Midnight.. my thirst for you has now taken over everything. as the moon emerges from the thick cloudy sky, the burning in my veins boils my skin. I am one with the earth, it's c***d, it's protector.. My human form shifting to wolf, a****l cravings reached their peak. Whenever i see you, i shed all my wants, needs, and desires, nothing competes but my infatuation with you. For you are the enchantress mage who has cast a spell on me. You've made me this, made me give, and stolen my soul with magick. I run through the streets in my feral form, strong on the trail of your scent. Hundreds of miles I would labor til my body's thrown down to find you, to satisfy the hunger. You control my mind, my soul, and I like it. I arrive at your front door, and burst through it, smashing wood and sending pieces flying through the air. I stand on all fours, breath laboring, teeth bared, my eyes fixated on finding you.. You stand in the room, unmoved by my grand entrance. Your elegance radiating from you so bright.. Like a deep red shimmering glow. Even with my human eyes I can see this, it's just how I see you. You are dressed in a comfy white robe with a hood d****d on your shoulders, tied in front.. No shoes on but toes sparkling from the fresh polish I can smell.. Not all I can smell.. The perfume you have adorned, mask but does not completely hide the scent of you I thirst for. You wave a hand, and all pieces of the door reform back to normal.. I turn to look, and when I turn back you are standing right in front of me.. You reach out to pet me. Your gentle hand brushing my bristly hairs between my perked up ears.. Makes me calm, makes me transform back to human. As the last of my wolf form dissipates, I drop to my knees.. Tired. naked.. You look down to me, so lovingly, so invigorating.. And then you kiss me. The softness of your lips, press against mine, I can feel a surge of energy flowing around my lips, to my head, down my neck to the rest of my body. As always, you breathe life into my empty tired soul. I rise up to my feet, and embrace you in a deep kiss.. My hands tracing down your face, your neck, through your hair, down your back, pulling you into me so tight.. It's as if the whole world has stopped, nothing matters, and I could be lost forever in this kiss.. Please don't ever stop .. I rise up off the floor, and pick you up, your legs wrapping around me, and take you to the wall, continuing to kiss you.. Our fiery passion causing the room to tremble from the vibrations of your magick, the hairs on my body slightly emerging. I can feel the a****l coming out of me, but I dare not hurt you. I allow you to drop back down to your feet, untie your robe, and run my hands along your black silk undergarment feeling the trembling of your stomach.. You push me back, and with a gesture of your hand you teleport me to your bed on my back, the bedposts have creeping vines that bind my wrists and ankles. Then you shimmer into the room.. Looking at me as if I were dinner, like prey caught in your trap. You disrobe, showing me all the beauty you physically have as the silk nightie also falls to the floor. Standing there completely naked, even if your intent were to kill me now I'd die content with seeing your naked body before me. You climb the bed, and make your way to my face.. You kiss me so gently, so soft, the taste of your lips are like an aphrodisiac wine. You next climb up on my face and thrust your soft warm pussy onto my mouth. Your legs pinning my arms down, not that I'm going anywhere with my limbs vine bound to the bedposts anyway. You completely have me at your mercy. And I am enjoying every time my tongue drags its wet taste buds across your ever so moistening pussy lips. I tease your clitoris with my tongue, and try to suck on it when I can, but you are gyrating your hips and moaning in sequence to how good I am making you feel. You spin yourself around so that you are facing my feet, continuing to grind yourself into me, and you notice how my cock is standing at attention. Maybe just because I am half a****l, who knows, but my 14 inch swollen member is none too short for you to grab a hold of and begin to stroke up and down. You can feel my mouth vibrate your pussy with moaning, as it feels so good, and you lean down to take me in your mouth. Words cannot even describe how intense this feels to me, as inch by inch your mouth tightly grips and descends down my shaft your tongue dancing around it as if it's a hyper pole dancer. In the meanwhile I have created quite a mess of my own here your pussy juice and my saliva running down your legs, my neck, even finding its way into my eyes as I continue to make love to your pussy with my mouth. Through all this I can sense you are more than ready for me to penetrate, so I concentrate a little more on what you are doing to me down there.. Then suddenly you crawl off of me, and on down to turn around, and find yourself in between my legs so you can gently take my balls into your mouth. This feels so fucking good as you lick and suck on me, your hand stroking me at the same time. I'm not sure how much more of this I can stand, as my legs and arms pull against the vines.. *SNAP* one arm breaks free .. Then the other.. I reach down and snap the other vines from my legs and with a growl I grab you and spin your body to the other end on all fours and mount you.. My throbbing cock dripping with your saliva unites with mine as I slide myself into your quivering juicy kitten, and upon pushing as deep as I can I hear you gasp and moan. I take a second to enjoy the feeling of your soft inner walls hugging my phallus and then begin thrusting myself in and out of you.. Watching your sexy body bounce from my hard pounding exciting me more and more.. Your glistening skin so soft, so divine and I rub my hands all over you.. Thrusting and shoving myself deeper and deeper sends you into a trance, your eyes rolling back in your head feeling me deep then out then deep again.. A rhythm of beauty. My fingertips glide themselves down your back to your hips, where I grab you tight and begin fucking harder.. Harder.. Harder.. Your body bouncing violently off mine feeling so good, and turning me on more and more.. I can feel a change, my eyes glazed over to wolf eyes, and my fangs bared.. This a****l coming out of me fucking the last of your innocence out of you, hairs coming out all over but keeping my human form.. You feel the first wave hit and you scream, slowing your pushback down so I match yours, feeling your inside pulsate as your pussy fills with your own cum.. Squeezing out the sides of you and down my ball sack.. I continue thrusting hard, this feeling of your pussy gripping me tighter with your orgasm waves feels so good, and listening to your moans and your hands and feet curling up fuck I'm gonna.... uuuuuuuhhhhh! Yeah.. I howl out loud and you can feel my cock shooting out my warm potion into your already flooded kitty, gushing with every thrust and running down your legs and mine.. Your eyes suddenly glow bright white as do mine as we continue fucking each other hard.. You finally collapse on the bed and I fall next to you, my wolf features fading out.. As with our glowing eyes.. For a brief second we both traveled to another dimension but I'm glad we came back so I can lie next to you and your sexy body, where I will forever wish to be.
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