She thought she was alone

famale friend told me a fantasy she had, that's where this story came from. These are not real people and it didn't really happen.
She came home from work and was glad another busy work week on come to an end. Jenny loved her new job despite the long hours and the fact that she had to move to a new town far from her home, she was making good money and had a position that gave her a lot of pride. A quick shower watch a little TV and get to bed early, she was exhausted from the long work week.
She walked into the small house she was renting from her friend who had gotten her the job, dropped her purse on the floor next to the chair that she plopped down on and took her shoes off. How good it felt to be out of those high heels she's been walking on all day. She thought she heard a sound outside in the bushes, but ignored it, "Probably just the wind she thought, don't let your imagination get the best of you Jenny". Living alone, far from home made her a little paranoid and she tried to assure herself that she was fine and her life was better than it had ever been. She was young and beautiful and men at work and on the street would look at her like a piece of meat sometimes, but, she was used to that.
She went to the bathroom to undress for her shower and heard another noise outside. "I'm sure the neighbors cat is out there making noise she assured herself don't be so paranoid" She told herself that over and over as she undressed. She stood in front of the long mirror on the bathroom door looking at her nearly perfect naked body, long red hair, green eyes, big boobs, long legs, no wonder the men all look at you like that she laughed to herself.
As she washed away the days stress in the shower she began to relax as the water cascaded over her hot body bouncing off her large boobs her perfect ass.
She got a little excited washing her boobs and placing a soapy finger in her pussy letting her thoughts drift to a hot guy in her office.
After the shower, she toweled herself off, wrapped her wet hair in another towel and headed for her living room. She would be in bed soon, fingering herself and thinking about the hot guy in her office inside of her. As she came out of the bathroom, into her bedroom she saw her bedroom window was wide open, she thought she had made sure it was closed when she left for work that morning ,but, maybe not. As she walked down the hall, she took the towel off her head and started drying her hair. Just then she heard another noise behind her, she started to turn toward it, but, before she could a large black hand went over her mouth and something cold and sharp against her neck. A low threatening deep voice whispered in her ear, "Don't make a sound". As tears formed in her eyes she shook her head to indicate she wouldn't. She couldn't see who it was because he was behind her, but, she knew he was big and strong and she would be no match for him. She decided right then and there not to fight, but, to let him do what he was going to do and let him leave.
"Now let's go back in the bedroom, you and me". She figured out she had shut the bedroom window that morning, but, probably didn't lock it since she was in a hurry to leave that morning. As he walked her back to the room she tried to stay strong, determined to keep her head.
When they got into the bedroom he told her to turn around slowly and drop her robe. It was dark in the room but she could see his outline a large black man must have been 6 foot 4 at least, huge soid arms. She could not quite see his face and he told her don't look at my face. Now drop your robe. Jenny dropped her robe exposing her naked body to him, she had nothing on underneath and had been sl**ping naked lately because of the warm summer nights. She was shaking with fear and some embarrassment that this total stranger was seeing her naked, She saw only his outline and could see the light flash on the blade of his knife when the moonlight would hit it. She tried to scare him by saying "My boyfriends coming home soon". "There's no boyfriend" he answered, "is there"? I've been watching you and this house for days now and no one but you comes in or out of here. She shook her head no, that there was no boyfriend and truth was no one was going to call or come check her and she knew it. His voice got low and threatening again "Now don't lie to me again and don't try anything funny and you'll get through this".
He took a few steps back and set his knife down on a small table in her room and then removed the t-shirt he was wearing as she stood there trembling with fear. He then sat in a chair and removed his shoes, jeans and underwear. Despite her fear, she gasped aloud when she saw his 12 inch hanging in front of his hard solid body. She had never seen one that big, not on her b*****rs or her past boyfriends, despite her fear she felt a bit of wetness between her legs.
As Leroy stood there naked, he picked up the knife again. "On your knees, Let me introduce you to little Leroy he said holding his cock in his hand. Doesn't look so little to me she thought to herself. He motioned with the knife for her to get on her knees which she did. He stood in front of her "Say hello to little Leroy he said playing with her mind. She said nothing. "Say it bitch" slapping her face with his huge member. "He-hello Leroy" she said scared and determined not to make him mad again. That's better he told her, now suck on Little Leroy" She took the head into her mouth and couldn't believe how big it was in her mouth she sucked the head and ran her tongue around it. Flicking her tongue on his peehole tasting bits of precum. "ummm ummmm" she moaned in spite of herself. She reached behind him and grabbed his solid butt cheeks. This man was nothing but muscle she thought. "Hands off me bitch" he said changing his tone determined not to let her have control. "Lick it, lick it baby", she ran her tongue up and down the shaft of his hard throbbing cock. "That's enough" he ordered. "Now get up on the bed" He grabbed her arm "get up " he threatened. Lifting her to her feet, bringing her back to the reality what this man was really doing here and what he was doing to her.
"Now lay down, tits up bitch" She got on the bed on her back and once again started to tear up having no idea what this man had in mind or how it was going to end. He stood over her knife in hand smiling at the power he had over this poor little white girl. "Close your eyes bitch" he ordered. When she did he crawled on to the bed next to her, knife in hand. He placed the tip of the knife in her open mouth on her tongue, her lips were trembling with fear. He slowly ran it down her mouth to her chin, over her neck, down to her breasts. The blade felt cold as he ran it between her breasts and circled one breast and then the other with knife blade. He then moved the cold blade tip down her belly to her belly button. She was now shaking with a mix of sheer terror and yet excitement like she had never, and despite her fear, she was quite wet betwen her legs.
"Keep youe eyes closed bitch" he warned making sure he was in charge. He sucked on her left breast as he ran the knife blade over the right one, then worked his way down kissing her belly. He got to the place between her legs and began to lick, tasting her hungry wet, cunt, she moaned again despite her fear, she had never felt this kind of sexual excitement. He then got on top of her and placed the head of "Little Leroy inside her cunt. She was quite wet by now and it slid right in. "OoOwwww OOOOHHHH UUUUMMMM she moaned as he plowed her now hungry dripping pussy. His hard body pressed against her was so hot. He fucked her harder and harder and soon her hips were moving with his. With one hard push, he exploded deep inside of her, They were hot and sweaty. He calmed down and pulled out of her. "Keep your eyes closed bitch". He got on the chair and dressed quickly. now keep your eyes closed and count to 100. Jenny counted to 100 and then opened her eyes then looked around, she got up and walked down the hall. the house felt empty, then she saw her back door to the house was open, he must have gone out there.
A few weeks later the police captured an escaped prisoner who had been living in the woods behind Jennys house. She was asked to come to the police station to identify him in a line up. She could not identify him by his face but, embarrased asked if the men in the line upcould drop there pants. When they did she pointed right at his cock and said that's him right there. Leroy was sent back to prison and convicted of new charges.
Jenny felt guilty that she had gotten so excited during this brutal act, but, one night a few weeks later before bed, she went to her kitchen silverware drawer and pulled out a butcher knife. As she lie naked in bed, she ran it over her tongue down her chin over her neck down around each breast feeling the cold sharp steel and getting wet.

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2 years ago
My dream too,wish a man could hide and rape me too
2 years ago
very good