The jock and the Farmer's daughter.

Josh was a good looking young man 6 foot 2 about 220 pounds. He had just graduated high school and was looking for a summer job that would make him some money until he started college in the fall. His father had an old army buddy that had a farm and got the boy some work 3 days a week on the farm. The work would be hard, all manual labor but, the pay would be good and the benefits as it turned out would be more than the boy could have hoped for.
His dad warned him that the work would be hard and he would spend a lot of time in the hot, summer sun. The boy named Josh said he wouldn't mind working hard in the sun "It could not have been any harder than his high school football practice had been the last 4 years, the coaches worked us to death dad in the summer heat so this can't be any worse".
He showed up for his first day of work and indeed it was a lot of hard and heavy work in the sun, but, Josh liked the challenge and was never afraid of hard work. He took a break one afternoon and sat down in the barn to rest for a bit. He lay back on a bale of hay and closed his eyes for a few minutes. As he lay there relaxing he heard what he thought was the sound of a girl giggling. He opened his eyes saw no one and figured he must have been dreaming or imaging the sound he heard. After a few more minutes of resting, he sat up on the hay bale and looked around, he saw a girl run by the barn door giggling and he yelled "Hey". She stopped and looked at him. Very playfully she stood at the door "Hey what"? she said almost laughing. "Who are you"? Josh asked.
"My name's Angel", my daddy didn't tell you about me?
Angel stood in the doorway dressed in her daisy duke cut off jeans that showed off her long legs, her plaid shirt with 3 open buttons, exposing her cleavage, above average breasts with freckles on them. "Aren't you gonna invite me in"? Angel asked very coyly, then without waiting for an answer she walked in sat next to him in the barn.
"My daddy's gone to town he won't be back for hours. He probably didn't tell you about me because he doesn't want you or any other boy talking to me. My daddy is very protective I think too protective of me. She smiled and laughed a little her breasts shaking when she laughed.
She looked at his rock hard shirtless athletic body and took a deep breath. "You're cute" she said smiling. Her long red hair and deep green eyes had him riveted. She reached over and put her open hand on his chest, "So strong" she whispered. "I've been watching you all day from my bedroom window" She leaned over with her ruby lips and kissed him. Then her hand moved down his chest to his jeans and she started rubbing his crotch. His 8 inch cock was growing as she rubbed and he was starting to forget about his work.
She undid his belt opened his pants pulling down his zipper and pulled out his cock. Getting on her knees she took his cock in her mouth as she undid her shirt. removing her shirt she sucked up and down on his cock. Not wearing a bra, her tits flopped out as soon as she dropped her shirt. She worked for a few minutes just sucking his cockhead and licking pearls of precum. She pulled off his shoes and socks while she was on the ground and then helped him pull his pants off. She then removed her own shoes and socks stood up and removed her daisy duke cut offs and pantys. This girl is perfect he thought seeing her round ass.
Naked, she took his hand and led him to a part of the barn she had been before with young men who had come to help with chores. She found the spot which was more like a bed made of hay that only she knew about, not her daddy. She got on her knees in front of Josh and began to suck on his pulsating throbbing cock. Licking his balls and tasting his 8 inch member getting bits of precum in her mouth.
She lay down on the hay and motioned for him to eat her which he did getting down between her legs and licking and sucking the sweetness between her legs. Looking for her clitty, her nibbled and sucked on it as well as running his tongue up and down her cunt slit. UUmmmm ooooh hh she moaned. Her wet cunt dripping her womanly juices. Barely 18 herself, Angel thought this helper was the best looking and sexiest helper her dad had ever hired. She rubbed his hair as she licked and sucked on her sweet pussy. She then grabbed his hair and pulled him up towards her.
Josh looked in her "fuck me" eyes and no words needed to be said. He placed his hard, throbbing, dripping cock into her hungry cunt and started to push. Her legs spread wide as he pushed deeper and deeper. Squeezing her breast with one hand while balancing himself with the other. He was strong enough to hold himself up with one hand while massaging her hot tit with the other hand. Kissing her, fucking her and squeezing her breast altogether she could not believe what a stud he was. Fucking her harder and deeper filling her cunt with his 8 inches, she moaned and wrapped her legs around him ooohhh oooohh oohh she moaned mmmmm mmm mmm he grunted. They were just like two barnyard a****ls in heat hot sweaty dirty sex.
With one last throbbing grunt, Josh emptied his balls into her hungry cunt.
"OoohhHh MmmMyY GGGOOOoDDD she yelled as he filled her with his hot seed.
They kissed passionately as they both cooled down. They lay on the hay on the ground for a few minutes and then got up. "we better hurry" Angel said "If daddy catches us, he'll shoot your balls off" They went to the other part of the barn where their clothes were, got dressed and went on wih their day. Josh back to his chores on the farm and Angel back in the house to do her chores.
A few hours later, the farmer returned home from town, Josh and Angel were sitting in the kitchen having a snack and sharing a conversation.
"Oh, Josh I see you've met my daughter Angel" the farmer said proudly. "Yes sir" Josh said wondering what was coming next and if the farmer was going to threaten to shoot his balls off. "That name Angel fits don't you think Josh"?
Farmer giving his daughter a big hug. "Yes sir" an Angel for sure". The farmer had no idea what a devil his daughter had been in the barn that day and Josh certinly wasn't going to tell him.
Josh and Angel got together quite a few times that summer when the farmer went to town and the farmer never suspected a thing.
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2 years ago
well done. but i failed to see how it's a taboo story, though.
3 years ago
Very good story
3 years ago
The farmers daughters are always to best looking just like preachers daughters and this was a good story. Thanks for sharing