soft techno bumping in background.. the setting, your bedroom ... 1am.. you are asl**p, all naked on the bed and I come home from a long work shift.. The shape of your body arouses me, I can feel the pulse pumping below.. Loosing bl**d in.. head... uuuu .. . ok .. have to sit down for a sec.. I change the cd on the player to something trippy, trance rave techno.. something with a fast pace and a nice thump that vibrates the swimmers in my balls.. 8) With each thump of the bass I want you more and more, losing clothing.. sniffing armpits.. hehe, I am almost ready to just fly through the air and fuck ya til one of us drops.. :) However I like to stalk.. to prepare.. seduce your sl**ping body.. I see it, watching me.. wanting me .. But wait.. as i come closer I hear you let out a soft moan.. could it be? you are dreaming of me.. fucking me in your sl**p.. already one step ahead of me.. I lean up against the dresser and decide to see where this goes.. I see one of your hands.. it comes over your stomach.. you are caressing yourself.. mmm licking your lips.. your hand moves up, rubs one breast.. then goes over to the other.. pinches the nipple at the end, and runs back down your stomach.. I see your lips lick a bit, and my oh my your breathing has become heavier.. :) Whatever you are doing.. mm, it's turning me on more and more.. I see your hand.. slide down.. in between your legs.. and you masturbate.. mmm I watch with complete attention.. The music is thumping louder.. the trance is setting the mood for the room, which you seem to be attuned to.. I decide why not ya know, I begin to stroke myself and watch you.. pumping up and down to the motions your fingers run up down and around your juicing pussy.. mmm getting caught up in this, I imagine you right now on your knees sucking my cock, asking me if it's good, and I beg you to keep going.. deeper.. uuuu here we are.. inches across from each other.. both dreaming of fucking each other.. I break free of that dream when the beat dies down a lil.. my hand quits, and I watch you.. cuz you are still going.. I lay beside you in bed, gently.. not to wake you.. hehehe just to be so close to you dreaming of me this way turns me on so much.. I whisper I love you on your neck.. I want you.. hoping not to wake you so I whisper lightly.. hoping maybe to encourage your dream.. mm.. I kiss you shoulder.. down your arm.. gently.. don't wanna wake you.. yeaaaa.. I go down to your hand, which is still softly masturbating away.. I watch it a few.. then I begin to lick.. mm to caress your pussy as you rub on it.. mm.. your two main fingers spread you open.. you know I am here.. you are dreaming of me doing it.. and I am doing it.. hehehe I lick.. circles, hearts.. diamonds.. clovers.. hehe avatars.. all around your clitoris.. you taste so good baby.. I'd hop up and fuck ya right now if I'd let me.. hehe but I wanna play lick the kitten first.. mmm feeling my tongue probe your clit.. sucking it up in my lips and boxing it with my tongue like a punching bag.. my tongue running down to your hole.. mmm seeing how far I can bury my tongue n face.. your moist lips mixing with my sweat and saliva beading my face like a sponge bath, mmm it seems I have awaken you.. You wake up to see my face buried in between your legs.. you call my name, Suck my pussy baby.. yea.. your sexy voice driving me faster. faster.. mmm more sucking.. licking.. I have to take a breath and dive in for a few min.. let your hands guide my head inside you.. not that head.. not yet.. uuuhh.. when I run out of oxygen I'll just draw back and get another breath.. My nads caressing your thighs.. the tops of your legs.. mm pulling your body into my face.. I am in complete control of you right now.. I hear you calling for God's help.. hehe But God don't help the naughty girls.. hehe and your punishment is me.. now lay back and enjoy as I finish the job.. I hear you moan.. and cry a lil.. some mumbling n stuff.. hehehe but most importantly I hear you suddenly begin to cry out louder.. Don't stop you cry.. you have to explode.. but it feels so good you need it.. I am locked into you, inches from your hardest orgasm.. I can feel your clitoris throbbing along to it's own beat.. the music isn't heard anymore. It's still playing tho. With my next lick I take you away, and I do it so slowly.. soooo soooo slowly.. humming and curving my tongue across your jackpot handle.. I get to it.. and I can feel the warmth for your insides from the load you shoot out on my face.. dripping down me.. clinging to my goatee every hair fiber fighting for the mere touch of the essence of the goddess I hold so high.. and with that.. it's time to fuck ya.. turn over.. I instruct you , the goo dripping and vibrating off my tongue as I talk to you.. command you.. on your hands and knees.. I would feel more commanding.. if I didn't lose consciousness just gazing at your body, you bring me out tho.. you tell me.. command me.. I want it !! FUCK ME!!! I position myself and grab my dick and well first I rub it up and down you ass, your pussy.. hehee teasing your clit again.. heheh I insert.. it is so moist.. mmm I slide in.. every inch that goes in I roll my eyes in the back of my head.. it feels so good.. mmm I get my deepest.. and thurst back and forth.. slowly.. then faster.. then slower.. heheh my hands ride your ass as you bounce with me.. rocking yourself into me so hard.. I love it.. mmm The techno beat comes back.. the trance is still pounding away.. as am I.. pushing so deep into you.. sweating.. mmm.. my face covered with your potion.. I wipe it off with my hands.. lick it off my fingers.. and slap the rest on your ass.. and rub it in... speaking of ass.. ... ...

I slide out of ya then go up a little bit.. tease your ass a little.. I hear you say "do it.. yess.. doo it" So I push it in.. then push a little more.. a little more.. uuuhhhh fuck!! I am in so deep.. mm.. I hear you cry.. but you love it.. you helped push it in there.. LOL MMM I can still taste your pussy on my lips.. so as I fuck your ass I imagine eating you out again.. uuuhhh.. I can't take much more of this.. uuhhh.. I'm gonna cum I say.. and you spin yourself around and swallow my cock.. uuuhhhh I fall back on the bed and you hover me, my cock is buried in your throat.. uuuhh... you fingers massage my balls as I get readyy. tto ... uuuhj... ..dfsdsd. . FFFFUUUUCCCCKKK uhhhhh one shot out.. two.. uuuuuuhhh three.. uh... down your throat I think uhh another.. another.. FUCK!!!! yeaa.. dam.. uuhh another... mm... you disengage deep throat and suck the head of my dick, and stroke me with your hand.. mm.. trying to siphon out the remaining load.. well theres.. some and uuuuhhh another .. FFFUCCCKK ohh. my balls tighten as I shot them off.. uuh.. I beg you to quit cuz it hurts too good.. uuhh.. come cuddle with me.. we've got to get some rest to work tomorrow. :) Gotta get a good couple hours so we can do this again before we part..
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