Two girls explore each other.

A short story my s****r told me years later about the sexual awakening of her and a friend.
They got to our house about 3:30 and often did their homework together. They had been friends since 3rd grade. They went to her room and proceeded to study on her bed. In between studying, they talked about other things, they talked about boys and about other girls in their classes and about their teachers.
These girls were different as two friends could be, my s****r Becky was tall and thin, very athletic a very bright student. Her friend Karen was short, but with a nice body not gorgeous, but, not ugly either. School did not come easy for Karen who was always rather shy. Short brown hair, One thing they agreed on is how much they hated their schoolgirl outfits. "I can't wait to get out of this every day Becky said laughing unbuttoning her blouse and dropping it on a chair, then dropping her skirt. Karen noticed again what a nice body Becky had, she watched Becky in only her bra and pantys fish through her dresser drawer for a pair of white shorts and a yellow tank top, after putting them on, she plopped back on the bed next to Karen.
They lay on Becky's bed with their books open, trying hard to study, but neither concentrating very well for some reason. Today seemed weird somehow. Finally, Becky closed her book. Out of the blue Karen asked Becky, "Do you think I'm pretty". Sure Becky said, she loved her friend who was very shy and insecure but a very good friend. The two girls looked at each other, and Karen quickly kissed Becky on the lips. Becky a little taken aback smiled not sure of what to say.
"Sorry", Karen said "I don't know what came over me". Becky looked deep into Karens eyes and then kissed her full on the lips, not quickly, very slowly, their mouths opened their tongues touched Becky moved her hand to stroke Karen's breast. The she stood up removed her tank top and bra, and dropped her shorts and pantys got back on the bed and kissed Karen long and slow again.
Becky help Karen unbutton her blouse and take it off and then help with bra. She then helped take her pantys and skirt off.
Karen was embarrassed by her naked body, and was at that age self conscience of her large breasts. Karen also did not shave down there and had a large brown bush, which some would find attractive. The girls kissed and touched each others body exploring everywhere for the rest of the afternoon. Karen loved Beckys small but, pert tits and enjoyed sucking on her nipples. Becky made her way down Karens body and tasted her nice pussy and liked her bush. Becky guided Karens head down to him trimmed pussy and encouraged her to lick it.
"I've never licked down here" Karen admitted nervously, "Just try you'll like it". It was a little awkward and clumsy at times, but both girls were enjoying their first try at sex with another girl. Since they were friends already, it made it a little easier.
They lay in bed together naked wondering what the nuns at school would think if they found out. They got together a few more times in the next couple years, Becky became very open about being bi at least to me she was open. Karen stuggled with the fact that she was lesbian for a long time but, eventually accepted the fact.
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