The Hunger

A cloaked figure walked amongst them. So many people lost in the music and d**gs, bouncing around with not much a care in the world. What a perfect place for Trystan to find his main course. He walked around the outside of the pillars in the smoky strobe light dance floor, watching the young women move to the beat produced by the many speakers. Trystan could feel the urge to let go too, the trance pouncing his chest, the waves of sound soothing from head to toe. He wasn’t here for that. It had been a week since he had known a woman, and likewise several days before he had fed. Vampires can exist for a week or two after a full meal, but young vampires need to feed often. He finally saw her; dancing with another woman, pressed up against her like she was glued. Her long black hair waving around her, her white t-shirt so tight it looked like it was painted on. Plus unlike some of the meth-heads and other d**g infested youths, she looked healthy and firm. bl**d is all the same he thought, but he convinced himself that pure bl**d was best, and he would accept nothing unless he was completely desperate. He walked towards her, invoking his vampiric charm which worked so well at reeling them in before. Other girls walked in front of him on his way to her, and he pushed them aside. He was fixed on her. He dropped his leather trench coat behind him as he walked, carefree as to what might happen to it; He could always get another one, this was more important. She turned around and met his gaze. Continuing to dance she motioned for him to join her, thinking that he was about the best looking man she’d seen all night. His brown hair slightly wavy and shoulder length, wearing a dark red button up long sleeve shirt with a pattern undistinguishable in the poor lighting. He had the face of an angel, the gaze of a hungry god, and a body tall and slightly built. Together they danced until the song was over, and then headed over to the bar.

“What’s your name” he asked politely.
“Raevynn, and you are?”
“Well Trystan”, she said, “I’m a woman who knows what she wants. Right now I want to drink, feel a bit tipsy, then I’d like to take you upstairs and fuck your brains out.”
“hmm” he thought to himself, offering her a smirk, “this has never been easier.”

He then motioned for the bartender, laid down a $50 bill and told him “get her what ever she wants, and I’ll have a martini, dry.” She ordered a couple drinks and quickly downed them. Not even yet being able to feel the buzz, she told him to follow her, and led him upstairs to the many rooms. The bouncer must have known her, because he unhooked the chain and let them enter. They walked down a corridor dimly lit with red bulbs, and she turned to him and said, “I don’t normally act this way, but I’ve had a lot of stress lately and I’m ready for some fun. It’s a good thing you came along because I didn’t know how long I was going to have to dance my ass off before finding someone worthy of my attention.” He looked down behind her and said “your ass looks fine, looks like I arrived just in time”. She laughed a little then leaned into him to kiss. They could both taste the alcohol on their lips, and she reached behind her to open the door.

The two headed into the room, closing the door behind them and grasping each other like wild a****ls. Their tongues dancing together as their lips lock, caressing each other with gripping fingers. Fingers that have ripped off her shirt, exposing her voluptuous C’s, hidden away behind a black lace bra. She took him backwards still kissing to the edge of the bed, where she then sat down. She freed her breasts and tossed away the bra to the head of the bed, and went right for his zipper. Trystan became mesmerized by this, and watched her as she so innocently looked up at him while unzipping his fly and pulling out his now very erect cock. She took it in her mouth with a moan, and his hands pulled up his shirt so he could watch her work. Her tongue probed every inch of his cock, almost like tracing every little wrinkle, bump, curve, and then plunging it all deep inside, to the point where he could feel it go down her throat a little. She continued to toy with him as she unbutton his pants and slid them down until they fell to the floor on their own. She then pulled down his dark red underwear, pausing a moment to free his cock and then assuming it’s position around her inviting lips. Sucking and moaning, he thought to himself of all the girls he’s had the pleasure of encountering, none have ever partaken in head like her. She lifted his cock with her hand and her other hand slid its way up his leg to his ball sack, and then she began to lick and suck on them too. His legs shook while he stood. He worked his feet free from his pants one by one, then lifted his right leg up on the bed, shifting his body in a better position to make love to her mouth. With a devilish smile and a little laugh, she allowed his cock to insert once again into her juicy lips, thrusting himself in and out. She reached around him grabbing his ass with both hands, spanking them at first and then grasping them as if guiding them to f***efully fuck her mouth even harder than he was. He wondered if she had a threshold, some point when maybe he was being too rough with her, but alas she had none. She continued to accept his throbbing cock to pummel her mouth and throat, her tongue dancing around to meet and lubricate him as he went. Finally he felt himself about ready to cum, and he decided maybe he should relax a bit. Maybe she was wild orally, but he wondered what it felt like inside her. Besides, his cool off time could be well spent if he returned the favor. He kneeled down on the ground and began to kiss her neck, tonguing it and playing with her nipples, which were rock hard. His hands made their way down to her pants, unbuttoning them and unhinging the belt. Finally he was able to relieve the pressure of those gorgeous hips and ass, stuffed inside her Tripp pants. She laid back allowing him to slide off her pants, and then remove her white camouflage g-string. She had already slipped off her shoes he guessed sometime while she was giving him head, because he surely didn’t notice anything else going on. With her pants tossed to the head of the bed along with her shirt and bra, she was now completely naked. And he was ready to consume.

