Daydream Quickie

In and out my tongue dances inside her, making her squirm with each passing lick.. She lays on her back for me on the black furry blanket, her body glistening from the flickering candles on either sides of the headboard. I am drawn to her; her beauty, her soft silky touch, the warmth of her aroused body, and the a****l inside which begs me to tease her into submission before fucking the last remaining innocence from her soul. Her pussy tastes so good, and my saliva drips down her lips into the crack of her ass, which I tease with the tips of my finger. My other hand rubs her breasts, grasping them as a whole and then tracing around the nipples with the slightest touch, like I'm tracing the most incredible work of art. The sound of her moans, the gasps of air she breathes, and the sweat emanating from her body tells me everything I'm doing is right, and I dare not stop. I continue to lick, running my tongue up one side and down the other, and eventually making my way back to her swollen clitoris. There it stands so proud, ready to receive the soft wet warmth of my strong tongue, playing melodies to it like a bow to a lust filled violin. slowly I insert my finger into her ass, feeling a jerk from her body. She was not expecting this, nor is she shunning the sensation from it as I probe gently and continue making oral love to her warm hot pussy. I push her legs up a little higher to bring her ass up more, and run my tongue down her pussy to it, circling it and teasing it much to her delight. as far as I can I insert it in and out, bringing more delight to her and as well to me, I love to taste her ass. My hand runs it's finger around her clitoris, and in and out of her pussy as I continue licking around and around. It's not long before I can feel her begin to cum, her muscles tightening up from her legs to her stomach, her neck, her head shaking with submissive pleasure, wave one has begun. I bring her back down and insert my finger into her throbbing pussy, feeling for the spot where it throbs the most and applying slight pressure.. Holding it steady as she rides out the oncoming tsunami called orgasm. Suddenly she sits up and pushes me backwards on the bed, and like a crazed a****l takes my cock into her mouth. sliding up and down, gripping me with her hand and stroking me as she works on choking herself with deep, deep inserts. MMM it feels so good to be deep inside her throat, and she moans from the remaining waves of orgasm sending ripples of sensation down my shaft ... there's no better feeling than this.. at least for now. Her tongue slaps and curves around the head of my swollen dick as she teases me before deep throating again, up and down, simulating the warm fleshy feel of the inside of her wet pussy , that I'll hope to explore soon. Her other hand caresses my balls, lightly touching them and feeling how big and round they are, and how they tense up with her tickle.. she stops deep throating for a minute to kiss and lick on my ball sack, gently sucking one ball up into her mouth making it warm, and then moving on to the other.. my legs shake with pleasure, and in my heightened state she slides a finger onto my ass, tickling me, but it feels so good. she continues doing this as she resumes swallowing my cock and stroking me with her other hand. Alternating between that and caressing my balls, I want to switch positions but everything feels so good.. I want so bad to flip her on to her back and straddle her face, so that I can dip my balls and cock into her mouth, hovering over her.. Thinking about this with the sensation of what she's doing is turning me on so much, my dick can't get any harder than this.. then she commands me to get on my hands and knees.. I don't know what's going to happen but I'm game for it.. As long as she touches me.. Pleases me.. I don't care.. she reaches under me and grabs my cock, stroking me like she's milking a cow.. ohhh yea this feels so good.. her other hand caresses my ass, rubbing and grabbing at it, and eventually she runs her fingers down to my ass hole and teases it again, holy fuck this feels so good.. As once thought before than anal stimulation was only for her, I've found I quite enjoy it, and since we've both showered thoroughly, it's not as nasty as one would think.. but as dirty fun as it could be. mmmmmm.. next I feel the unthinkable, as she leans down and begins to lick my balls, which are dangling down so heavy.. ohhhh fuck this feels so good, so good in fact that they retreat upwards scrunching my ball sack into a tight wrinkled bag.. It doesn't stop her from continuing to lick and suck on it, mmmmmmm... I can't stand it anymore.. I turn around to her and kiss her, wild passion is the tempo for the severity of our lips locking, and out tongues wrestling together.. I command her to turn around on her hands and knees, and ask her if she's ready to be fucked. she moans and licks her lips, and does as I say.. Telling me that she's completely ready for me to plunge this rock hard cock into her. mmmm she looks so good, her ass propped up in the air, ready for a little doggy fuck.. I run my fingers around her pussy to see how wet she still is, and I can't help myself as I dive my tongue into her ass hole once again, bringing her to yet another orgasm within minutes.. her body jerks and wiggles, and she cannot stand it anymore.. "put it in now" she tells me, nearly growling from the intensity I've just caused her.. I push my cock up to her pussy, and run it up and down, making sure to tease just a little bit more as I massage her clitoris.. "fuck me already!" she growls at me, and I submerge myself into her deeply as an answer.. her cries of lust driven excitement turn me on as I push myself completely inside her, and slowly back it out just to push it back in.. it feels so good inside of her, the pressure from the warm walls rubbing me, almost stroking me when inside. And she is so wet, so turned on from it all, just moments away from the next orgasm. I spank her ass and begin to fuck her quicker, slamming myself into her slowly at first then faster and faster.. building up the momentum.. She likes to be fucked hard, spanked, as I enjoy every inch I shove inside her wetness and back out.. she reaches underneath her, and rubs her own clitoris as I pound myself into her, taking full use of everything and anything that's going to bring her to her peak. I grab the top part of her ass, and with my thumb I feel on down to her ass hole, and begin teasing it again .. ohhh fuck everything feels so good; the warmth wetness of her pussy, my hand on her ass, looking down at her crack, my body pushing in and out of her, and even glancing up to see her head and body, swaying back and forth, hair dangling one side then the other as she moves around in a trance from what we are doing to each other. All this input is too much, and I am relieved to feel her begin to cum, as I don't think I can hold on any longer.. her pussy suddenly grips tight, and I can feel her cumming from the inside, glazing my cock with her warm juice. And it's not long.. before.. uuhh .. oh fuck!!! I pull out and sperm cannot wait to shoot out of me, all over her ass and down her legs.. and she turns around to stroke the last of it out of me, trying to make me pass out I suspect, as it feels soo GOOD... ughhhhh I fall backwards as she continues to stroke me, and gently she sucks on my balls... oh fuck I can't stand it.. "please quit" I beg her.. and she reaches down to the floor for a towel.. this round is over.. I can't wait until she gets out of the shower.. mmmmmmmmm
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