sex story patr II (sonnnyla) for me

‘Hold your hand out!’ i exclaim, doing so i then lick your fingers... ‘Mmmm, tastes good’. Within seconds we are back to being fully aroused. Forgetting where we left off i turn you over so you are laid with your front on the bed. I kiss your bum cheeks and then tease around your rim for a while. I then kneel on the bed, pull your legs over my shoulders so your pussy is in my face, below my mouth and so you are facing down above my cock. Without hesitation you put your warm mouth over my cock, moving quickly up and down. I then put my tongue inside your vagina. I move in so deep and close that my lower lip rubs against your clit, ‘arrrghhh’ we both call out. It’s now a matter of time till one of us orgasms, I twist and turn inside you with my lip buzzing and tickling your clitoris. You pant a little. You then slow down with your mouth movements, up and down, you then move onto my bell end. ‘Shit’ i shout, forgetting about any noise we’re making as we carry on.
‘You’ve done this before’ i say rhetorically, ‘a few times’ you say back sexily. My penis is throbbing, harder than i ever remember. I feel a little wetness coming in my mouth and out of my cock. I know if i stay in this position i will ejaculate. My balls feel loaded. I move on turning you over. We kiss. I consider fingering you, then i realise you can wait
‘Mmmmmm, yes baby, go on’ you dare as i pick you up, my big hands supporting your soft bottom and your nipples tickling my chest. My cock at forty degrees, i look over to the pack of condoms. ‘No baby, i want to feel YOU inside me’ ,giving me the sign.... so i enter!
Inside feels warm, i’m on the edge as we start kissing frantically; with you held up i walk forwards. Your back hits the wall. ‘Ah’ you shout, but begging me to carry on. I thrust forwards and backwards, in and out, trying to get as deep inside you as i can. Your bum cheeks slap against my hard thighs. Your breast swing and hit me in the chest. A little trickle runs down my leg. I don’t think it is my cum though. ‘Faster, harder’! You yell out. I do so. Your hands run through my hair as my sweaty hands creep in supporting you nearer your vagina.
Slamming from wall to wall, thrusting against room 67. Until we hear a knock at the door. We look each other in the eyes and agree to carry on. ‘I hope she orgasms first, i tell myself’. We carry on for a short while, my shoulders ache but adrenaline takes over. I walk over to the bed, dropping you down and i collapse. You jump straight back up, jumping on my wet cock reverse cowgirl, up and down, faster and harder each time my cock and your pussy squelching. I sit up a little as you remain reverse but you sit up a little like a bunny rabbit. ‘Oh, oooh’ you moan. ‘Wow’ i yell as i slap your bum.
Quick as a flash you spring up and turn around. You sit on my lap breathing heavily in my face, your breath smells strongly of cock. I stick my tongue out and you mirror, with our tongues licking at halfway. Both on the edge of climax..........who will give in first ?????
‘Oh i’m gunna cum’ I MOAN. You sit on my penis. We are in the ultimate embrace position. Eyes closed. My balls tickle and my senses taking over. ‘CUM INSIDE ME BABY, CUM INSIDE ME!!’ before you finish the last words i shoot up a load, so fast you feel it at your belly. Thick and cloggy, i made sure i didn’t cum for a couple of days earlier. ‘1, 2,3,4...7,8,9,’ i count out the shots! 10, ELEVEN i count! ‘New PB’ i think to myself. ‘Good boy’ you praise.
You stay on my cock for a while. On the edge of orgasm but still in control. ‘How haven’t you orgasmd’? i question ... ‘I’m an expert honey’, ‘we will see about that’ i reply. You stay on my wet penis expecting my erection to disappear. It doesn’t. You then stand up dripping over my inner thighs. I feel dirty but yet still horny, you look down at me as i sit covered in sperm and pussy juice, i look up like a little c***d. ‘I’ll take care of that’ you purr, like cat licking my milk, ‘Mmmmm’ you sound out as you swallow a load. ‘THAT WAS GREAT’ you whisper in my ear, your breath smells of cum, ‘what do you mean that WAS’? I ask. I pull you in and we kiss, ‘I love kissing after blowjobs’ we both say together. ‘Cum here’ i say as i pick you up, i lay back and sit you on my face.................................... ‘I’ll make you cum now’ i Bragg..... X
Sat on the top of my mouth. Licking away, like you are lollipop on a summer’s day, you taste better though. I feel so sticky, your body is a little wet, your pussy smells lovely and moist, ‘mmm plz carry on’ you say. I spank your bottom again, it’s so curvy yet pert in its own way that i could not resist, my ideal figure, and your bum wobbles like jelly, my cock rises towards you. ‘I’m getting my money’s worth from this e****t’ i realise to myself. You reach out for my penis; it keeps throbbing up and down like a cock does at the end of a climax. ‘Aha cheeky!’ i say grabbing your hands and placing them on your breasts, i place my hands over and together we rub your large nipples. ‘Lady you just have the most amazing boobs, your whole body was just designed for cock. My cock... you are a goddess’. ‘No honey, i am an e****t’ you reply. ‘Right then I’ll make this expert cum...’ i pronounce.
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8 months ago
Awesome story baby!
8 months ago
Horny story of a perfect 69 and creampie! Love it!