Assisting the school Library assistant.

I was caught smoking in the boys room. This may be no big deal today, but, in my day at my school it was about the worst thing a student could do. Smoking anywhere on campus was automatic two weeks detention.
I reported my first day after school, and knew this was going to be a long and boring two weeks. the only good thing about it was that I would be able to look at the hot library assistant Miss Jackson for a couple weeks. She was cute and friendly about 25, had graduated college but not yet passed her state tests to be an English teacher so she had to take a job in the library until she could teach.
She was cute about 5" 2' maybe 120 pounds with long black hair that she kept in a bun, medium size boobs that she proudly displayed with a push up bra. Her skirts were shorter than most staff on campus, and I have to admit, I masterbated thinking of her more than a few times.
My second day of detention she asked me if I wanted to help her while I was here. Two hours a day for two weeks was going to be long and slow but the chance to help her was something I was intersted in. She explained to me that part of her job was to return the books to the shelves in the library and that she would like my help putting them away. i jumped at the chance to help her, she was so cute, even though she was 25 and I was 17 almost 18 I knew that I had no chance with her but, it would be great to help her.
I reported to her my 3rd day of detention and she gave me my assignment, the books were all on carts and I take a cart where the books go and put them back on the shelf. Easy enough, I went to work, She took a cart and I took one to different parts of the library. I made up a fantasy that I was her boyfriend and that she wanted my help because she loved me so much, the truth is I was just another k** in trouble and she needed my help to make her job a little easier.
One afternoon, while putting books back on the shelf she came to me and asked if I could help her in another part of the library. I went with her, where there was a cart and a ladder. "I need to put these on the top shelf and I'd like you to hold the ladder", she said. I offered to climb the ladder but, she said since she was the employee and I was a student, she had to climb the ladder because of the school insurance policy. "They don't mind if I fall and get hurt because I work here", she laughed "but, not a student".
So I held the ladder and handed her books to return to the top shelves. I did all I could to not look up her skirt as she stretched to put the books away but, it was hard not to look and I got a couple glimces of her white cotton pantys. That made my day, I think she caught me looking a couple times but, didn't say anything. I thought this would be a one time thing of holding the ladder for her but, she came back every day after that and asked me to help, so I had a few more days of getting to see what color pantys she wore and what kind.
After my last day of detention, she thanked me for all my help and then asked me if I needed a ride home. "If it isn't out of your way I answered. "Not at all" she answered "I have to stop at home for a few minutes first if you don't mind". We rode to her house, a house she shared with her parents who were out of the country on vacation. When she got to her house she asked if I wanted to come in for a few minutes for some iced tea, I jumped at the chance.
She looked so hot bending over looking in her refrigerator for the tea and she looked back at me I looked away quickly. I did not want her to catch me looking at her wonderful bottom. She poured us each some tea and came and sat at the table with me.
She smiled very big, "You were looking at my behind just now weren't you"? and I caught you a few times looking up my skirt at the library, you're a naughty boy aren't you"? I didn't know what to say I was busted. She put her hand on my knee and said it was alright. "I think you're cute too" and as she said this she removed the pin from her hair and undid the bun letting her long black hair fall.
What happened next shocked me, she took my hand and led me to her bedroom, kissing my neck and stroking my hair. I was hard as a rock and there was no hiding it. "I know you turned 18 this week, I want to give you a birthday present".She sat on her bed and unzipped my pants pulling my hard cock out, she began to suck. After a few minutes she stood in front of me and slowly stripped, "Get naked you bad boy she said. Clumsaly I removed all my clothes and when we were both naked, we got in her bed. "I've waited all year for you to turn 18 she said between kisses. She guided me everywhere sucking her breasts , down to lick her wet pussy, and back up to kiss her sweet lips. She then took my hard cock and guided it into her wet, dripping pussy. "Fuck me you naughty boy, fuck me good" I rode up and down on her pumping my cock up and down on her hot cunt. After a few minutes I emptied my hot load into her. Our hot, sweaty bodies came together. She pushed my head down to her pussy and had me lick her until she came again. After a little while, we got up got dressed and she drove me home.
I graduated a few weeks later, she passed her test and got a teaching job in another part of the state and we never saw each other again, but, I will never forget the time I helped out in the schoollibray or the benefits I got from it.
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3 years ago
You naughty boy you...I just wish i had the chance with the librarian
3 years ago
What a lucky guy.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great stuff. Now remembering some of my youthful fantasies!
3 years ago
that was a good story wish this happened to me while i was in school
3 years ago
That was hot. It has always been a fantasy of mine to get a hot Librarian. Good for you
3 years ago
Very good,,hot
3 years ago
That was hot