New Life Part 1(QT Fantasy No2)

Hello... my name is Linda, we have been living in the neighborhood now for about 6 months now. Although we are fairly new to the area still, we quickly made friends with the Johnson's that live across the way. We quickly learned we have a lot in common with them and have enjoyed their company and friendship. Although our relationship with them has been quiet adventurous from the beginning, it has reached a whole new level and our lives have never been the same.
My husband Braxton and I moved here because of a promotion he received from his work. Although we are a fairly young couple, his hard work finally paid off and after a few years with the firm, he finally made partner. Let me take you back to that time as this is where our story begins.
[six months earlier]
(sound of a car's engine coming smoothly to a halt, the motor shutting off and the sound of the door closing, followed by racing footsteps towards the front door)
"Sweetie... BABY!!!... I got it!" Braxton shouted excitedly as he barreled through the door and quickly slammed it shut.
"That's wonderful sweetheart," she exclaimed as she rushed to meet him.
Braxton was a tall (about six foot 3 inches) and dark haired man, with a slight lanky yet very tone build. He reached down to scoop his wife into his arms, which he did quite easily. Although his wife Linda, standing a whole foot shorter than he and having a gymnast build. A very firm muscular body and shapely hips thighs and breast. Linda was 5 foot 2 inches tall and has the most beautiful crystal blue eyes anyone has ever seen and alabaster white blond hair. Her tan showed she had seen the actual sun and she refused to fake bake.
As he took her into his arms she held him back as best she could, but was definitely in a submissive position as she often found herself in with her tall hunk of a man. which is partly why she fell for him the way she did.
" so does this mean we're moving then?" She expelled as he set her back down to her feet.
"yes it does, which means we are getting the house that we picked out last year. It's still available and the firm helped us stay at the front of the list."
"I'm so excited, I am very proud of you sweetheart!"
"Thanks baby, however, the movers are going to be here first thing in the morning and we have a plane to catch in the morning as well." Braxton added as he smiled as wide as he could at his most beautiful wife, returning his smile with a look of approval and excitement.
"so what are we doing to celebrate," Linda inquired as they moved hand in hand toward their bedroom.
"well I say we go out and... you get to choose." Braxton responded as he removed his shirt exposing his bare manly chest and chiseled abs and moving towards the master bath, through an archway just beyond their almost Camelot in appearance style bed.
"well let's see," Linda replied as she put her fist to her chin and went into a trance to think. However, she still managed to notice him slip out of his slacks and boxers to reveal his tightly shapely ass and due to the angle, only a small portion of his heavy looking cock. "How bout we go to that little Italian place, we've always wanted to go there," she stated loudly, so as to be heard over the shower water that began flowing the moment she started to speak again.
"sounds good sweetie," Braxton yelled so he could be heard... "but I have a better idea for right now."
"what is that," Linda questioned, almost as if she knew what was coming next.
"get your sexy butt in here and join me!"
A rush of excitement overwhelmed her entire body, she had been extremely horny all day and needed a release, so, she could not refuse his offer.
"ok baby," she replied as she slipped her shapely ass, out of her Capris and pretty lavender panties. and then let her 34 D's spring forth from her bra as if they were gasping for air. Her sexy ass then made it's way to the shower, but before she could enter, his hand was already waiting and he took hers and pulled her in. She was not surprised to see him standing at full attention and she gasped at the anticipation of what would take place next.
To be continued.
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8 months ago
I am pleased you enjoyed it
8 months ago
omg!!!! hot
3 years ago
you are so sweet my Nuno
4 years ago
"but I have a better idea for right now."
...a better idea is YOU
sweet kiss