A walk in the woods.

Myra was a 25 year old beautiful blonde who was living her dream. A health nut with a great body 5 foot 6 125 pounds small but pert tits that she was proud of. She loved her new town. She worked in the city, but, it was a short drive to the country where she loved to hike in the woods. It was secluded and sometimes she could walk among the trees and never see or hear another soul, maybe pass a deer. There were plenty of hiking and walking trails and she loved to climb the rocks and be alone after a week of stress at her job.
Her boss gave her a day off during the week because she'd been working a lot of overtime and she thought it would be a good day to go hiking especially since during the week there wouldn't be very many hikers out on the trails. She showered and dressed, wearing her bright yellow shorts a plaid shirt and hiking boots.
She got to the woods and parked grabbed he back-pack and began her hike looking for a secluded area.
As she walked and hiked and climbed, she couldn't believe her luck, she didn't see or hear anyone this time and it felt like she had the world to herself. Myra found a place in the woods she had been to before and sat on the ground to rest. Dropping her backpack on the ground behind she looked around at gods great creation.Since was alone and a little horny, she got the idea that it would be fun to walk around the area naked for awhile. She had never done that out here, but, she was all alone among the trees.
Myra removed her shirt, she had no bra on underneath and rubbed her breasts a bit. She loved how the wind blew on her nipples and made them hard. She then took off her boots, then stood up and unbuttoned her shorts pulled the zipper down and pulled her shorts and thong panties off. She thensat back down put her boots back on and stood up again. She smiled to herself at the thought of walking naked through woods, what would daddy think. He would be mad at her, she started her walk a little nervous, but, excited. Walking among the trees she could feel a slight wind blow against her breasts that made her nipples hard. She was so turned on by this and could feel herself getting wet as she walked. After awhile she sat on the ground and began to finger herself. ummmm it felt good to be outside and being naughty.
After walking for quite a while in nature, Myra figured she better get back, get dressed and get home after a great day. She found her way back to where she had left her clothes and backback and was stunned at what she saw. There close to her belongings were too young men about her age one with black hair and brown eyes and one with blonde hair and blues like her. They were standing looking around atthe trees only a few feet from Myras clothes, She could see her pink thong in her yellow shorts on the ground. Myra was horrified as she hid naked behind a tree.
The black haired boy Tony looked down and called to his friend "Hey look at this", pointing to her clothes on the ground. Myra was scared and didn't know what to do, should she yell and let them see her or be quiet and hope they keep going and she'll grab her clothes and run. Tonys friend Eric looked at the clothes and backpack and they both looked around for who they might belong to.
Tony bent down and picked up her shorts and thong and looked around some more, Myra figured she better do something before he walks off with her shorts and she has to go home naked, besides her car keys were in the pocket of her shorts.
She meekly said from behind the tree "umm excuse me, those are mine". Both Tony and his friend turned in the direction that the voice came from but, saw no one. "Who said that" Tony asked. Myra stuck her headout from around the tree still hiding her naked body from these two men. "I did" she said meekly. "Tony holding her shorts in his hand said, "Why don't you come and get them". Playing with her head. "Oh come on,please" Myra meekly asked so embarrassed by now, putting her hand out trying to hide her body behind the tree. "No", Tony said "Finders keepers" he laughed playing with her. "come get them, or I'm taking them with me" Tony said still playing with her but, sounding half serious and Myra didn't know if he meant it or not.
she took a breath and then walked out from behind the tree, covering both breasts with her left hand and hiding her pussy with her right. Even though she was embarrassed she was enjoying this game a little and getting turned on by it.
She walked toward Tony who was now smiling, "Put your hand out" he told her. Myra wondered which hand she should put out and finally decided to put out her left hand exposing her pert breast to these two young horny men.
"What do I get for finding your clothes for you"? Tony asked now smiling from ear to ear and still holding her shorts in his hand. She was frusterated, but, at least she knew they were not going hurt her which she worried about when she first saw them.
She looked at Tonys cock which was now rock hard in his pants. "I'll give you a blow job for my clothes" Now she was starting to smile. His friend piped up "Both of us" give us both a blow job. "Okay" she smiled "but, since you've seen me naked you guys get naked". Both men agreed and stripped down Myra felt herself getting wet again as she saw their naked bodies both wer hikers and in very good shape. She knelt down between them and took Tonys 6 inch hard member in her mouth. Slurping and slopping she was now a hungry cumslut and wanted these two guys. She sucked off Tony and then his friend, drinking their cum, then when they both got it back up which didn't take long, they DP'ed Myra Tony in her cunt and his friend up her ass.
Both men were drained and Myra was exhausted as they lay on the ground, after a short rest they all got up got dressed went their cars and went home. Myras butthole hurt for a few days since it was her first experience with Anal, but, she decided she liked it and wanted more. In the months to come Myra returned to the woods many times. and saw many exciting things none of wich she would ever tel her Dad or Mom about. Shefound out she wasn't the only kinky person to roam the woods.
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1 year ago
Hot story, thanks!
3 years ago
wish tht could happen too me
3 years ago
more of her & her woodland friends
3 years ago
It was a great story. Exciting. I would love to see what you can come up with as a different ending.
3 years ago
I had a different ending, maybe I'll write another story or add to this one.