Broken down in the wrong place

This is just a story, these are not real people and it didn't really happen.
She was driving home from work after another late and long day, her only thought was to get home take a warm bath and go to bed. She was so glad it was friday night and she did not have to be at work in the morning. She loved her new job, the only thing she didn't like was the distance she drove almost two hours one way and that she had to work so many long days. Her car was on it's last leg and she was praying it would hold out another couple months as she was saving to buy a new car.
As she got off the freeway and headed the last few miles to her home she was holding her breath. The car was making weird noises and she just wanted to get home. The check engine light was on and she new she was pushing her luck driving through the bad part of town about 20 miles from her home but, this way was a shorter route and saved about 20 minutes from her drive. As the rattle of the engine got louder she just turned the radio up to drown out the noise under the engine and slowly muttered, "Come on baby just a few more miles we can make it".
It was late, nearly 11:00 pm and she was getting nervous. Driving through this part of town was creepy this time of night, it was dark and most everything was closed and the only people out on the street were people she would not want to run into in the middle of the afternoon much less late at night. Just as she finished a prayer to get home safe her car started to sputter, then there was a loud boom, her car rolled to a stop. She tried a few times to start the car again with no luck.
She pulled over to the side of the road and looked out into the dark. Of all the places to break down she thought this was not the place to do it. At least she had her cell phone and AAA towing insurance card with her. She would call them hoping they would arrive quickly to get her the heck out of here. She reached for her cell phone which she always kept in her purse on he passenger side seat. Then realized the phone was not on the seat, infact her purse wasn't on the seaat either. "oh no she thought then quickly looking in the back seat thinking the purse might be there. "Shit" she yelled banging both hands on the steering wheel. She did not talk like that even when she was upset most times, but, she realized that she had left her cell phone in her purse. Her purse she had left back in her office. "Stupid, stupid, stupid" She said banging her forehead. She realized that not only didn't she have a cell phone, but everything important to her at this moment was back in her office in her purse.
Money, credit card, her wallet with her drivers licence was even back in her office a 90 minute drive in the other direction.
The only thing she could see that showed any sign of life was what looked like a biker bar about a block and a half up the road. She hated bikers and had never set foot in a biker bar and really did not want to this time. Bikers stunk had no manners and most smell like beer and cigarettes no matter what time of day it was based on her experience. She was a refined college educated girl raised in a middle class christain bible reading church going home. Her best friend in college was a girl who was beaten up by her boyfriend who was a biker. So her opinion of bikers based on her limited experience was pretty low.
She even looked up and down the street for a pay phone to call someone collect but, did not see a pay phone. She knew she had no choice but, to go to the bar with no money and ask for their help. After locking her car she slowly walked toward the bar with each step she felt more and more nervous, but, then said to herself "Maybe I'm wrong It'll be fine I'm sure she said". As she got closer she could hear that horrid music. "Sweet home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd was the song, she only knew the song title and the band because her roommate used to play it and she thought it was just horrid hillbilly music, played by country bumkins who probably didn't wear shoes and were missing most of their teeth.
She walked past the four motorcyles that were parked out front put her hand on the door to open it and said a quick prayer. "Please god let this go well and be over quickly". As soon as she opened the door, she had a feeling she was entering a world she had never been in and never wanted to be in. Two big bikers were shooting pool two more were sitting at the bar. one woman who was in her mid 30's she thought sat at the bar by herself with a beer in one hand and cigarette in the other. That one was wearing blue jeans a yellow tank top no bra and cowboy boots.
As soon she walked in, all eyes went straight to this outsider she could feel the stares even from those she wasn't looking at. She walked to the bar somewhat timid but determined to do what she needed to do and get out of there and on her way home. She walked to the bartender Walter, who was also the owner and was eyeing her up and down like a piece of meat. "What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this"? He asked staring straight at her medium size breasts.
"My car broke down up the street and I wondered if I could use your phone to call a tow truck". Walter pointed to the pay phone in the corner and told her "Help yourself". She could tell without turning around that all eyes were upon her and it was very uncomfortable.then she smiled nervously and told him her dillema. "I left my purse at my office with all my money and credit cards".
Walter looked at her for what seemed like an hour but, was only a second or two. "So, your sayin' you want to use our pay phone but, have no money to pay"?
This isn't the Salvation Army little lady, we don't do charity here".Karen was starting to sweat under her business suit even though it was getting cold outside and was even cold inside she was quite warm and getting more nervous by the second.
She didn't have to turn around to see the two pool players eyeing her up and down she could feel it, and the two men at the bar were also looking her up and down. She nervously pulled at her skirt, which was modest business attire but, she wished the skirt was a foot longer to cover her sexy legs. "I ah I uh, could I use the phone and come back Monday after work and pay you for it. I'm good for it, I have money and credit cards, I just don't have it with me because I left my purse at work by accident". Walter looked at her again very seriously almost menacingly. "I don't know you'll be back, I've never seen you before and my guess is if we help you, we'll never see you again".
"Please she said on the verge of tears but, trying not to show that, I'm a good christian I always pay my debts, I just need to call a tow truck and get home I promise I'll come back Monday after work you have my word".
Walter stood up straight towering over Karen from behind the bar."Let me get this straight you want me to give you money for the phone and for a tow truck and I'm supposed to trust you because you say your a christain? I don't think so Ma'am".