Raevynn now was able to watch him work. He lifted her legs up and sat one foot on his shoulder, and sucked on the toes of the other. He kissed her feet, the underside and her arch, and quickly massaged her from ankle to calf. When he reached the knee he sat her foot on his shoulder and did the same to her other leg, this time moving further down the inside of her leg until he came across her warm and awaiting pussy. It was so beautiful he thought as the glow from the table lamp in the corner stretched across her body. She had shaven it down but not completely bald, and his breath on it caused her to hold hers waiting for the moment when he would make contact. He began by kissing around it, slowly up one side then down the other, taking one hand to caress her stomach up to her breasts. Her legs d****d over him, almost locked in place so that he wouldn’t go anywhere, as if he would. His cock wasn’t so easily cooling off, as the act of doing this furthered it’s stiff and throbbing status. He paid it no more mind and he began to lick, enjoying her soft moaning. Her hands grabbed his head, pulling it deep into her as her legs stiffened. She thought for a second that maybe he’d either be broken in half by this or drown in her juices, but she didn’t care. It felt too good. His hand continued to play with her breasts, pulling on one nipple then circling it, and trying to reach the other one; He accomplished this by just using his other hand. If anyone were to walk on them right now, they would have thought of a human pretzel, the way they were intertwined, but to listen to his slurping and her moaning, one would either stare in amazement or slowly exit the room. Trystan used not only his tongue and lips; he even buried his nose, eyebrows, cheeks, everything that would give her some soft friction and feeling. One of her hands came off his head and she began to play with her clitoris; however the other one continued to guide him down so he wouldn’t forget the task at hand. Finally with a sudden stiff body leading to stomach jerking, she came. He could feel the pulses of the orgasm through her clit, his tongue assisting her fingers squeeze out every last sensation it could of this juicy explosion.

When she was finally done and relaxed a bit he jumped to his feet and motioned for her to get on all fours. She spared no time doing this, as she wanted that cock buried inside her still throbbing walls. He looked down and her beautiful ass, and rested one hand on it while his other guided him up to her pussy, and pushed it in deep. Her nipples tingled and felt as if they had gotten harder, and she let out a groan as he slowly pushed himself deeper and deeper inside of her. When he was completely inside he moved his hands to grasp both her hips, locking on to them so he could maximize the thrusting he would engage once he’s savored the feeling of being fully submerged. She began to rock back and forth letting him know to get on with it, and he happily obliged. His cock slid in and out of her, fully lubricated with the wetness of her pussy. He also enjoyed the feeling of her plump ass bouncing off his body while he pounded her. His body rocked as did hers, mutual feelings of ecstasy sending shivers up and down their skin. His hand moved to her ass crack, and he took his thumb down to play with her asshole. She moaned even more, telling him that she liked it, and he continued while fucking her hard. “Push it in” she said, of which he was; And after a few moments she realized he didn’t know what she meant, so she replied “slide your thumb in my ass”. The feelings she felt were amazing. His rock hard cock filling up her pussy and the strange slightly burning sensation of his thumb sliding slowly into her ass; she felt another urge to cum. He felt like he might cum soon too, everything that’s happening was feeling too good. Thinking about it was a bad idea, and he began to cum, pulling out both thumb and cock, he placed his cock up against her ass crack, and pushed her cheeks together much like he was titty fucking, so he could further enjoy the sensation of the cum crashing out onto her back. She was about to cum anyway, and although this felt awkward to her, she began coming again too thinking about his cock sliding between her cheeks, rubbing her asshole. Finally he was done, and she sat up on her knees so she could press her body up against his. He embraced her, and “finally”, he thought, “this is my chance”. He could feel his teeth growing out, the hunger inside throbbing his stomach.. He had his fun with her, now it’s time to feed on her bl**d. He began to kiss her ear, and down to her neck, looking for that one vain that sticks out amongst the rest. She was seconds away from becoming a victim, and she was caught up in bliss just as many of the others had been. He found his mark, and opened his mouth wide exposing his large fangs.

Suddenly, she grabbed his arm and whipped him around on the bed. His eyes had changed from before, and his mouth was open, she could see the fangs emerged. However he was in shock for a second, that she had escaped his embrace; he lunged at her but she caught him with a massive elbow across his face, knocking him back onto the bed. She laughed to herself as her skin became covered in goosebumps, and each little bump soon manifested thick black hair growing to about 1” in length. Her eyes glazed over a glowing red, and her mouth became elongated quickly growing into a shape that many men had feared just as the vampire himself Trystan.. She had become the wolf. He again lunged at her now with fear in his heart, but she was too quick for him. Her hand halted his body by grabbing firm onto his neck, and she squeezed hard. He fought to get her hand off with his, and her other hand slashed his face with razor sharp talons. He was no stranger to pain, but the four lines on his face burned as bl**d poured out of them. He screamed, but his cries were soon drowned out by the bl**d pouring into his mouth, and he began to kick at her. She stood up tall, a good 7 foot tall, still grasping on his neck. One more squeeze of her hand could crush his throat. With her other hand she shoved her sharp talons into his stomach, and shoved him up against a wall. There was no escape he thought, and he had no choice but to gaze in horror as the girl whom he had just had the wildest sex of his life with was now ending him forever. When his body finally went limp, she dropped him to the floor and began a frenzy. Hacking away at his limbs and tearing off flesh with her teeth, she wanted to make sure he would never survive. In his last moments of consciousness, he felt the terror and entrapment. Much like he had done to so many unsuspecting girls before. She quickly changed back into her human form and wiped the bl**d off on his clothes, and threw them on top of his mangled corpse. She adorned her clothes and headed out the door, with the sound of a quiet belch before it closed behind her.
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3 years ago
thanks! Decided to try making that crossover into horror/fantasy porn.
3 years ago
that is twisted