Caught with Master

   I've wanted you since the first day I heard your voice.  We've both tried to walk away, but I can't forget you, and you can't forget my daughter.  Even though we had long ago decided that we wouldn't see each other anymore, a perfect opportunity came up, and we seized the moment.  My husband and son were deer hunting, and Barbara had gone to a friend's, so I invited you over.  My goal was to feel one last time your absolute dominance over me, but of course your goal was to prowl through my daughter's things.  I knew that you were completely obsessed with her, and in my darkest moments, had to admit that it turned me on.
   My house was clean, for once, and the first thing you wanted was a complete tour, but of course we ended up in her room.  I knew what you would want, so I left a few pairs of her panties in her hamper, and you wasted no time in bringing them to your nose, breathing deeply of her scent.  I perched on her bed, watching you, but you didn't leave me alone for long.  While remaining fully clothed yourself, you instructed me to strip completely, and kneel at your feet.  Waiting until I was completely naked, and in place, you finally unzipped your pants, freed your cock, and smugly told me to "get to work."  I whimpered, hating the cold, emotionless tone of your voice, but you immediately grabbed a handful of my hair, and brought my head to your crotch.  Having little other choice, and unable to deny my lust any longer, I obediently opened my mouth, and began to lick your engorged head, but you weren't having any of it, and pushed your way further in, until you touched the back of my throat.  "Oh, Barbara, suck me good" you murmured, knowing how I hate it when you call me by her name.  I tried to pull away, but you are so much stronger than me that my attempts to assert myself were a joke.  You calmly asked me if I was capable of cooperating, or if I needed to be punished.  Just the word scares me now, because I've been on the receiving end too many times, and know how much you can and will hurt me.  I tried again to back away, but your response was to take off your belt, and order me to bend over Barbara's bed.  Tears started rolling down my face, but I knew that once your mind was made up, nothing I could say would change it, so I did as I was told.
   I lost track of how many times your belt cracked across my bare ass.  The whole time you were spanking me, you were calling me Barbara, and stopping from time to time to caress my red bottom, and run your fingers between my legs, stroking my swollen pussy.  Finally when I didn't think I could stand anymore, you pulled me up from the floor, positioned me on my hands and knees on top of her bed, and begin to slide the head of your dick around my wet outer lips.  I was desperate to have you inside me, and arched my back, and begged to be fucked like a bitch in heat.  Finally you held me still, and slowly but surely worked your way in to my tight wet pussy.  I was lost in the pleasure, but not so far gone that I didn't hear a gasp behind me.  Maybe I had secretly hoped for it all along, but Barbara was home early.
   "Oh my God, what are you doing?" was her outraged cry, and my first instinct was to jump up and cover my nakedness, but you had one hand on my hips, and my hair wrapped around your other hand, so I was f***ed to remain there, mortified and speechless.  "Barbara, welcome to the party" you purred, "come on in!  As you can see, I'm a little busy with your mother right now, but you're next."  If I had thought she would run screaming from the room, I was sorely disappointed.  She stood mesmerized, staring at your naked body, and your huge erect cock, slowly sliding in and out of me.  She saw the belt lying beside me, and the welts all over my ass.  Even in my shame, I was unable to hold still as you pumped in and out of my pussy, and then, to my horror, you wet your finger with my juices, and began to finger my asshole.  You know what that does to me, and I began to cum almost immediately, bucking against you, and moaning loudly.  
   While you plundered my insides, my daughter sank into her desk chair, watching the entire show, spellbound.  After my noisy orgasm, you pulled out of me, dick still completely erect, and glistening with my cum.  I collapsed on the bed, too weak to do anything but watch you, knowing full well that nothing I could say or do would stop you from your obsession.  I expected My daughter to share my fear, but if anything, she was eager, and before I could say a word, her hands were on your cock, squeezing, exploring.  "Want to taste it, even knowing where it's been?  Probably wouldn't be your first taste of pussy, now would it?" you asked her, and she smiled knowingly.  You kissed her slowly, but then put your hands on her shoulders, pushing her to her knees.  As I watched, she began to lick you lazily, and, unlike with me, you didn't rush her.  Finally, she was taking more of you into her mouth that I would have ever thought possible, and you pulled her roughly to her feet, and started to undress her.
   Once she was completely naked, you gestured for her to get on the bed beside me, and ordered me back on to my knees.  "Now we'll see which one of you is the bigger whore."  Barbara was eager, and did exactly as she was told, but I refused, until you finally picked up your belt again, and threatened to whip the both of us at the same time.  My sore ass couldn't stand anymore, so, resigned to my fate, I knelt beside my daughter, cheek to cheek.  Your fingers gently massaged my still tender clit, and I was sickened to find myself ready again, even though I realized that your other hand was performing similar maneuvers to my daughter's pussy.  "Which one should I fuck first?  Already had the one, so I guess I should try the other.  Mom, guess you'll have to make do with my fingers this time." 
   It is difficult for me to take all of you, so of course with her, it was even more of a struggle.  She started trying to get away, but you took your fingers out of my pussy long enough to grab her by the waist, and hold on tightly, as you f***ed yourself into her tight young pussy, inch by inch.  At first she struggled, and cried out, but it didn't take long for her cries of pain to turn into moans of ecstasy.  I was beginning to feel quite left out when your fingers found me again, two for my pussy, with your thumb in my ass.  You timed your strokes so that the two of us were basically being fucked simultaneously, and we began to moan almost in unison.   We came together, both racked by intense orgasms, nearly screaming in our pleasure.  The pressure of that tight young cunt on your cock had you ready to cum as well, but you pulled out just in time, and came on the crack of her ass.  
   She and I had both collapsed on the bed, but I had one last chore to perform.  "Whore, clean it off" you ordered.  "Let me get a tissue" I mumbled, but your reply was immediate.  "That's not what I meant, and you damned well know it!  Lick it off, right now!"  I just stared at you, but the look in your eyes, and your tone of voice told me that you meant business, and I promptly began to lick my master's load off of my daughter's ass.  "Next time, I'll bring my sons, and it will be a real party."  Somehow I knew that you weren't k**ding, and it would be a night even more incredible than this one...  
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