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BDSM is convenient 4 letter abbreviation of 6 words
- Bondage & Discipline (B&D)
-Domination & Submission (D&S)
-Sadism & Masochism (or Sadomasochism) (S&M).

I Do Love the Bondage and Light Discipline .
I enjoy Domination and submission part of it too ...but
I am not so keen on Discipline if it is Hard Sadism as
I am not into Masochism or Humiliation.

a switch is someone who participates in BDSM activities
sometimes as a top and other times as a bottom or (in the case of dominance and submission) sometimes as a dominant and other times as a submissive.
Partners may switch roles based on mood, desire, or to allow each partner to experience their preferred activity.
For example, a switch may be in a relationship with someone of the same primary BDSM orientation (e.g., two dominants), but enjoys participating as either orientation, so switching provides each partner with an opportunity to realize his or her BDSM needs.

Why do people switch?
That is easy to answer.
Some people need to submit,
some need to Dom.....
others need both!

Posted by JerseyBean 2 years ago
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1 year ago
hammers and nails :-)
for a split second I thought I got lost in a DIY store ....
but yes I get what you mean...
it does not even matter who is doing the hammering or getting nailed as long as you both enjoy it :-))
1 year ago
Life is all about Hammers & Nails.
Which do You prefer, getting Hammered
or being Nailed.
2 years ago
the human mind is extremely amazing, you can change orientation according to your state of mind, but it is even more amazing the change to which is willing the mate of the switch, willing to change just to love, a profound choice that deserves our respect
2 years ago
the human mind is beyond measure amazing, the ability of a person to change its orientation depending on the mood, but it certainly is even more amazing and admirable appeasement of the mate of a switch, which accepts to change for love, extraordinary choices that deserve all our respect
2 years ago
yes HK ,
it is all in the communication
before anything happens.
2 years ago
SM is MS, always, the others are liars or
It isn't a switch, a master give the pleasure
in the same way he needs to receive it,
a whip master need to be whipped.
At the same time a master suffer because
the slave is able to say :
"More, again, what you did is not enough."
So the BDSM needs to be discussed, needs
deals, needs to be planned, is a discipline
not a game to add some spices to a relationship,
because even a wrong knot may damage a lot,
you're a medic, cyanosis is dangerous.
2 years ago
I am pleased you found the definition complet.
I was fed up with some here who thought that as I was switch I must be a swinger and libertine...
Which is Not the case
2 years ago
More people should read this explanation...

It clearly defines said topic and should allow for a deeper emotional and erotic connection between partners...

Thank you JerseyBean... x
2 years ago
2 years ago
Anytime Paul :-))
2 years ago
I was pleased to be of help
2 years ago
I love this explanation Jersey.

I only recently learned to distinguish between the two and, in doing so, I've come to see a whole new world.

I am so naturally "dominant" in my sexual and daily life that I failed to notice just how much I needed to feel submissive for a change. But because I really wasn't aware of these terms, I had no idea that the increasing sexual tension I was feeling was, in fact, an urge to relinquish my control and will (to some extent) to another human being. Now that I can pinpoint it, I feel so liberated. Lilith doesn't have nearly as much power over me ; )
2 years ago
thank you
2 years ago
Well said and described. I could not have said it better myself.
2 years ago
thank you Tom
2 years ago
Very well defined, for me a switch is it. It is a pleasure to experience both sides. Open up all your senses and feelings, it is a wonderful thing.
2 years ago
thank you Storm
2 years ago
there is nothing to say. It´s a correct explanation of a switch.
2 years ago
thank you so much,
I felt the need to clarify what was a switch after
several incidents where people thought
I was a Libertine and got angry with me for refusing to do what they wanted despite the fact I was Very clear on my About me
2 years ago
respect for the lady :)
2 years ago
Simply and well put :)
2 years ago
something to work with..