You Know Your Fetishes Have Gone Too Far , Parte D

1. Some people use blenders for smoothies, some use them for margaritas. You use them for foreplay.

2. You’ve worn fetish clothing for so long, you find polo shirts to be very erotic.

3. Black and Decker called. It was tough finding a strong enough motor, but the prototype is ready.

4. You buy so many batteries, the president of Duracell sends you a fruit basket every year.

5. Gomez and Morticia Addams envy your basement dungeon.

6. You enter baking contests just to hide your massive Crisco purchases.

7. In the spirit of MacGyver, you can fashion a sex toy out of a ball point pen, a styrofoam cup and the innards of a remote control car in under twenty minutes.

8. Times are tough, so you moved next door to a leather tanning factory to save on shipping.

9. Every sexual encounter at your house starts with all participants signing a liability waiver and watching a 20 minute safety video.

10. You're credited with starting three new fetish genres, two of which can only be performed in zero gravity.

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3 years ago
funny as hell especially #3
3 years ago