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Darkness envelopes me in this inky veil,
It surrounds me as it feeds on my fears.
In this cold place I am alone,
Alone, just me and my tears.
yet, I hear voices, screaming voices,
As they shed all of their pain.
And I wonder if I'll reach that point,
As my tears fall down like rain.
Suddenly I let out a scream that pierces the dark,
And I see a blinding light.
Now I have entered the brightest day,
As I leave the darkest night.

Posted by JerseyBean 3 years ago
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2 years ago
so very true
2 years ago
No matter how dark it gets you have to hold on, hold out, and never let the darkness possess you.
2 years ago
I wrote this when I was younger too
2 years ago
I poems in the same veins when i was younger :)
2 years ago
I hope to read some of your work in the near future
2 years ago
Hmmm, resonant, and makes me want to start writing again. Thank you.
2 years ago
so true
2 years ago
Sometimes only we, ourselves, hold the key to our own happiness and validity.
3 years ago
I put it on here for you to read so you would know you were not alone in the way you feel.
3 years ago
this has so much meaning to me