that he can hold off on the spanking. For now...

My ass is still on fire from the beating, and my pussy is soaked, but the brief respite allows me to give Jacquelyn my undivided attention. I spread her legs further, and slide first my tongue, and then my fingers into her cunt, while sucking harder and harder on her clit. She raises her ass off the bed, and tells me to give her a rimming. I freeze again - I have never done this, and am not sure I want to, but the strap comes down on my raw bottom once again, and I hurry to obey. The musky smell is stronger here, but I realize that I have little choice in the matter, and lick gingerly. "Baby, you are going to have to give your whore a little more incentive" she laughs, and then gets up on her hands and knees, putting her nice round ass right in my face. "Why don't you fuck her in the ass, while she licks mine?" "That, my dear, is a fabulous idea" Master laughs, and the next thing I feel is his fingers in my wet pussy, transferring all the juices to my ass. "Don't worry, Whore, I set the video camera on the countertop, so you'll be able to see everything on video. Your face buried in Jacquelyn's sweet ass, and this big black cock buried in yours."

With that, Master slowly f***e his huge, engorged cock into my ass. It's not the first time, but he always manage to make it hurt, reminding me that pleasure is pain, and pain is pleasure. He reaches under me, and slides his fingers across my swollen clitoris, and every thrust of his cock pushes my tongue a little deeper into Jacquelyn's ass. She is grunting with pleasure, and pushing back against my face, and I am lost in the mindless joy of pleasing two masters at once. Suddenly my pussy is racked with such intense spasms that it's all I can do not to collapse on the bed. I know better, though, because I am the servant here, and my job is not done until I give pleasure to my Master, and whoever else he commands. I continue fucking her ass with my tongue, and taking his cock in my ass, until the two of them cum as well. Then I am allowed a short rest, but just before I drift off, I hear Jacquelyn ask for the strap, and she tells me to lie across her lap.

"No, please, my bottom can't stand any more" I cry, but quickly realize my mistake, as I see the look on Master's face. "I'm sorry, Sir" I say, and quickly position myself across Jacquelyn's legs, my thoroughly punished cheeks in the air, waiting for more. She pats my tender ass, and says "your poor master needs his cock sucked now, and if I don't think you are doing a good enough job, the spanking he gave you will seem like a day in the park compared to what you will get from me." Master laughs, quickly strips off the condom he had used to fuck my ass, and settles down beside her on the bed. His body is incredible, muscles sharply defined, black skin flawless, but his cock is my favorite part, and I go to work on it eagerly. At first all I feel are Jacquelyn's fingers stroking my ass, but soon she tells me to spread my legs, and her fingers explore my wet snatch. I start to squirm, already turned on by his cock in my mouth, but she tells me that I am letting myself get distracted, and the strap comes down on me again. True to her word, she is more ruthless than Master, and every inch of my ass, legs, and inner thighs are soon burning. I twist every which way trying to escape the blows, but Master's hand is on my head, keeping his cock buried in my mouth, and Jacquelyn's left hand holds me by the waist. Now he begins to f***e his cock deeper and deeper into my throat, and Jacquelyn lays the strap aside, and begins to finger fuck my pussy. I can't believe it is happening so soon, but I begin to cum again, bucking like a rodeo horse across her lap, and am soon pleased to take Master's second load in my open mouth. He always make me show it to him before I swallow it, but today I have to show my new Mistress as well.

I am not a slave, but I am happiest when I please my Master.

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2 years ago
the answer to yoru question might be about "have I ever been involved in this type of scenario"
what do you think?
3 years ago
Like if stry
3 years ago
Hope you are part of these stories..