Working late again

Jenny was working late again. She was getting quite used to it. As Executive director of her department she had a lot of responsibility. She often spent 10 even 12 hour days at her office working long after the rest of her department had gone home. She didn't mind staying she was well payed to make sure her department had done their job and she had a good crew working under her.
At 26 and just a few years out of college she had done quite well for herself and if she kept going the way she was, she would go a lot futher in the company. Jenny was working hard to prove she was not just a pretty face and a great body although she had both, tall and slender with long flowing blonde she had brains and beauty.
There had been some trouble in the office a few weeks earlier and Jenny was nervous about working by herself, but, the company had hired new security and she felt quite safe with the two guards working downstairs. in fact the one guard, named Jeff she thought was rather cute. Jeff was studying criminal justice at the local college and had dreams of becoming a policeman. 24 and ruggedly handsome he was 6'2 230 lbs of almost solid muscle.
She in her office going over the reports for the week making sure every T was crossed and I dotted so her boss would approve the work on Monday morning.
She tried hard to keep her mind on her work and not on Jeff who she had a bit of a crush on and would flirt with him when he made his rounds. As she sat thinking about him, her hand slipped up under her skirt and into her pantys. After tounching herself a little, she stood up removed her pantys and put them n her desk drawer. She continued to go over reports as she eased her finger inside her wet cunt.
She knew she had to get through the rest of the reports and then move the boxes into the conference room for her presentation Monday morning. She laughed to herself that she had to stop thinking about Jeff and finish her work or she would never go home. Taking a short break setting her papers down on her desk she sat back in her chair and eased her middle finger into her increasingly wet pussy mmmmm she thought, how great I would be to have that hunk of a man take her right on her desk. She quickly snapped out of it, pulling her finger out and licking the juices off of it, she returned to her work so she could go home.
Just then she heard the big door down the hall open and closed, "Oh God, it's him" she thought straighening her skirt and trying to look like she was working the whole time. Jeff appeared at her office door stuck his head in "Hi Jenny everything alright here". He was smling. "Yeah sure she responded. Jeff and Jenny would flirt with each other sometimes. "Fine Jeff come in have a seat"
Jeff sat at he other chair in her office and they chatted a bit. "I have to move these boxes of reports to the conference room next door she said to him nervously picking up one box. "Let me hold the door I can help you Jenny" "Oh would youI just need those other two boxes next to my desk over there.
Jenny took one box and Jeff took another over to the conference room, then Jenny came back to her office and picked up the third.
jeff watched her gorgeous body walk infront of him and he was geting turned seeing her bottom move back and forth.
After putting his box down Jeff sat in a chair in the conference room, where he began to develop a boner it was hard to hide his 8 inch cock which stiffened more when Jenny came in with the final box and bent over to set it down, he got a good shot of her hot ass. Jeff had been thinking about her all night also.
Jenny turned and looked at him and playfully said in her best Mae West voice which wasn't very good "Is that a night stick in your pants or are you just happy to see me"? Jeff was surprised at being caught but, what Jenny did next surprised him more. She walked over to where he was sitting, sat on his lap and gave him a big kiss right on the mouth. Then she slid out of the chair, onto the floor kneeling in front of him and unzipped his pants. She pulled out his 8 inch boner and began to suck on his cock. mmmmmmmmmm she moaned it tasted good to her. She got it good and wet, then she took his hand walked over to the conference table lifted her skirt for him to see her naked behind and pussy then bent over both hands on the table. "You know what I want stud she said to him. Jeff eased his throbbing aching wet cock into her awaiting fuckhole. It slid right in and he fucked her hard and deep. He put his hands on her hips and they bucked back and forth together for several minutes.
They both moaned with pleasure as they rocked as one. Jennys long lean body moved as one with her studdly future cop, his manhood inside her felt so good ooohh ooohh she moaned aaggghhha agghh h he pushe dharder in her. He grabbed her long hair and rode her like a horse fucking like a****ls these two young atheletic creatures.
I'm a bad girl Jeff spank me. She yelled Jeff lifted his free hand and slap ped her bottom as he continued to fuck her. Bad girl Bad girl he said as he fucked and spanked her. OOohh OoOh Baby she yelled fuck me Jeff FuckkMMMeee. Jeff gave her everything he had until he was about explode OOoohhhOOOOhhh GGGoooodd he sceamed He tensed up and with one last thrust he blasted his load deep inside her. Giving her one last naughty slap to her ass, he slowly pulled out as he emptied his load into her hungry cunt. She stood up spun around and kissed him long and hard, he grabbed her tit through her blouse as he kissed back. After a few minutes they both calmed down. Jeff continued with his rounds and Jenny straighened her desk and prepared to go home.
As Jenny went past the security desk on her way out of the building she blew a kiss to the older guard who was downstairs the whole time and heard nothing and just waved at Jeff as she left.
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2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
Lovely story.
I worked late too today but nobody came to check on me.
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Very good
3 years ago
Nice story. Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
one word, Excellent