Rope Foreplay

Last night’s fun began with some beautiful rope bondage. Master began by tying my hands behind my back with my fingers interlaced and pointing away from my body. He wove the rope around my hands and my arms, building pressure on my fingers. At first, it felt like a strong handshake, but intensified as He worked. By the time He finished binding me, I was wet. He asked me to test the bond and I was able to break it with some pain and effort. My fingers throbbed in the most exquisite way, matching the throbbing of my clit, as the bl**d pumped through them again.

He began again, with a different design, hands again behind my back, but with my palms reaching for the opposite elbows. Master secured my hands and then cinched by arms tight to my sides, looping the rope around my biceps and my breasts. The friction of the rope on my skin, especially my breasts, made me quiver. Master ordered me to go upstairs, bound, to our third floor play room. I climbed the two flights of steep, narrow stairs knowing that He was behind me, watching me struggle and enjoying every second of it.

Master took off my skirt and panties, told me to climb onto the bed, and then He blindfolded me. He took pictures of me, naked except of the ropes and the blindfold (some of which will be shared). When He was satisfied with the photographs, He slipped a finger between my legs and remarked with a smile in his voice, “Dripping.” He began untying me, slowly removing one loop of rope at a time, skillfully guiding it so that the friction would have the most effect. He removed my blindfold and we kissed each other deeply, ready to move on to the next part of our play…

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3 years ago
Absolutely real...
3 years ago
cool is this real or is it just a story you wrote?