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You belong to me

My heart pounds.
My bl**d rushing.
Oh how I want you.
My want grows.
My desire intense.
My need insatiable.
My lust to use , to take, to push you.
Tease you and make you ache and throb.
Make you oh so HARD.
Oh how I long to suck on your needy cock.
My Pussy getting wet at the thought
and wanting you to lick it, suck it, bite it, suck on my clit and drive me wild Tie you down, plug your ass.
Make you moan . Make you scream with ache and pleasure. tease you, use you, fill you ram that Monster Horse cock into you, pushing it deep.
making you squirm.I want to straddle your body and I want to fuck you hard.
I want to f***e my cock into your mouth and look in your sexy eyes.
Deep into your soul. reaching back and pushing that cock deeper.
Take it I tell you. I hold your face in my hands. Looking at you. Pushing my cock deeper in your mouth.Covering your nose.Making you struggle for air.
YOU ARE MINE. I tell you. MINE. YOU BELONG TO ME. You will obey. You will please me.

Posted by JerseyBean 2 years ago
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2 years ago
I do not wish to own you...
I do not even know you.
2 years ago
do you T.
2 years ago
I need this. I do.
2 years ago
thank you ,
I am glad you liked it.
I wrote it for CW67
2 years ago
Awesome Jersey, love your stories!!
2 years ago
yes Tom ,
I thought that may be the case but My chris
gets turned on at the thought of it
so as I wrote it for him I included it :-))
2 years ago
Oh my C. I never let a woman take my ass.... Mmmm you may make me think twice about that:)
2 years ago
thank you storm,
wrote this one for my pet cw67
2 years ago
Wonderful poem. A dark, but erotic one. A mistress of dar desires.
2 years ago
the word carresed my dick under my jeans and made me hard ,,, ur hot metaled horny woman ,,, and i love
2 years ago
Mmmmm Sean
now you have my attention
2 years ago
My dear C,
I loved it!!!
would be a willing participant and join you.

2 years ago
2 years ago
yes, please
2 years ago
thank you so much
2 years ago
Breathtaking. I like the build up of intensity, reflected in the structure.
2 years ago
I am pleased you liked it Shane
2 years ago
It's superb!
2 years ago
Yes I DO
2 years ago
you do own me
2 years ago
this is something I wrote and published
but as it was taking time to show up on my page
I favourited it too so you could hopefully read it