The look on his face, standing in the doorway dripping with raindrops.. He had came for one thing, to profess his love to her. Too long had he stood by, idly waiting for some moment, any moment to present himself. For months he dreamed of an encounter, daydreamed ways to say how he felt, and minutes a day thinking about the things she and he would do, if he should ever get her alone. He wanted her in the worst way. Now he stands, looking at her and saying the things that are on his mind, hoping for an outcome that proved worthy in his favor. What he didn't realize, is that it was her favor too. She secretly wanted him as well, but was unsure of his intentions and took a backseat for her desire waiting for a time such as this. She embraces him in a kiss. Not much to care for his wet soaken body nor the dripping of raindrops streaming down the crevice of her doorway. "What's the point?" she thought to herself as her lips matched his, "we'll be out of these clothes momentarily".

She pulled him inside, the two walking and engaging in a long passionate kiss. His tongue probing inside, searching for hers and noticing every little bump and curve her tongue had to offer. For a minute they paused, she lifted his shirt up and off, then tossed it to the ground, and embraced in another kiss. His hand probed up her stomach to her chest, and stopped on her neck. He held it gently as he kissed her deep. Her hands decided then to move on down and feel his hardened member he had grown in light of the new mood. She teased him through his pants for a few minutes as he moved from her mouth and began to place kisses and tongues along her neck and shoulder. She then unzipped his pants and worked out his dick through his boxers and fly, stroking it softly with one hand, both hands, switching hands.. He looked into her eyes with raging lust, not that she didn't have it in hers to return. He was hoping next she would drop to her knees and swallow him, but she continued to keep toying with him. She thought to herself that she kind of wanted to, but she just wasn't much on doing it. Eventually she decided to change things up and brought him into the bedroom. He gladly followed behind, unbuttoning his jeans and dropping them to the floor as he walked. When they reached the bed, she waited for him to take off his shoes and socks, and instructed him to lay on the bed first. He made himself comfortable enough with a pillow behind his head, eager to see what happened next. She lifted her shirt revealing nice voluptuous breasts encased in a black bra. She stared him in the eye as if she were saying "that's right, you lay there and gaze upon me. See the body that you will soon worship." She turned around and worked her jeans off , slowly pulling down to reveal one of the nicest asses he had seen in forever, a black g string earning an extra stiffening sensation in his awaiting cock. She seductively unhinged her bra, and turned slowly staring at him with her arm over her nipples, teasing him. She crawled up on the bed still covering her breasts until she had them hovering over his face. She then let go and they dropped down to his salivating lips. He kissed and sucked on each breast, as she guided them one to the next over his mouth. His tongue tracing around her hardened nipples, as he loved those large breasts just all over his face. In the mean time she has been working off her g string, and pulled away for a minute to pull it completely off. She then walked herself up to straddle his face, grinding her pussy into his mouth. She held the wall and planted her knees on either side of his face, her feet lying on either side of his chest. His arms reached up to grab her waist, gliding with her as she rubbed and smothered her slowly moistening pussy that was being licked sucked and kissed by his lips and tongue. She continued doing this as it felt so good for several minutes, then decided her sugar walls were well coated with juice for insertion. She wanted him inside her, as his appetite for fucking her was equaled. She dismounted his dripping wet face and walked on her knees to his still swollen cock. "Why not", she thought, "after all he just gave me some", and she inserted his cock into her mouth. He let out a moan of pleasure as she timidly put her mouth on the top of it, then slowly, ever so slowly, worked her lips down his shaft to the base, and then back up. She noted how his body lay drained on the bed, as what she has just done had just dominated his being. This enticed her to continue, using her hand and mouth working slow then fast, slow then fast.. She even sucked on one of his testicles and let it drop out of her mouth, catching it with her tongue and then going back to deep throat him. She'd continue this, but her pussy was almost screaming at her to get that super stiff cock now laced with her lust filled saliva into her.

Seductively, she crawled back down the bed and mounted him, sliding his cock into her still wet pussy. She firmly took it all the way deep and planted her legs on either side of him. She placed on of her hands on his stomach and began to ride him, his eyes closing and feeling the warmth inside and the great feeling of her elasticity masturbating him from within. Her other hand began to rub her breasts, tweaking and rubbing on her nipples then quitting to rescue her face from the hair that kept coming forward. He placed his hands on her hips and pressed a little for grip, but really it was all her doing the work. Her riding became more fierce than earlier, when she was enjoying pleasing him more.. but now she could feel a wave coming on that made this whole game much more interesting. She erupted one orgasm, pausing her ride to a halt then resuming more.. blam! Another hits, she snugs herself in deep to feel it more .. boom! She thinks fireworks as shivers run up and down her spine and her body jerks a little.. damn! She growls a little at the welcoming of more orgasms, and rides his swollen cock a little more and more.. Feeling too good, wrapped up in lust, her kitty came so quickly she thought. This wasn't just a routine rocks off. She decided to spin herself around on top of him, thinking now it's his turn. He wasn't sure he'd last too long at this rate; she'd already covered him with her juices, friction was doing it's thing.. Another few minutes to this and he'd be done for. And now this.. looking down at his midsection he now sees her great ass now bouncing up and down, as she moves her head around to watch him while she rides him. Her pussy like a kung fu grip, stroking him up and down faster and faster.. He placed his hands on her ass , giving them a little joking pat. "Smack it harder" she said.. caught up in the moment she knew this would also bring him up to orgasm faster.. "yea" she cries as he submits to her orders and planting a nice hand print on her left ass cheek. "Never in my lifetime" he thought, "have I ever been fucked like this". He started to feel the tingle.. Much like a woman's, the sensation begins and the orchestra starts to play. The testicles tighten up, the nipples harden, the head of his dick becomes sensitive and feels so good every time she bounces up and down. He moans in light of this, and she dismounts quickly and grabs him with her hand. She begins to masturbate him, looking him in the eye and tells him to shoot his load all over her large and supple breasts. "Cmon baby" she tells him, stroking him harder and firmer.. He can feel it coming, thinking about all his sensations at once and what she's currently doing to him, plus the thought of waxing her breasts came to mind and uhhhh.. his entire body locked and his cock became like a steel pipe in her hand as it began to shoot a stream.. The contents squirting all over her chest and dripping down the middle. Another wave hits soon after. His body jerks and another glob shoots out, landing on her neck this time.. oh well .. she continues stroking him and aims a little better, this time the 3rd shot hits her breast and a trickle comes down to her nipple.. A 4th and 8th one hits.. he finally runs out of cum but he's still sensitive. She finds a towel that she so happened to have laying by the bed for moments like these, wiped off her hands and wiped him off, then cuddled up next to him. His arm went around her and he pulled her closer to embrace in a kiss. Not a care in the world did either of them have where each others mouths had been, it was beyond that now. One thing was for sure, both of them were truly amazed by each other and this would not be the last time they ever met like this.
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