When Walter stood up, Karen began to back up having no idea where she was going to go. As she walked backward her high heel got caught in a hole in the floor and she fell down by the pool table, Her skirt riding up and showing her white cotton pantys. She looked to her right and saw one of the bikers lock the front door and she became terrified. (What do they have in mind ) She thought. Then another biker reach behind her held out his hand to help her up. As he helped her another reached under her arms and lifted her up on the pool table sitting her down on the edge of it.
Walter was laughing now, "You want to get home tonight, it's going to cost you". They were all laughing and putting their hands on Karen touching her everywhere, she knew they were to big to fight so she didn't resist. They layed her down on the table face up, legs hanging over the side one biker reached up and pulled her pantys off. "No, No" She cried, as she did the biker stuffed her pantys into her mouth to quiet her, one unbuttoned her white blouse and exposed her bra 'Get up" Walter yelled at her, "Get up" A man on either side of her pulled her up and removed her business jacket and her blouse, then Walter signaled for Becky the woman at the bar to come over and remove Karens bra whch she did, unsnapping it from behind, Walter wanted to make sure everyone did something to help so that no one could say they were innocent of what was about to happen. Walter then signaled to Becky to unzip Karens skirt from behind which he did. As her skirt dropped to the floor Karen was naked except for her high heel shoes. Then the big biker man reached under Karens arms and lifted her back up on the table, Laying her back down The four men and Walter surrounded the table and took turns at Karen. Karen closed her eyes and prayed please God let it be over soon and let me live. She wondered why the woman was not trying to help she seemed to be just as bad as the men. All four men and Walter had their pants unzipped and cocks out Prepared to take their turn with her. As one was fucking her cunt two other men stood on either side of her cocks out. Each grabbed one of her hands and place theirs cocks on her hands forcing her to stroke them while being fucked. When one man finshed and came inside her they traded places so she she was either getting fucked or licked by or stroking four cocks at once even the one who came would go back beside her and f***e her to stroke them back to erection. Some shot off inside her while others came on her belly and tits.
Karen was crying now unable to hide it, wanting to scream, but, her mouth stuffed with her own pantys she wondered what she had done that was so wrong to desrve this kind of treatment. Some of the men while being stroked b Karen would bend and suck and bite on her nipples, her tits hurt bad as the teeth bore down on her nipples.
Walter then shouted "All right that's enough" and everyone stopped and backed away. Karen thought it might be over, she continued to lay on the table wondering what was going to happen next. Walter reached down and lifted her by the underarms and helped her up off the table. She tried to stand but, was weak and stumbled and fell. Her face on he floor her ass in the air, she just lay there trying to breath she could smell the stale beer on the floor that had probably been there for weeks since it smelled like they didn't mop the floor too often.
The men all reached down and spanked her ass as she lay there,
Just then she felt something from behind a poke a finger going into her behind. 'Not my ass she cried to herself but, she was too weak to get up or fight back. WHen the finger was removed from her ass she knew what was coming next and just prayed it be over quick. Walter put the head of his huge meber against her asshole and began to push. "Ohh no, oh god she cried to herself" Walter push and push util all 10 inches of hs manhood were firmly planted up her ass. then he began to fuck, in and out in and out up and down up and down until he shot load deep inside her ass. When his balls were empty he slowly pulled out.
Karen didn't move she was scared, crying, exhausted her mouth hurt from having her pantys inside it for so long. One of the bikers gave a nod to Walter a signal that he had done what Walter had asked him to. He slapped her ass hard one more time, "Get up" he said. "Tow truck is on the way, you don't want them to see you like this do you". "Becky you go help her clean up".
Becky had Karen's clothes and helped her to the ladies room to clean up. She took the pantys out of her mouth and put them on. Washing her face and washing some of the cum off of her.
In the ladies room Becky told Karen "I'm sorry I wanted to help you"."Why didn't you" Karen asked through her tears. "If I had tried to stop him, he might have killed us both, at least now you'll get to go home tonight, I love him he's my man, but, he's a basterd and I don't think either one of us would stand a chance if we fought back against him.
Becky finished helping Karen clean up and helped her get dressed. She even kissed Karen on the cheek which Karen liked because it was the first affection she had been shown all night. Karen hugged Becky and since Becky wasn't wearing a bra Karen could feel her their nipples presisng together. Even though Karen was a Christian she liked that feeling of their nipples touching and even kissed Becky on the lips something she had never done to another woman because of her beliefs.
As the women exited the ladies room, they saw Walter giving what appeared to be two one hundred dollar bills to the tow truck driver. Becky whispered to Karen "That's a pay off, you were never here, none of this happened". It was true that Walter had the towing company the police just about everyone else in town under his control. He'd payed the tow truck driver off to say that he had picked up Karen in another part of town and that she was never in his bar.
Two weeks later, Walters bar burned to the ground in the middle of the night in what the fire department determined was arson. All the money Walter had was tied up in the bar and he was ruined financially. He suspected Karen had something to do with it, but, because of what they had done to her and since according to the tow truck driver she was never there he could not point a finger at her.
Becky got up the nerve to leave Walter and moved in with Karen who after this incident began to question her Christian beliefs and if God loved her so much, how could he have let something like that happen.
Becky moved in with Karen and they became lesbian lover and lived happily ever after. I love a happy ending don't you?
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2 years ago
wow good for her
3 years ago
I may rewrite this
3 years ago
I left out the part where the guys all threw money on herwhile she was laying on the floor at the end.