My Good Boy Chris and My Slutty Chrissy

We had been talking on Xhamster for a little while,
and Mommy thought it was time to meet .
Mommie's need to use Her slutty chrissy was a growing Appetite but her Desire was nothing compared to her slave's Hunger to please.
Mommy knew His need to be used in public and Loved it.
I had been training him to edge and take a Massive horse cock amongst other things and had something special in mind for him when we finally met.
I knew exactly what I wanted but more than that I knew he would give it to me whatever It was because he was My good boy and My slutty chrissy.
Our First Time would be special and I wanted to take my time with him.......
He picked me up and I saw straight away how much he needed me at the visible bulge that appeared whenever I got close to him and how eagger he was to do Anything to please me.
I must admit that it was a great turn on knowing the effect I was having on him and I started whispering my plans to him as we walked knowing it was making him rock hard .
I suggested we go for coffee first so we could catch up on things as I wanted to check on his progress .
I sat across from him taking him in ,
he was blond with stunning blue eyes and a body to die for, I found my mind was wondering to all the things I wished I could do to him and with him and My foot started to run up and down his leg and as I held his hand I leaned over and said "come here now I need You."
He blushed and rushed over beside me ,
his eaggerness showing ,making me smile once more... He was such a good boy... My good boy.
I could not wait any longer to have what was mine.
I looked into his eyes as my hands cupped his face and I leaned him and kissed him.
I pulled him in close and held him tight and could feel him so hungry for me I was for him.
My hands begining to wonder over his body,
hearing him begin to moan softly ,
I whisper in his ear "let's go"
as chris stands up he carries his coat in front of him and I smile noticing the bulge yet again now I am purposefuly teasing him to keep him that way.
As we sit in the car , I reach over and touch him once more through the shirt then over the trousers at first then open zip so I can slip my hand in ,stroking gently at first ....
His breathing quickening " Mmmmmm Mommmy
... Oh God ... " I smile as I kneel astride him and unbutton My shirt ,unleashing my large breast and feeding them to him as I lower down onto him slowly riding him.
Whispering in his ear
"Mmmmmm such a good boy for your mommy"
I get off and say "lets go home now "
I am Hungry for so much more and as we get home , I slowly undress him and fetch his collar from my bag and fasten it to his throat.
How many times I have wanted to do that .

Now show mommy what you can do.

He undresses me,leads me to the bathroom, washes every inch of my body and shaves me .
It feels so good and I begin to relax.
He takes me out of bath and towels me dry ,
lays me on bed begining to massage me with scented oils
I begin to moan
" Mmmmmm so good please don't stop"
his hands caressing my inner thighs now , finger tip stroking ever nearer.... My hands reaching down and pushing his face into my already wet pussy... No words needed .... He just knew what to do and was so good at it too.
Licking,sucking,nibbling as his hands continue to please me sending me over the edge over and over again ... Losing track of time .... Pulling him up by his collar legs wrapping around him as I drive him into me over and over... a****listic passion at first ...
then slowing down to gentle
Love making taking our time , kissing and caressing long after we are finished ,just holding you close as we talk.
You've told me of Slutty chrissy and her need to be used, you've told me of glory hole and now I am intrigued ....
I smile as I say "show me Chrissy"
chris washes and shaves, puts on sexy lingerie and a very sexy red dress....
Cannot help but say"Wow you are beautiful"
chrissy smiles back at me so happy.
I slip a few things in my bag and say
"show me the glory hole and what to do there".
We drive down and come to what just looks like toilet cubicles but with the obvious difference of holes of various sizes at various heights...
I am even more intrigued now as chrissy explains how men and women stick various body parts through the holes to be used.
I smiles as I open the cubicle and we step in together kissing and caressing .... Sitting on seat as Chrissy eats me out ... Mmmmm... Now I have something for you too... Close your eyes.... I bring out a massive cock and some lube... Open your eyes babe.. Chrissy eyes are riveted to cock ... Such a hungry cocksucker... I have her suck it hard and deep making her gag a few times that only makes her want more... My Slutty chrissy .... Bending her over pouring lub on her asshole slipping one finger in easy then 2 then 3 ...stretching her more ... Having her moan louder for me .... Begging me to fuck her... Holding her ass open for me to use her sissy pussy...Putting lub on the massive cock and pressing it to the hole .... Feeling her relax and open up as I grab her hips and thrust in... She is moaning louder as she rams herself onto it.... Mmmmm such a good asswhore... I can feel her working her way down little pulses then a long glide down... Pretty soon she has managed the impossible and is totally impaled on the horsecock... She is grinding on it and begging to be used more ....
I pull nearly all the way out and ram all the way back in calling her my asswhore ...she only wants more such a hungry little cocksucker too... She looks at me over her shoulder "please Mommy... Please " .... I nod and she begins to suck the cocks coming through the holes.... Mmmmm My slutty chrissy.

I wake up ... Damn that was a Hot Dream...
Such a great Fantasy.
96% (21/1)
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29 days ago
thank you
7 months ago
hot dream
2 years ago
I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writting it
2 years ago
You are amazing and I appreciate
Your honesty. Thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
I am pleased you enjoyed it so much
2 years ago
That was amazing. I exploded while reading this painting myself with cum all the way up to my neck. Thank you for posting
2 years ago
thank you so much Tom,

I feel Lucky too :-)
2 years ago
CW67 is very lucky to have such a wonderful Mommy as yourself. Lovely story of meeting your love Chris then taking chrissy.
2 years ago
Mmmm CW67 is a lucky man and slut to have a woman as wonderful as yourself write great piece of work for him/her. A delightful dream.
2 years ago
thank you ,
so glad you enjoyed my story
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
I wrote this story for CW67.
He is My good boy Chris and My slutty chrissy.
2 years ago
We little boy sluts really need our Mommies! Without you, we would be lost and purposeless. Great story. Thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
so glad you enjoyed it
2 years ago
wonderful dream...
2 years ago
thank you for your kind comment
2 years ago
Hmmm. :) Lucky CW67. Lucky you!
2 years ago
I am so glad to see you enjoyed it
2 years ago
hope to find a lady to use me like this 1 day!!
2 years ago
Loved it. TY
2 years ago
mmm nice story...

Wanna see me do similar things on cam for you..I'd love to be your slutty man-whore :)
2 years ago
thank you Cord ,
I am happy you enjoyed it.
Hugs C.
2 years ago
Great story Darling C...KISS
3 years ago
thank you Shane ,
I am so glad you enjoyed reading it.
I Loved writing it :-)
3 years ago
thank you John,
so glad you enjoyed it
3 years ago
your dream is wonderful!

I wish you to become reality

you deserve it
3 years ago
Very, very nice!
3 years ago
after being harassed by some I chose to make my profile private
3 years ago
Nice would love to read more of your stories but can't see your profile. :(
3 years ago
I wrote this story for CW67.
He is My good boy Chris and My slutty chrissy.